Hoo Rah!


Hello ladies,

Oh my word! I can’t believe this little ole blog has been seen 10,000x. Can you? It’s really exciting. Actually, this has made my day. I feel like I am on top of a mountain. Ha! I really am!

I have a few things to report… I believe the little fam is getting better!!! Alexis is not quite herself, but on the mend. Thank you to so many of you for your kind words. You really lifted my spirits!!! We decided to get out of the house today and took a trip to the Garden of the Gods. I know I never speak GREATLY of Colorardo, however there is beauty within this state. We really discovered it today. These huge rocks are just sticking up within the ground and they are just gorgeous. It was actually quite breathtaking. Another really cool thing about this area is the wildlife. I have never seen so many deer running around in all my life. I love it. I will never understand how anyone can shoot these beautiful animals. Just my opionion. Here is a photo of how close we were to these deer. There were 5 of them just hanging around. The kids were giddy with excitement and honestly I was too. Isn’t this just awesome.
I don’t have any creations today. I needed a bit of fresh air today and it felt good. Tomorrow brings lots of work for me. I hope to share something special then! I hope your Saturday was splendid and your Sunday is spectacular!!!

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2 thoughts on “Hoo Rah!”

  1. Wohooooo for you! I LOVE the picture of you on the rocks! I am grinning from ear to ear!!! Glad your family is getting better too! Hugs

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