Never a Dull Moment!

They don't call me DRAMA QUEEN for nothing! That's what this past week was made up with.  Lots of DRAMA! The Prince had his business meeting that continued on until this past Wednesday.  We had three extra bonus days with him. That was GREAT and the kids loved every second we could be with him.  Towards the end of his trip I could see the stress decreasing on his face as well.  This made me feel better.  The kids and I did a ton of driving to DC and back so we could see him.  The last two nights he came home with us.  We would have to get up early to take him back but it was totally worth it and I never heard one complaint from the kids.  The drama started on Wednesday.  We took Russ to work and said goodbye again.  It's never easy to say goodbye. Thankfully just a few tears shed and the kids have been doing fantastic.  They have been my only concern with this quick trip home from Russ.  Once home I quickly had to get ready for a Dentist appt that ONCE again I had put off.  If you don't know, I HATE the dentist.  HATE, HATE, HATE…  except the one I have here is good. I don't hate him but I hate that he is a dentist! He's not bad on the eyes that's for sure. Going to the dentist makes me so anxious I feel like hyperventilating.  Not kidding.  If I had the choice of taking any anxiety meds before I left I would.  The problem… I have to drive to the appointment and take care of my kids. So I get there, sit in the chair and literally couldn't talk.  I start crying telling him Russ had left again.  He didn't even know Russ had left for Iraq in the first place.  *laughing* I looked like a complete fool but I continued to cry. Long story short I had Oral Surgery that day.  The procedure went well and the best part about it was two things: 

1. I did it without sedation (ummm… that is a miracle!!)

2. It didn't hurt!

Good grief! All worked up for NOTHING! 

Hang on… the drama didn't end there.  I came home and did what Mr. Dentist said to do.  REST, Pain Pills, REST! The next day I felt like a truck had run over me.  Fever, aches, just felt like POO! He had put me on an antibiotic so I wasn't too worried.  I played nurse on myself and just blended into my furniture.  Thank GOD my kids are the ages they are.  They fixed themselves the best PB &J Sandwiches for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  *sigh*  The next day I feel like the truck went in reverse and ran me over again.  WHAT?? I was getting concerned because I was still running a high fever.  I know my body is trying to cook the sick bugs inside but WHEN was I going to feel better.  I could barely get off the couch.  The only thing that didn't hurt on my body was my fingers.  Thankful I could play on my iPhone. *smile* Finally around 10pm Thursday night the black cloud that was over my house lifted and I was not running a fever.  YIPPIE!! I went to bed and Friday morning woke up feeling human again.  Still not moving FAST but better than I have been.  Saturday is when I finally felt like myself again.  Since Brandon had no shorts left in his drawer I knew my day was going  to be filled with laundry and catching up on three days of dishes from the kids.  It was time for an EXTREME home clean up! 

Could there be anymore drama? If you live in my world, of course.  We are not DONE!  We had a few bad storms roll through the other night here in Virginia.  Thursday night when I went to bed I could hear the rolling thunder and hard rain falling.  Something I really enjoy to hear.  Oddly I kept hearing a dripping noise. It kept getting faster too.  I got out of the bed and turned on my bedroom light.  You have got to be kidding me!  I have a fast pace leak coming from my ceiling.  At that time of night I just put a bucket to collect the water and went back to bed.  Nothing I could do about it and it created great white noise.  It's on the agenda this week to get fixed!

After all this I'm only left to laugh.  It's the healthy thing to do, correct? Okay, so maybe my happy meds are really working! *smile*

Lastly, a bit of paper eye candy:

Kimberly Van Diepen, Stampin' Up! Demonstrator


This is made using the Petite Pocket (#123131) Die Cut.  It's new in the catalog this year.  Very fun die cut.  You can view it here in my Online Store

Other products used:

Established Elegance #122532 (LOVE this stamp set!!)

Vintage Brads #117273

Pool Party cardstock

First Edition Specialty #121878

Color Spritzer Tool #107066


Let's hope this coming week is DRAMA free.  I have so much to catch up on!


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9 thoughts on “Never a Dull Moment!”

  1. Oh Kimberly – even though you've been through one adventure after another you always put on your big girl panties and smile through it all.  I love that you share your life with everyone.  I get a kick out of reading that I am not the only one who has a crazy life sometimes!  I'm so happy that you were all able to enjoy the Prince while he was back on business and that the kids handled his leaving as well as they did.  I just can't imagine how difficult it must be and will continue to keep Russ in my prayers.  Thanks for sharing the paper eye candy too…you never disappoint with your beautiful creations.  xo

  2. Kimberly!  Bless you, my child!  You poor thing…glad you are better!
    I am also thrilled that your precious family was reunited for those few days…prayers continue for all of you!
    And, I have to confess that i share your sentiments about dentists…I abhor going and I need to! 
    Precious project and I LOVE this set, too!
    Hang in there, sister!
    Hugs from Texas,

  3. awwww so relate to the dentist issue… I use laughing gas and listen to my ipod the whole time on full blast so i don't hear anything… helps!
    Love your eye candy… can't wait to get that die cut!

  4. You have sure had your share,  are you sure you should not have called the doctor the way you felt?   sounds like more than the dental work you had to have you have such high fever and aches.   glad you are better though.   it must be real tough having your husband gone.  i feel for you. Linda Gerig

  5. Glad you're doing better!  Nothing like dental eye candy to sooth the nerves!  lol  I had a secret crush on my Air Force dentist-hmmmm, big smile, it was the only way I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth pulled at once.
    Anywho…I am so mad at myself for not getting this die last month with my extra SU! birthday bonus.  I was talked out of it and now I'm seeing so many cute projects (like yours!!!!)  and I'm kicking myself for having to pay the regular price, cuz you know it going to be on my next order!  YOU ENABLER, YOU!  ha
    Hope you keep feeling better and the drama ends or at least diminishes.
    Best Wishes,

  6. Oh my!  Kim I am so sorry you had such an experience with the dentist!  I am so glad you got to see your Prince though! 
    And I completely feel your pain about the Dentist.  If I can find someone to help me with my kids and drive me to the dentist… I DO take anxiety medicine!  When I get there – all I want to do is cry!   And usually I do. LOL  My dentist does a good job working my feelings but I still everytime…. HATE going!  Best of luck with any future visits and know you are not alone!

  7. OMG, I am not a fan of the dentist either!!  Or the laundry monster either to be honest.  Glad to hear you are feeling better and I LOVE the pocket card you made.  Pool party is one of my favorites of the new in colors and I love anything vintage.  Thanks for sharing!!

  8. Carol Carriveau

    Seems to me that you have had your 3 dramas for now and lets hope you won't have any more for a good loooonnnngggg time.  Glad that everything turned out well with your crazy but great visits with your Prince.   The kids are wonderful taking the food worries away from you while you were down – and hey, PB&Js are a great meal anytime!   And you made it through whatever was attacking you….    Now, the roof leak, that is another story but have every faith and confidence that this will also disappear!   Take good care….I continue to send best wishes and happy prayers to you all!      Your pocket card is fabulous – love the colors  :~)

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