Celebrating Life & Prince

Celebrating Life & Prince

Celebrating today… I guess you can call it that.  Celebrating the life of Prince.  How can it be true?


After hearing the news about Prince today I’ve had a rush of amazing memories from my teen years listening to his music.

Celebrating, Prince

I can’t believe he’s gone.

One of the most creative music artists in my book.  He could be a little freakish, but I was totally attracted to that.  Most of all I loved his music and probably the only artist that I knew every word when I sang his tunes. That says a lot as I typically mumble many words to songs I love because I can’t remember the words.   I loved his music that much.


I’ve celebrated his life by listening to every song he has written.  I was frantic looking for one of his CD’s in the house. Still haven’t found it. Sigh….



As I was listening it brought back more memories of sitting by the radio waiting for one of his songs to play so I could record it.  Yes, I did that.  Did you? Remember when the radio guy would keep talking while you were trying to record your favorite tune? Those were the BEST tapes.



I had a list of things to get done today.  It didn’t happen.  Instead I’ve tested the patience of my children as I’ve made them listen to Prince all evening.  At one point I think I heard one of them say, “Not again!”

I think I’ll  listen to a few more of his songs….



Celebrating Life

Last night I pulled many retired sets off my shelf that I wanted to make sure had lots of ink before I say goodbye to them.  The stack was a little overwhelming, but I tackled it.

I have many cards to share with you.  I was on a roll last night.

By the Tide

Celebrating, By the Tide, Stampin' Up!


By the Tide is a stamp set that has not been lonely.  It’s been a well loved set for many many years especially for this beach loving girl.  You can see a few cards I created below.  You may remember a few of them.

I wanted to try a different color combination and I love how it turned out.



Of course I wanted the Lobster to be red, but I didn’t want the red to dominate the entire card.  I used a Sponge Dauber to add the Blushing Bride ink around the center of the lobstah (said in my New England accent!)

Celebrating, By the Tide, Stampin' Up!

I added a few other stamp sets to this card-

Gorgeous Grunge was perfect to add a little texture.

Rose Wonder was perfect for the greeting.  I also love that label framelit that coordinates.

Celebrating, By the Tide, Stampin' Up!

Celebrating, By the Tide, Stampin' Up!


Sadly, the Corrugated White cardstock is on the retired list.  If you love to add texture to your projects, this is definitely a GREAT purchase.  I’ve used the Kraft corrugated more than the white, however it comes in one pack together.  I will definitely miss having this to use.

The last thing I added to this card was a few White Perfect Accents.  These are excellent to add a little bling to a project without the bling bling.  Does that make sense? Ha ha ha!

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Thanks for letting me spill my guts about Prince.  I do feel like I’m celebrating a music legend.  He had incredible talent.

I’m curious how many other Prince fans are out there.  What was your favorite song? Did you ever see him in concert?

Seeing him in concert was on my bucket list.  Sigh…..

Love you!



  1. Morning Kimberly. I just had to post a comment right away because (1) your card is adorable (obviously!), but (2) I’m a HUGE Prince fan and shed a few tears for the man at my desk yesterday. In fact, I’m listening to one of his CDs as we speak. I have so many favorites (Purple Rain, Little Red Corvette, I Would Die 4 U), but I love, love, love Controversy. And yes! I was very lucky to see him in concert not just once, but twice! He was fantastic! I hope you have a good day and fantastic weekend. Thanks for your wonderful blog. You bring a lot people joy.

  2. Ahhh.. Love all the songs you mentioned. I too love Controversy. I am so so jealous you saw him in concert twice. WOW!! I’m still listening this morning to all of his music. I am sure my kids and Russ will be sick of me soon. LOL.

  3. Thanks Kimberly for your post on Prince. Yes, I too am a big fan. In fact, my hubby of 30 years and I went to a Prince concert as one of our first dates. The concert was amazing! I still remember it all these years later! Oh, and the card is great! I love the color combination and the lobster…amazing! Your blog posts are always inspiring.

  4. Hi Kimberly! Another Prince fan here! I was lucky enough to see him in concert. What a fantastic show! He put 100% of himself into it. I want to say Alicia Keyes was with him, it was a great concert! Prince was as humble as he was talented. What a class act! And his Superbowl performance was the best of any I can remember, again so classy. Lucky for your kids it’s the weekend so they can enjoy his music for the next two days, hahaha!!

    Your card today is just beautiful. I am saving it for reference!

  5. I wasn’t ever really a fan of Prince but feel really sad he left this earth, and far too soon. It’s still so hard to believe. However, I heard this morning there are supposed to be another roughly 30 albums that haven’t yet been released so were they to release that stuff, there would be plenty more Prince tunes for quite a few years.

  6. Would you mind sharing your measurements? I have an upcoming birthday card class and would love to case this card if you don’t mind??!!

  7. Hi, Kimberly, when I was reading your blog it brought back so many memories. I’m a huge fan of Prince myself loved his music. I was a teenager as well when he came out used to listen to listen to his music and Micheal Jackson a lot now those are a couple of true artist. I also used to record music from the radio and make cassettes with my favorite music those were some good old days. I wish I would have got to see him in concert as well.
    Thanks for sharing with all of us.

  8. I’m sitting here (in my raspberry beret…jk. I’m in my little red corvette. JK!) saying yes, yes, YES! and also thinking where have I been that I didn’t know he was gone??? Oh yeah, in houston, floating away… (luckily I’m kidding, we’re safe and dry even though others aren’t so lucky. ?)

    Thanks for another awesome post. I love you and your blog for more than just your awesome artwork! I’m always saying “me too!” after every post! Thank you!

  9. Girl, I’ve been watching the news. It’s so awful to see all that flooding. It reminds me when we had it here 2 years ago. It was awful. I’m so thankful to hear you are safe. You will laugh… last night I turned on the stereo at 10pm and blasted Raspberry Beret and I’m making my kids nuts. LOL. Russ and I enjoyed it. LOL.

  10. I am so glad I am not the only one who recorded music from the radio. LOL. They were my best tapes. EVER. I still can’t believe the news about Prince. It makes me incredibly sad. I will continue to celebrate the great memories he gave me with his music.

  11. Whisper White 4-1/4 x 11
    Bermuda Bay 3-1/4 x 4-5/8
    Whisper White 2-3/4 x 4-1/4
    Whisper White 2-7/8 x 4-3/8
    Real Red 1/4 x 4
    White Corrugated 1 x 4
    Bermuda Bay scrap piece for label die cut

    Enjoy. XOXO

  12. I am so jelly that you saw him in concert. It was on my bucket list for sure. Sigh…. PS- My kids ears are still bleeding from the constant Prince music. LOL.

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