Just Breathe-Colorful Seasons

I had a wonderful Mother’s day weekend despite a few events.  I’m not sure I’d call it relaxing but definitely enjoyed my kids this weekend.   I created this card for a swap and honestly, I think I’m going to frame it as a reminder to do this more and clearly after this weekend.

Colorful Seasons, Stampin' Up!

Russ is on a trip with his parents to Disney World.  Honestly, thank God he is there with them, more on that in a minute.  They took off earlier last week and my first thought was, lots of stamping time.  Well, wishful thinking maybe.

The Weekend

Friday night I was so tired I felt like a limp vegetable laying on my couch.  I had zero energy.  The great week had finally caught up with me.   Saturday I decided to test drive cars since we are in the market for one.  I had no idea that would turn out to be an all day affair but it was.

Sunday I spent at church and then with family all day only to come home to no Air Conditioning.  The house was 84 degrees.  Needless to say, the kids and I were panting.  Thankful for my parents as they came to my rescue, but it was a no go.  It was broke and we had to wait until Monday.  It was time to pull a few fans out.

I was sitting on the couch trying to find a cool spot… Brandon says, “Mom, now don’t worry, it’s going to be okay and it felt good… but there is no hot water when I took a shower!” WHAT? FOR REAL?

I called Russ to help me light the pilot light on the water heater. Yes, I’m a wimp.  Yes, I don’t like lighting that stupid thing.  After he walked me through it I thought for sure I was going to blow up the house.  UGH.  Poor Russ…

Seriously.. the man is gone a few days and everything breaks.  Just breathe, Kimberly.

Monday Comes

I looked over at this card laying on my desk and thought to myself… it’s Monday… just breathe.  You know that I normally love Mondays.  It’s my fresh start.  It was a fresh start alright.

Colorful Seasons, Stampin' Up!

Monday clearly started with calling the AC company to come rescue us from a VERY hot house.  For the most part, my Monday was heading in the right direction.

Russ texted me fairly early from Disney and told me his mother had fallen in the hotel.  Somehow she tripped and fell on her face, literally.  Unfortunately, she hit so hard she broke her nose.  This became complicated because the bleeding wouldn’t stop and they had to take her to the ER.  Because she is on a blood thinner, AND she hit her head my poor Mother in Law was admitted to the hospital. ICU.  They needed to reverse the blood thinner and watch her for any more bleeding.  The last update she was resting, and very sad this had messed up her Disney trip. This was really on her bucket list.

Not only was I telling myself to just breathe, I was telling Russ the same thing.


As Monday progressed, and a few other things occurred, I had to put it all in perspective.  Luckily the air conditioner was a minor repair and the house was cooled.  The water heater is working and most importantly, my mother in law didn’t have any major bones broke.  Praise God for that! I sat again last night in a vegetative state from the busy day and I couldn’t help but thank God Russ was with his parents. It was the exact reason he went with them.

Just breathe!

Colorful Seasons, Stampin' Up!

I can’t tell you how many times I sit and feel guilty for not getting everything done in a timely fashion or on my schedule.  I am so glad I had this card sitting on my desk.  It’s absolutely the best reminder.  Life is MESSY! I need to remember to just breathe because let’s face it.. it will all work out.

Card Details

I won’t leave you hanging about this card and the AMAZING stamp set this is.  The Colorful Seasons stamp set I believe will be one of the most popular stamp sets for this catalog year. Here are a few reasons why:

  • All 4 seasons have images and the coordinating Seasonal Layers Thinlits is perfect to eliminate any fussy cutting with 17 dies included.  I love the scalloped edge.  Look how beautiful that is!!
  • It’s all about the details.  This stamp set, available June 1st or now for new demonstrators has incredible details. Detailed snowflakes and leaves that you will enjoy.
  • I’m a sucker for good greetings and this set caught my eye right away wtih the beautiful just breathe image.
  • You will notice I used two new In Colors, Tranquil Tide and Lemon Lime Twist.  That tiny pop of Lemon Lime Twist brings a smile to my face.

I’m happy to tell you this stamp set and the coordinating thinlits will be a bundle, which means you can save 10%.

Just Breathe!

Colorful Seasons, Stampin' Up!, Just Breathe

I realize the weekend and my Monday didn’t go as planned, but today is a fresh start to a new day.  I’m sure something esle will not go as planned.  This is life.  My goal for today is to stamp a few pretty things and to relax and meditate on my favorite new greeting- Just Breathe!

What is your goal for the week? For today? How do you handle when things get messy?

Lastly, will you keep my mother in law in prayer?  I’ll update once I know more.

Eastern Palace Bundle

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Need ideas? Check out my Tutorial Library.  Create in the comfort of your home.

Tutorials, Stampin' Up!

Make today GREAT and stamp something pretty.

You can find links to the CURRENT products I used for today’s projects below.

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6 thoughts on “Just Breathe-Colorful Seasons”

  1. Oh my Kimberly, when it rains, it pours, glad everything worked out with your air conditioner and your water. My thoughts and prayers are with your Mother-In-Law. Poor darling. It’s amazing how things happen. So glad to hear that it wasn’t worse. I hope she can enjoy the rest of her vacation.

  2. Love your card and colors. Life doesn’t go by “our” schedule unfortunately. I go to plan B or C or D often??

  3. I see loads of Just Breathe cards in my future… when my husband leaves stuff tends to go haywire here, too. A lot of times I can handle the problems but there have been doozies! I hope your mother in law repairs quickly.

  4. Very glad I ordered that stamp set. Often I need that reminder to Just Breathe as well. Still not sure why God throws us curveballs now and again, but we all seem to knock them out of the park when we have to. You especially Kim!

  5. Oh my. Sending you and all your family BIG HUGS. Sometimes God wants to show us how strong we are, right? Sometimes I tell him he must have mistaken me for someone else, but usually I tell him thank you for getting me through it all. <3 Hang in there!!!

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