A few thoughts!

It’s Friday and what a week this has been. I feel like I have been run over by a mac truck and need encouragment. Just a lousy week here. I really shouldn’t complain. I have a lot of GREAT things in my life. I guess this week has just taken its toll on me. Ever had a week where you just feel blue and cannot snap out of it??????????? This is the place where I am!




These are a few things I am thinking about:




*the weather really needs to warm up!


*I have a lot of work that needs to be done!


*My creative juices do not seem to be flowing the way I would like!


*I wish I had a maid! My house is a mess and my stamping area is a disaster.
*I really need to start liking Colorado!




As always, I will leave on a positive note. The one thing that I love about stamping is the therapy it can provide me. It brings me to a very happy place. A place where I can pour emotions and feelings and turn them into creativity. It is a wonder all my projects this week haven’t been black. {GLOOMY}! Eeek!
Mothers day is right around the corner. I am usually not a head of the game, but I am currently working on cards for a customer.
Here is card using a great set called Petal Prints. I remember when this set came out and everyone was using it. You still see it used quite often. It really is a great set for any occassion.
I chose to use one my favorite color combos: Pink and Brown. I used my cuttlebug embossing folder on Kraft CS and then used my sponge over it with Choc Chip to pop those embossed images out. I LOVE Kraft cardstock. I stamped my images on Kraft as well and embossed the petals on the flowers and popped them up with dimensionals. Using my oval punch I stamped my sentiment and then placed a piece of choc chip cs underneath to give the shadow effect. I have seen many others use this technique and it works nicely. I like how it looks. Lastly, a little ribbon adds the final touch.
I hope your weekend is filled with fun. I pray my family is able to get outdoors and find something fun to do here. It really is time to start exploring what this area has to offer. I am sure there is more to it than cootie bugs and snow! Something here has to be GREAT, right??
Chow for now!

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8 thoughts on “A few thoughts!”

  1. I can not believe I’m writing this…

    But my sister, the former cheerleader and continually peppy person, would advise you to have a Mantra. To be repeated dailiy. And she’d make one up for you too. haha. Instead of a mantra, here is a cheer that you need to repeat when you are “blue.”

    Hey, You *Kimberly* fans,
    Stand up and clap your hands!
    Go *Kim* Go,
    Go *Kim* Go!
    Hey, You *Kimberly* Fans
    Now let’s see you wave your hand!
    Go *Kim* Go, Go *Kim* Go!
    Go *Kim* Go, Go *Kim* Go!

    I hope that at least brought a smile to your face today!

  2. lilstamperalex

    Okay, it sounds like your week has been awful! Stamping therapy is needed! Go to your happy place, whip out favorites, and just start stamping – maybe a journal for all these frustrations???? Hang in there girl! Big stampin hugs for you!!!! Alex

  3. LOVE that card! Will have to get out my kraft cardstock now – it usually just gathers dust. It must have been the week for the blues because I had them too but I took a day and ignored all the house stuff and just stamped for me and now I feel much better :o) I’ll send happy thoughts your way….

  4. This is truly gorgeous in every way! Love the embossing and your composition. You always do such beautiful work!

  5. Heather Summers

    I’m sending you a virtual hug right now, so hopefully you can feel it!! I’m totally with you with the weather! FINALLY it’s nice up here in Ontario so I’m hoping you are having the same sunshine and warmth we are!!! I think your creative juices are flowing as your card is BEAUTIFUL!!! Not only that you hit 10000!!! When you have a second can you fire me off your address via email as I’ve got a little something for you! Hope you have a great weekend!!!

  6. Kimberly, I know exactly how you feel. I felt that way for month after my move from Texas to Florida. It was defnitely my hardest move. I didn’t want to go. I had Jenn there, we had family there, the kids had real good friends there….downline and customer friends. And I moved from one warm state to another! I hope it will get warmer for you soon!
    Big cyber hug!!!

  7. First: *LOVE* that card! It absolutely rawks! You continually amaze me, my friend.

    Second: So sorry you’ve got the blues. It happens. Hug yourself from me and know that you have friends who love you and care so much about you.

    Third: Dawn’s cheer has me laughing myself silly! Hee hee!

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