The Great Adventure-Camping!

Kimberly van diepen stampin up demo


Kimberly van diepen stampin up demo


Oh my goodness.  I survived!  I'm still alive after a GREAT camping adventure.  Although I felt like a frozen popsicle, I survived!  It was the BEST ever!  I'm not going to lie, I was completely stressed out about the entire thing. I know, you may be thinking… "SERIOUSLY, stressed over a little camping trip?"  Honestly, having that many girls (20) under my responsibility was stressful but in the end it was one of the best things I've ever done.  I wouldn't call it relaxing but it was fun, rewarding and so much fun watching 20 little girls have the time of their lives.  I am grateful to have an amazing co-leader who helped me and another mom who I learned so much from this weekend.  I learned quite a few valuable lessons this weekend!  The fact that I can really go a weekend without electronic devices was HARD but I did it.  I wore not a stitch of make-up and it felt fantastic.  I didn't look pretty but no one cared. I learned from 10 year olds that sitting around a campfire and being carefree is worth a thousand memories I will keep forever.  The best yet was something I learned from another mother that attended our camp out.  I had the best time getting to know her and I learned to stop and listen and put work and other issues to the side while I was away. I've known this great mom for two years but our lives are always so busy we've never really gotten to know each other.  It was great to not worry about outside distractions and really get to know her.  Sadly, I don't do this enough. Today I feel…  Grateful.  Really, sounds pretty mushy I know. It's how I feel. My daughter had the time of her life as well.  I didn't see her much because she was so busy.  I learned a ton of new Girl Scout songs that I would love to sing for you but YouTube would never be the same.  There was only one complaint… they call it the "Biffy!"  I call it disgusting… Non flushing outdoor potty.  N-A-S-T-Y!! Here's a pic of the "Biffy!"


Kimberly van diepen stampin up demo


This was our "Glen Shelter"  or what I call the "Hut!" Screened in to keep the bugs out but didn't keep the HEAT in!  It was 29 degrees on Friday and Kimberly was FREEZING.  The girls were fine, snoring. Not one complaint.  

Kimberly van diepen stampin up demo


It was great to get home yesterday.  A shower never felt so wonderful.  I wore that silly stupid hat of mine the entire time I was there.  It was great to feel human again and it was great sleeping in my bed.  I was exhausted.  

Now that I'm connected once again it's time to hit the road running and catch up on the last few days of emails and stuff.  

Thank you for listening and all the amazing stories you have shared with me the last few days.  I cherish them.  


Stay tuned… My Toxic Treat winner is going to be announced in just a few!!!  

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12 thoughts on “The Great Adventure-Camping!”

  1. I KNEW you would survive….. and I'm so glad you enjoyed it so much! If there is a 'next time', I would suggest a down sleeping bag, and a Thermarest air mattress pad, which has two layers of air. The layer closest to your body stays warm, and the bottom layer is a barrier from the cold. My husband and I stayed COZY warm when we camped for 3 weeks in British Columbia, on our motorcycle trip. And, by the way, we did have a bear at our campsite! 
    Thanks for sharing your adventure!

  2. THX. for sharing; you brought tears to my eyes, as it's so what we all should be doing; too much stuff out there, to keep us busy; glad you survived, as you would….hats off to all of you, for a job well done!

  3. haa … cute story!  just one question … when did starbucks set up out in the wilderness?  heee! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. YAY!  You made it! Thanks for sharing your story!
    P.S. Putting an old-fashioned hot water bottle (got mine at Walgreens) in your sleeping bag sure keeps you warm!  I hate being cold!  

  5. Seeing the Coles Trip sign in your picture really brought a smile to my face!  As a young Girl Scout I spent many weekends there with my troop and several summers there as well. As an adult I took my scouts there for weekends as well.  Great memories!!!  Good to know it is still around!

  6. Okay, glad you shared the bear story afterwards. LOL. You would have heard me scream from far away. LOL. I’m camping in the Spring with them again so any tips are great tips. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Having gone camping with young girls in the past, I was curious to see what you would say today. I laughed when I read about the biffy. I haven't heard that term in a looooong time, and yes it can be stinky. I got tears in my eyes reading about the connections and the memories you made. It was so touching! What a blessing you were to ladies and girls alike this weekend!

  8. I too knew you would survive just fine.  Never heard it called the Biffy.  We've always called it the outhouse.  LOL!  I have fond memories of camping with the girl scouts as well as our church girls camp.  And, because I came from such a disfuctional family, the memories made at camp were even more special.  You have no idea how much influence you have on the girls.  From one who survived chaotic childhood, thank you for being their leader!

  9. Kim, thank you for sharing that. One of my favorite things I am doing these days is being a Girl Scout leader. I’ve watched these little girls grow so much in the last 2.5 years and it’s an awesome thing to see them mature and become little leaders. I’ll be taking them camping again two more times in the spring but I think we are going to look at places that have REAL toilets. LOL. Myself and the girls are DIVA’s. ๐Ÿ™‚ Again, thank you for sharing. XOXO

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