Super Hero Powers and a Card!

Super hero powers? How does this and stamping go together you ask? Sometimes I have to pull the dreaded Super Woman cape out to make everything fall into place just like I want.  That pretty much sums up my week.  You know exactly what I mean and right now I bet you're bobbing your head up and down going, "Yep, I get it!"  This weekend I'm doing something I've NEVER in my LIFE done before.  CAMPING!  Yes, camping.  For some of you I'm guessing this would be a cake walk.  For me, not so much.  Much less with 20 adorable Girl Scouts.  I am literally pulling out my Super Woman cape for this one and 20 adorable girls.  Camping has never appealed to me at all.  I don't do bugs (you know that!), I don't do NON Flushing toilets, and most of all I love my bed.  All that being said, I once again pulled my big girl panties up and said, "We're going camping!"  The plans were made back in June and back then it all sounded fine and dandy.  Now it's T minus 1 day and I'm freaking out.  I'm not letting Alexis know I'm freaking out.  In fact I'm skipping like bird around her.  <smile>  The prep for this little camping trip has been CRAZY.  Making cards is a cinch compared to pulling off a camping trip for 20 girly girls.  None the less, I can't wait to share how it all goes and I'm sure there will be GREAT pictures to boot.  I've been preparing myself the last few days by not wearing make up and no cute hair do.  My children seem a little scared.  I can't imagine what my scouts will think.  This could be ridiculously funny.  

Now that my super powers have prepared Alexis and I for our big Camping trip, I've been doing a little stamping so I could share with you while I'm sitting by the camp fire singing "Make New Friends!"  :) 


Today's card was a swap I was in with my dear friend Robin Merriman.  It was a Christmas swap and the cards were amazing.  I'll be sharing with you because they are just so beautiful.  

Kimberly Van Diepen stampin up demo



Kimberly van diepen stampin up demo


This card is a Hybrid card.  I took my Bingo download and shrunk it down to a 3 x 4 and printed in Crumb Cake on Very Vanilla cardstock.  I love being able to change an image to the size I want using MDS.  SO easy, SO fun.  

You can see all the products I used below.  

Products Used: 

Stamps: Snowflake Soiree, Winter Memories

Ink: Soft Suede

Cardstock: Very Vanilla, Crumb Cake

Accessories: Antique Brads, Music Notes wheel, First Edition DSP, Candlelight Christmas Specialty Paper, Champagne Glimmer Paper

Must Have Products: 

Kimberly van diepen stampin up demoKimberly Van Diepen stampin up demoKimberly van diepen stampin up demo



Make sure to check out these great products and more in my Online Store.  

I also have a chance for you to win the Toxic Treats stamp set.  Check THIS post for the details.  

One last thing, your comments have been amazing. I love each of you and I love your dedication and support of this little ole blog of mine.  


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10 thoughts on “Super Hero Powers and a Card!”

  1. Kimberly, you will never forget your camping experience with Girl Scouts!! The weekend we went (many years ago, mind you, lol), we had a torrential downpour and our tent sprung a leak. I had 6 little girls in one cot with me all night! Fun, fun! Then the leader got a migrain and had to lay down most of the weekend. But all in all, I had a blast with my daughter and we made a ton of sweet memories 🙂 It's been 18 years since then, and I still remember all those sweet little girls asking for my help with roasting marshmallows and our crafts. So, go make those sweet memories and never forget a minute of it, even the not so great ones!!

  2. Kimberly, I've totally been there!  I've never gone with the girl scouts, but I have gone for a whole week with the 12-18 year old girls from church and I DO NOT CAMP!  But I'll tell you something, in the 20 + years that I've gone with the girls off and on–I'd do it again in a heartbeat!  I love being in nature with these young women away from the internet, cell phones, pretty much most of the world and see them as the Lord sees them!  It is such a blessing!  I hope you enjoy yourself and those 20 sweet girls!  They will be glad that you were there and I'm pretty sure you'll be glad too!  Good luck!

  3. Hi Kimberly, you make me giggle as I always said my idea of camping would be a motel. But you make me miss the love of my life as he died of cancer in 2011 but he made me fall in love with camping. There are nice bathrooms in a lot of places. I can't wait to see what you create with the pictures. Your card is darling as always. Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Bev

  4. Carol Carriveau

    Well, I'm laughing WITH you….when I was a Brownie or Girl Scout, there was no camping and my family didn't camp either…my first (and nearly last!) was as an adult and a child with others…not my version of a good time….LOL!!!  I admire those who love to camp and don't mind the dirt, dust, porta potty, and not hot water or showers….etc.!   I wish you tons of luck and guess the girls will help you get through the weekend!   Lovely card…nice tonal colors and great embellishments.   Have fun!!!

  5. oh my goodness girl you make me laugh out loud!  It's moments like this where you pat yourself on the back and take pride in the fact that you are a wicked awesome momma, doing what wicked awesome mommas do:)  Have a blast, can't wait to hear the stories and see the pictures.

  6. Well, Kimberly, I certainly will be praying for u & all the little girly girls. You are one brave woman!!! I feel the same as u do concerning no toilets, tents, etc. My idea of camping would be a cheap motel!!! I know Alexis will remember this always & how much fun & loving u are to do this for her. They grow up so fast & then the moments have passed! Good for u! You go girl!!! Also, I have to say, i love your blog & all of your creations, & your telling of your family moments. Thanks so much for sharing w/ all of us!

  7. Seriously, you are staying at a Marriott some where, right?   That is my perfect campsite. ANYTIME, someone talks about camping,  I ask them which Marriott they are staying at, because that is the ONLY camping I do.  I did real camping when I was a girl scout….so I say ROCK ON Marriott!   
    Have fun(if you can)!

  8. Are you going to Prince William park? If so, it is not too bad. Best of luck. As a former GS leader you are right on the mark about how much planning it takes! Can't wait to hear about your latest adventure!

  9. Sara Nell Langland

    Ah, the first camping trip with Girl Scouts!  On my first one (cough, 20 years ago!) the girls came running to me complaining about the bugs in their tents.  I told them that we were invading their homes now, so they'd better make peace with them.  Afterwards, I spent a lot of time visiting tents and being introduced to the bugs the girls had named and invented stories about!  Great memories!  Now, about these color challenges:  they are a challenge!  We'll see how I do and if I want to sahre! 

  10. Ah the good old days of camping with little girls and smelling like camp fire, wonderful memories that none of us will forget either!  Kimberly, may I ask what printer you use to print your MDS at home on?  I'm in the market for a new printer and any suggestions would be much appreciated!  Thanks!

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