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Getting my Groove Back!

After being completely off the radar for a month I've struggled over the last few days on how to get my groove back. It hasn't helped that the kiddo's have a 4 day weekend. To combat the word "BORED" I've been keeping their minds and hands busy and at the end of the day there is only one word uttered from my mouth… EXHAUSTED! Any mother understands this. I'm not alone.  I noticed too that I neglected my laundry during the fun family time and it's a wonder I haven't sent the kids to school naked the last week.  I almost feel robotic at this point. Put laundry in.  Dry laundry. Fold and Put away. UGH!!  I need a laundry lady!  It's never ending. 

We've also been busy with Scouts.  I'm so thankful the kids enjoy their Scout activities.  Brandon had a big camping trip while Russ was home.  Seriously, thank GOD Russ was able to go. I'm not the girl who loves to camp. I went to visit them at the campsite and in just 20 minutes I was there a HUGE (okay, GIGANTIC) daddy long leg was on my face.  I am sure every person heard me scream at the campsite.  I had a complete hissy fit! Not my cup of tea at all!! My Brownie Troop will be camping in the cabins, with TOILETS and electricity. 

Here is my boy whittling with his pocket knife Russ gave to him for his birthday.  It was a BIG deal!

Kimberly Van Diepen Stampin up demonstrator


He was filthy dirty but he had clean underwear on thanks to Mom visiting the campsite! ;)


With all that being said, there is always time for me to stamp.  :)  It's just a way of life, isn't it?

Let me share the lastest creation:

This is a Thanksgiving Blessing Box-

Kimberly Van Diepen Stampin Up demonstrator



This is a project that my club made last month.  I made this project last year with club members and I love this project as a gift for Thanksgiving.  Here is a closer look:

Kimberly Van Diepen Stampin Up Demonstrator



This is such an easy project and you can make lots in no time at all.  Just ask my friend Denise.  We cranked out 41 of these things last week.  (Thanks Denise for helping!)

Start out with a 4 x 10 1/2 piece of cardstock.  Score at 4, 8 and 9 3/4.  This creates the outer box for the project.  Let me show you the inside. 

Kimberly Van Diepen Stampin Up Demonstrator



As you can see I've attached the Thanksgiving Blessing Mix recipe on the inside of the box.  The goodies are placed in one of our small Cello Bags and stapled shut.  Then just attach this to the inside of the box using Sticky Strip.  Easy enough. 

Here is a closer look at the Blessing Mix Poem:

Kimberly Van Diepen Stampin Up Demonstrator


For the front of the box I used the Fall Harvest Wheel using VersaMark ink.  I then took a sponge and my Pastels and colored the wheel with Fall coordinating colors. 

I hope you are having a GREAT start to your week.  You can find all the products to make this project in my Online Store.

Don't forget to check out the website.  There are FREE downloads for you!  They are GREAT downloads!!

Here is the latest My Digital Studio downloads too.  Click HERE to get them. The October MDS Catalog is HERE.

Quick Digital Layout & Reminder!

Happy Friday! I'm so excited that I can sleep in tomorrow but who knew I would be able to sleep in this morning?  Our schools were closed in our county today due to flooding in our area.  It's unbelievable how much rain we've seen the last 5 days.  Our county has even declared a state of emergency.  Very sad to see so many things damaged due to flooding.  We are very lucky here at our home.  We are dry.  There is a lot of standing water around my house but so far the basement is water free.  The North East has really taking a beating in the last three weeks and they need our thoughts and prayers. 


I have a few quick My Digital Studio layouts to share and a quick reminder about Stamps in the Mail. 

First the Layouts:

Kimberly Van Diepen Stampin' up demonstrator


This was another layout that I literally just plopped the pictures into the template. No thinking, just moving my mouse around.  While I like to create my own layouts the fact is…. I'm behind on my scrapbooking.  Who wouldn't want to do an album in an hour? The pre-made templates are fantastic and I encourage you to try them. You can change them up a bit too.  But these are really fast.


This layout I created on my own:

Kimberly Van Diepen Stampin' Up! Demonstrator



All I can say is- Addicting.  It's just addicting.  I just watched TV last night and played with this layout.  I changed it a few times and tested new things I haven't tried.  Again, it's quick and EASY!!


Quick reminder: Registration for Stamps in the Mail ends Saturday, September 10th.  That's tomorrow.  If you are looking to stamp in the comfort of your own home and learn a few new techniques using the beautiful Christmas Lodge stamp set, check out the details HERE.


Have a FANTASTIC Friday and a Spectacular weekend. I am hoping our weekend is DRY!


Never a Dull Moment!

They don't call me DRAMA QUEEN for nothing! That's what this past week was made up with.  Lots of DRAMA! The Prince had his business meeting that continued on until this past Wednesday.  We had three extra bonus days with him. That was GREAT and the kids loved every second we could be with him.  Towards the end of his trip I could see the stress decreasing on his face as well.  This made me feel better.  The kids and I did a ton of driving to DC and back so we could see him.  The last two nights he came home with us.  We would have to get up early to take him back but it was totally worth it and I never heard one complaint from the kids.  The drama started on Wednesday.  We took Russ to work and said goodbye again.  It's never easy to say goodbye. Thankfully just a few tears shed and the kids have been doing fantastic.  They have been my only concern with this quick trip home from Russ.  Once home I quickly had to get ready for a Dentist appt that ONCE again I had put off.  If you don't know, I HATE the dentist.  HATE, HATE, HATE…  except the one I have here is good. I don't hate him but I hate that he is a dentist! He's not bad on the eyes that's for sure. Going to the dentist makes me so anxious I feel like hyperventilating.  Not kidding.  If I had the choice of taking any anxiety meds before I left I would.  The problem… I have to drive to the appointment and take care of my kids. So I get there, sit in the chair and literally couldn't talk.  I start crying telling him Russ had left again.  He didn't even know Russ had left for Iraq in the first place.  *laughing* I looked like a complete fool but I continued to cry. Long story short I had Oral Surgery that day.  The procedure went well and the best part about it was two things: 

1. I did it without sedation (ummm… that is a miracle!!)

2. It didn't hurt!

Good grief! All worked up for NOTHING! 

Hang on… the drama didn't end there.  I came home and did what Mr. Dentist said to do.  REST, Pain Pills, REST! The next day I felt like a truck had run over me.  Fever, aches, just felt like POO! He had put me on an antibiotic so I wasn't too worried.  I played nurse on myself and just blended into my furniture.  Thank GOD my kids are the ages they are.  They fixed themselves the best PB &J Sandwiches for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  *sigh*  The next day I feel like the truck went in reverse and ran me over again.  WHAT?? I was getting concerned because I was still running a high fever.  I know my body is trying to cook the sick bugs inside but WHEN was I going to feel better.  I could barely get off the couch.  The only thing that didn't hurt on my body was my fingers.  Thankful I could play on my iPhone. *smile* Finally around 10pm Thursday night the black cloud that was over my house lifted and I was not running a fever.  YIPPIE!! I went to bed and Friday morning woke up feeling human again.  Still not moving FAST but better than I have been.  Saturday is when I finally felt like myself again.  Since Brandon had no shorts left in his drawer I knew my day was going  to be filled with laundry and catching up on three days of dishes from the kids.  It was time for an EXTREME home clean up! 

Could there be anymore drama? If you live in my world, of course.  We are not DONE!  We had a few bad storms roll through the other night here in Virginia.  Thursday night when I went to bed I could hear the rolling thunder and hard rain falling.  Something I really enjoy to hear.  Oddly I kept hearing a dripping noise. It kept getting faster too.  I got out of the bed and turned on my bedroom light.  You have got to be kidding me!  I have a fast pace leak coming from my ceiling.  At that time of night I just put a bucket to collect the water and went back to bed.  Nothing I could do about it and it created great white noise.  It's on the agenda this week to get fixed!

After all this I'm only left to laugh.  It's the healthy thing to do, correct? Okay, so maybe my happy meds are really working! *smile*

Lastly, a bit of paper eye candy:

Kimberly Van Diepen, Stampin' Up! Demonstrator


This is made using the Petite Pocket (#123131) Die Cut.  It's new in the catalog this year.  Very fun die cut.  You can view it here in my Online Store

Other products used:

Established Elegance #122532 (LOVE this stamp set!!)

Vintage Brads #117273

Pool Party cardstock

First Edition Specialty #121878

Color Spritzer Tool #107066


Let's hope this coming week is DRAMA free.  I have so much to catch up on!


Happy Sunday!

It's been a busy couple of weeks for my little family.  I'll catch up to date really quick here:

-We enjoyed 5 beautiful weeks in Pensacola, Florida visiting my family.  It was just what the three of us needed.  We were able to relax and get away from all the craziness around the regular homefront and enjoy being around the people we love so much.  The kids were kept busy non stop! We spent most of our time in the pool.  Super relaxing. 

-We came home after those 5 weeks and not sure how we got through the first 10 miles of the traveling as we all cried.  We were so grateful to be there and we didn't want to leave.  There wasn't a dry eye for many miles.  The rest of the drive home was seamless and the kids did amazing. We collected a lot of Smurf toys from our McDonald's visits. 

-The main reason we came home was because the Prince said he had a 98% chance of being in the DC area for a business meeting.  WHAT??? I was starting to wonder if this was his way of getting me home. 

-The Prince landed in DC on Monday and we have been able to see him hit and miss.  He is here for a big business meeting so we are not able to see him much but grateful for the time we do get to see him.  This took a lot of explaining to the kids.  I was fearful they wouldn't understand because he is not even staying home at night. He is terribly busy with this meeting.  I think I've been the one that has not fully understood, but this is the military. It's hard knowing he is 20 miles up the road and I can't see him.  UGH. He looks fantastic except he is skinny mini.  I told him if I weigh more than him he will be in BIG trouble.  I can tell that he looks entirely TOO stressed out.  In fact he lost his iPhone the first day home. He is completely focused on the matter at hand as I would expect.  I just keep telling myself these things will pass and come February it will be over.  Is it February yet?

-Myself and the kids are back to the normal grind and enjoying the last few weeks of Summer before school starts. The kids are doing FANTASTIC! Seriously, I think the trip really helped everyone. It's so GREAT to see smiling kids and what is even more amazing is watching them look out for each other.  Who knew this could even happen?

The one thing that has been lacking over the last few weeks has been stamping.  Once we came home I cleaned the house from top to bottom and kept my stamping area as the last thing I needed clean.  HOLY COW did it need cleaning.  I spent 6 hours in here the other day cleaning from top to bottom.  No more cob webs. Now I just need to start stamping. 

While I was in Pensacola one of my favorite things my Mom and I did late at night was stamp and watch recorded soaps.  I had not seen my favorite soaps in almost two years.  Funny how you catch onto things really quick and it's great eye candy too.  We really had a ball stamping together.  It's the ONE thing I wish I could do ALL the time with her. We kept each other up way to late most nights. 

Here is a card I made stamping with her:

Kimberly Van Diepen Stampin' Up! Demonstrator



Kimberly Van Diepen Stampin' Up! Demonstrator



I used the Beau Chateau Side Notes on this card and I really love how these simple shabby elements add to any crafting project you are working with.  I have another project I hope to share tomorrow that Mom and I put together while I was in Florida.  I just need to add a few final touches to it. We used the Side Notes on the entire project.  SO EASY and fun! 

You can find these gems on my Online Store. Make sure you check out the coordinating products that go with the Beau Chateau Side Notes.  They are really awesome.

I hope your Sunday is fantastic.  We are waiting to hear from the Prince to see if we will be lucky enough to see his shining face.  I hate waiting and I'm totally impatient!


Time for a Side Note

Before I get into the creative stuff (super exciting!) I have to take a little side note and let you know how my Prince is doing.  Besides dodging sand storms he is doing great.  He's working long days but this makes the time go faster.  He has a few friends with him called his Battle Buddies.  These two Battle Buddies are two little animals that Brandon and Lexi gave Russ to help protect him.  It's been fun to see what the two Battle Buddies get into.  Here are a few updated pics of my Prince:

Kimberly Van Diepen, Stampin' Up! Demonstrator


Russ said this use to be a place long ago where they really hit golf balls.  This doesn't happen anymore but the clubs are still there.  The funny thing is that Russ is not what I call a golfer.  He can hit a golf ball, sometimes. *grin*

Kimberly Van Diepen, Stampin' Up! Demonstrator


You can see the battle buddies are hanging out on the sand bags.  The funniest part of this picture is the Mountain Dew can in the bottom of the pic.  I can see that Russ is still able to get one of his favorite things… Mountain Dew.  The kids LOVE seeing the Battle Buddies go to all the different places.  They are really sneaky!


On another Side Note…


Oh boy!  I pulled something out of my Stampin' Box (AKA- my Traveling Stamp Room) yesterday that I completely fell in love with. I totally forgot that I ordered it and Mom and I had a stamp fest last night.  In fact, we had a little mini workshop too! In my Stampin' Box I found the Beau Chateau Side Notes.  You can find these on page 190 in the Idea Book & Catalog.  If you like the Vintage/Shabby Chic look, these are for YOU!

Kimberly Van Diepen, Stampin' Up! Demonstrator



Here is what I made using the Beau Chateau Notes:

Kimberly Van Diepen, Stampin' Up! Demonstrator



Kimberly Van Diepen, Stampin' Up! Demonstrator



Along with the Beau Chateau Side Notes I used the beautiful Creative Elements stamp set (122647).  I used the Marina Mist and Daffodil Delight inks to stamp and used the Gold Smooch Spritz for a little accent spray.  You can also see where I used the Spritzer Tool with a Marina Mist Marker on the card.  One little Antique Brad just added a little more vintage to the card.  Always remember to stamp your envelope, it's always a show stopper for the Mailman!

Hope you are making plans for a great weekend.