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Hi there! I’m Kimberly Van Diepen, the creator, author, and designer of Stampin’ by the Sea and I’m BACK!

 I live in Pensacola, Florida.  I’ve been blessed to stamp around the United States for the last 20+ years.  

It’s hard to believe it’s been over 5 years since I’ve been on this platform. So many changes have occurred. I’m not sure I can give you a complete update on the last five years; however, I can give you some highlights. Moreover, as I get started again I’m sure I’ll have more stories going forward. stampinbythesea, Kimberly Van Diepen Quick 5 Year Update
    • Graduated with my Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling December 2020! What a long journey and it’s now completed! Truly, I had no idea what I was getting myself into!!
    • Completed a robust training working with clients struggling with trauma ending with a certification in Eye Movement Desensitization Reprossing (EMDR) along with 1800 clinical hours over the last two years. The last two years also included 100 supervised hours with an incredible therapist that I now call friend. Within the last two years I also passed my National Clinical Mental Health Counselor Exam and became a nationally certified counselor through the NBCC. Phew! That was a busy last two years. All these acronyms can be summed up into one statement: Kimberly is now a therapist! Ha… and now she needs her own therapist.
    • I’m currently working as a full-time therapist at a group practice working with all ages and couples therapy. All the hard work paid off and I truly enjoy my job and the impacts made every single day.
    • If you have followed my journey since the beginning, many came to know and watch my kids grow up right before your eyes. Believe it or not, both kids graduated high school and now reside in Orlando where they are both attending the University of Central Florida. The best part, they actually live together in Orlando and continue to thrive and get along with each other. There is a lot more to this story I will discuss (insert drama) later. They are super happy and healthy. I love that my kids like each other enough they can live together. Their different personalities work perfect (most of the time) together.
    • The prince! Oh the PRINCE! Russ is doing FANTASTIC! He now works from home 90% of the time and enjoys tinkering on many of his classic cars. I love that his hobby is way more expensive than mine, yet we both find immense joy within our hobbies. Overall he continues to thrive despite his stroke TEN years ago. Can you believe it’s been ten years?
    • Probably the most important update I haven’t shared is I’m no longer with Stampin’ Up!. Honestly, I’m embarrassed to tell you that it was a fluke on my part. School became a bit overwhelming and my focus was clearly trying to keep my head above water. In doing so, in February 2019, I tried to log into my demonstrator website… and it was a no go. I had the opportunity to call and I’m sure Stampin’ Up! would have re-instated my demonstratorship. However, I also knew the path ahead would be rigorous and difficult to keep up. I’m VERY VERY grateful for the 18 years I had with Stampin’ Up! and most importantly, the friendships I created along the way. I’m also thankful for the countless friendships I gained during my 18 years. I still love Stampin’ Up! products, the company and the many MANY friendships cultivated during that time. Probably the best part of my Stampin’ Up! business and journey was the friendships. They are the simply the best.

Now What?

This past March I reconnected with some of my besties and we planned a trip to Cape Cod, MA for a stamping retreat with Jenn Shurkus. Getting prepared for the retreat was nothing short of a disaster. It had been a long time since I had uncovered anything crafty related in my studio. I had the basic supplies and my girlfriend Cathy covered me on most of the supplies I needed. Once there and I started to create my first card, it was like fireworks inside of my heart and brain! I couldn’t stop smiling despite the countless errors creating a card. However, the neurons were firing and it felt like a clumsy bike ride. I was VERY wobbly, fell off a few times but continued forward. Honestly, it’s how we progress in life: pain, uncertainty, work = progress! Getting back on my crafty bike was painful in many aspects as I had a rush of memories, along with trying to remember how to color, glue and get my card front on straight (still a problem!). There was a lot of uncertainty! “Where do I start? What stamps do I use? Where do I begin?” Then came the work. Like anything we do in life, restarting would take some work and patience and a big clean up in my studio. Today, I’m happy to report a lot of progress. My studio has been revamped, I’m enjoying trying new products and I feel like my creative mojo is back in action. There is still a lot of work to get done, but a major progress update is getting my website back up and running so I begin to share creativity once again! If I’m honest, I’m feeling overwhelmed with excitement and slightly fearful as I find my way towards blogging and sharing my crafty adventures with you again. The excitement comes from my deep love of papercrafting and sharing the creative journey with you. What about the emotion of fear? It’s the fear of new beginnings along with finding my way outside of all the crafty comforts I had previously known.

 A few FAQ’s

Why the name Stampin’ by the Sea? 

It all started by the sea.  In 2003 when I became a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator I was living in Norfolk, VA.  A dream came true in 2013 where we are now permanently situated in Pensacola, Florida, home to the beautiful white sandy beaches. Although I’m not affiliated with Stampin’ Up! any longer, I’m still paper crafting by the sea!

How often do you post? 

My goal is to provide new content each week. Posting will be slow and steady as I get my blogging legs running again. Have faith… it’s coming. 

What can I expect to see from Kimberly Van Diepen? 

Here you will see a little bit of everything.  I love anything papercraft related and I love scrapbooking.  I do love to share my family calamaties too.  We are known for our crazy antics and I love to air my dirty laundry.  Hope you don’t mind.  I will tell you I speak my own language.  Yes I will spell something wrong, and yes I flunked English in highschool.  My guess is you will be able to understand it pretty well.

What are Kimberly Van Diepen’s other interests? 

Believe it or not I graduated from college with my nursing degree and worked as a nurse for 9 years. Then had this CRAZY idea to go back to college at 47 years old to finish my Masters. Today, I’m a Licensed Mental Health Counselor working full time at a group practice in Pensacola, Florida. By day, I’m providing therapy to teenagers, adults and couples who have experienced trauma. I love researching about the brain and neuroplasticity (big word for changes in the brain!). At night, I decompress with some ink, paper and stamps. It’s my personal therapy. 

Affiliate Links
A new addition to my blog is my participation in affiliate programs. This means if you click a link of a product that I’m sharing, I may receive a small commission when products are purchased through these links.  Please note, the use of affiliate links are NO additional cost to you!  It’s only a way to support my blog and the content I’m sharing.

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How can you follow Kimberly? 

A few things I’ve accomplished…

Artisan Design Team Member 2016-2017

Artisan Design Team Member 2015-2016

*Awarded Founders Circle in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 &2015

Earned FREE trips to: Mexico, Bermuda, Hawaii (2), Southern Caribbean, Alaska, Western Caribbean, Fiji, Disney, Mediterranean, Thailand

*Earned #7 Demonstrator of the Year in 2008

*Earned #2 Demonstrator of the Year in 2009

*Earned the #1 Demonstrator of the Year in 2010

*Earned 10th place for Sales in 2009

*Appointed to the Advisory board in 2009-2010

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