The Title Would Be Friendships!

There are many MANY things about being a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator I could write a book on, but this last Founders Circle trip summed up how I would title the book.  I would title the book It’s All About the Friendships!

First let me say I’m not out to use this post as a recruiting tool.  BUT, when I’m finished you will understand my adoration for why I’m a demonstrator with Stampin’ Up! and WHY I never ever ever want to leave.  Stampin’ Up! really has my heart.

Grab a coffee or drink.  Possibly a tissue or two… I’m talking from the very bottom of my heart today!

Over the last few years and especially over the last 9 months Stampin’ Up! has made changes and many times I did not understand the reasoning behind them.  In fact, I’ve been known to get my panties in a bunch over a few.  But ya know, this last trip kinda summed up my feelings on why I love this company so much.

It was the last Founders Circle trip.  If you are not familiar with that term, it was the last Top 100 Demonstrator trip.  I’ve been blessed to have earned the last 8.  WOWSA.  That’s pretty exciting.


So why the last?

Over the last  9 months (I believe that is correct) Stampin’ Up! has been in the process of changing the compensation plan.  Not a small task at all.  Founders Circle is one of the changes in the compensation plan.  Our company is a Global company so they are taking all activities global.  In the grand scheme of things it’s really exciting but this means changing how they hold ALL their events.

change, Stampin' Up!

With all the changes in my life I kinda stuffed this big elephant of the Stampin’ Up! changes in a small box because I couldn’t handle much change anymore.  I’ve unleashed the elephant after this trip and I’m ready to focus on what’s ahead.  Change is good.  Change is HARD, but there is one thing that doesn’t CHANGE….


Let me get back to my title…

This trip had me thinking about memories of all the Founders Circle trips I had earned and why each one of them holds a special place in my heart.  It wasn’t so much about what Stampin’ Up! had provided (although totally amazeballs) but what the experience provided and the relationships I have built over the last 8 years of being on that trip with the most successful demonstrators in the company.

Friends, Stampin' Up!

Here is the amazing part.  You don’t necessarily look so much at their “success” but WHO they are as a human being.  I was able to get to know them and their families.  I was able to see an entire different side of these beautiful people.  I got to know their hearts and not just how to create a beautiful card.  I’ve laughed hard with these beautiful people and cried many tears.  These are  people that uplifted and loved on me during a major crisis in my life.  These beautiful people are forever friends.

We are all saddened to see this event go away.  I could tell you story after story of the amazing times I’ve had at Founders.  While Founders might be going away, the friendships are forever.  The memories are FOREVER.  That does not CHANGE.

Friends, Stampin' Up!

Our adventure continues together.  It’s going to look different but that’s  exciting.  We don’t know what’s coming but I’ve had a motto with Stampin’ Up! since my first year as a demonstrator 13 years ago- “Something good is around the corner.” Stampin’ Up! has always done just that!

I know one thing for SURE.  I will continue to build new friendships through Stampin’ Up!.  I’m always asked WHY I love Stampin’ Up!, and the bottom line always comes back to the friendships I have built.  Yes, I make money.  Yes, I LOVE LOVE to create.  Yes, I love a challenging myself to work harder and build my business….. but at the end of the day I’m blessed because of the beautiful people I met along the way.  I look at my team of amazing women, many who have been by my side since the start and I don’t see them as “business people” but as my family.  These people are my Stampin’ family.  I love them dearly whether they are on my team or their season with Stampin’ Up! passed.  Stampin’ Up! has been the vehicle to building lasting friendships.

Like I said, I could write a book on my experiences.  It would make you laugh, cry and possibly pee your pants from the funnies.  But this book doesn’t end.  I could never publish it.  It keeps on going because the friendships keep on going.  Does that make sense?

So probably not the post you might have been looking for today, but it’s on my heart.

Of course I want to share a few pictures too.  I can’t tell you enough what a fantastic time I had.  I only had one incident while I was there.  I spilled my entire Starbucks coffee into my purse.  OH MY WORD.  I had the entire contents of my purse dripping with mocha at the Starbucks as I was trying to clean it.  Needless to say it was a perfect excuse to buy a new purse.  <giggle>

Here are a few of my favorites.  I will be sharing LOTS of creative samples SOON as well.

Stampin' Up! Founders Circle

I will have amazing samples to share with you.  The samples above were made from our concept artists at the home office.  Look closely as you spot a new stamp set….


Stampin' Up! Founders Circle

I’ll consider myself the baby in this picture.  Bwhahahaha.  Honestly, not by age.  These two have been with Stampin’ Up! forever and both are dear dear friends.  I like to say that Jackie raised me in Stampin’ Up!  This women has been the most amazing business mentor to me but the best best best part of her is the friendship that we have created along the way.  I’ve watched her daughters grow up, her son serve in the military and we’ve held each others hands during some really tough times.  All because Stampin’ Up! brought us together.



A car full of beautiful people.  I love each of these ladies.  On the far right side is Kim.  Gotta love her first for her fab name, right? She probably doesn’t know how much I adore her and her ginormous heart.  When Russ had his stroke she collaborated with demonstrators and placed orders so I would not go inactive during my time away.  Is that the most amazing thing?

I’m telling you… these are BEAUTIFUL people.

Stampin' Up! Founders Circle

Stampin' Up! Founders Circle

Being silly with Dawn and Joyce is the BEST. My dearest friend Joyce… you are NEVER boring.


Stampin' Up! Founders Circle

Sometimes you have to be silly.  Lisa and I definitely had no trouble with this.  You get a completely different perspective of stamps when you visit the manufacturing facility.

Stampin' Up! Founders Circle
One of the best parts of the trip is going to Kanab to see the manufacturing facility.  Then afterwards we go to the park where it’s filled with red rubber from the extra pieces they have cut off from the stamps.  It’s really amazing to see.  We act silly and get lots of pictures here every year.

Stampin' Up! Founders Circle

Cori Hancock… the movie star.  She is on the Stampin’ Up! corporate team.  She is the funniest thing ever and 100% real to the core.  She will literally stop in her tracks to talk to you about ANYTHING.

Founders Circle Stampin' Up!

These dynamic trio spent HOURS talking to all of us over the 4 days.  I am sure they are exhausted but you could never tell during the event.  They sat and listened to all of our stories.  They cried with us and laughed with us.  I’m pretty sure we made Cori tinkle her britches a few times.  She wouldn’t admit to that….  They are beautiful people.

Stampin' Up! Founders Circle


Dreams do come true.  This pic above of Dawn is priceless.  She is one of the beautiful people on my team that believed in herself and worked her business without ever looking back.  She had lots of obstacles but she leaped every single one of them.  I am so proud of this lady.  I think you can tell in the picture we were pretty happy to be there together.

Stampin' Up! Founders Circle

The beauty smack dab in the center is Sara, Shelli’s daughter.  I love her for many reasons but the best reason is her amazing heart.  She has stepped into her mother’s shoes while Shelli and Sterling are on a mission.  I can only imagine that Shelli is beaming with pride because her daughter has done an amazing job.  But you want to know the best part of her…. She is just like you and I.  She laughs, she cries, she’s a forever friend.  She is the real enchilada.

Stampin' Up! Founders Circle

I couldn’t help but put this photo last.  Kinda makes me cry all over again… dang it.  Joyce… oh Joyce.  This was a photo I “found” on my phone.  I didn’t take it.  The beautiful people at my table captured their own moments.  When I opened this I cried because this just means a big kiss until I see you next time….

Friends are forever.  Today, work on the friendships.


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18 thoughts on “The Title Would Be Friendships!”

  1. Wow, you’ve captured the BEST part of being a Stampin’ Up demonstrator Kim !!!
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts with ALL of us!! My exact thoughts.
    You are the BEST ever!!! 🙂 Love Ya !!

  2. Ok I’m crying again here…..what a beautiful post!!!! Thanks for sharing your heart, and being transparent. That’s one of my favorite qualities about you….. {hugs}

  3. Thank You for this beautiful post. You are just so inspirational in every way. You’ve made my day happier.

  4. Love all the joy I see here…in you and all these amazing people. So many of you are my heart of Stampin’ Up! Hugs. And thanks for sharing.

  5. LOL, I promise promise I didn’t mean to do that. BUT you are one of the reasons why I love Stampin’ Up! I would never had known YOU. AND I love your guts. XOXO

  6. Well, I know for sure that MY life would not be complete without YOU in it. Thank GOD for Stampin’ Up! in that regard. Thank God I met my besties who I will adore forever and ever.

  7. Kimberly, thanks for the kind words:) For those of you who have met Kimberly in person, you know how amazing she is! If you haven’t met her in person, let me say, she is beautiful, inside and out. She’s been through a lot and has shared the ups and downs – always keeping it real – which is inspirational to so many of us. She isn’t afraid to let people see that it isn’t always easy to be a strong woman. Also, she’s a great artist, funny as hell and has a hot husband:) Kim

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