Grateful- TGIF Challenge

Be Grateful!


If I had to list all the things I’m grateful for I would have a list that was a mile long.

I bet you feel the same way?

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I might think in my head how grateful I am about something but then outwardly it doesn’t appear that way.

This came to my mind the other day when talking to a friend. I’m incredibly grateful for her friendship but I’m pretty sure she doesn’t realize it or how much. I just assume that due to my high maintenance over the last year she already knows how much I love her and I’m grateful for her.

This is one of those “sit up in bed from a dead sleep moments!” When all of a sudden I think to myself… does she REALLY know? I never outwardly tell her.

Friends, we are coming up on the beginning of the annual “tell your 30 days of gratitude” on Facebook starting November 1st. Honestly, it’s not my favorite Facebook time.

I know I’m sounding ungrateful but hear me out.

We should be grateful all the time. Every single day. More importantly we should spread the gratefulness outwardly by telling others exactly why we are so grateful. Those kind words go a long way. It could be the very thing that makes someones day from icky to happy. Right?

I’m not one to do the 30 days of grateful on my FB account for a few reasons but I will vow to outwardly share my gratitude to my friends and family personally. This could mean sending them a card, picking up my phone (I’m TERRIBLE at this) or looking them square in their eyes and telling them exactly why I’m grateful.

My goal is to make a bunch of grateful and thank you cards to have on hand and randomly pass out as well. Again, these types of things are not normal anymore. They use to be the norm, but the internet changed much of this. Don’t get me wrong, of course it’s okay to thank someone or tell them your grateful in an email or on social media. BUT- doesn’t it make a bigger impact face to face? OR, when they get that card in the mail they know you spent time on them.


And I know you might be thinking… “what if I do post 30 days of grateful on my FB.”  I will love you and I won’t judge you.  I promise.

I have a two fold challenge for you today. I hope you will join me.

TGIF Challenge, Stampin' Up!


This weeks challenge is “Thankful!”  Pretty open ended.  That means anything goes, just make it a “thankful” card.  Or, in my case “Grateful For You” card.

Grateful, Vintage Leaves Stamp Set, Stampin' up!

I used the Vintage Leaves stamp set for this card along with the Leaf Thinlits to die cut.  I started by die cutting directly on my Whisper White card base and then put the same size behind it and placed Washi tape to show through the die cut image.  I love this technique because it’s simple enough yet a WOW.

Grateful, Vintage Leaves Stamp Set, Stampin' up!

These Bohemian colors are delicious together.  I am NOT a purple lover at all.  In fact I dare not tell my friend Dawn Griffith about my non purple obsession or she may come after me.  <hee hee>  In all honesty, purple has been growing on me lately.  I especially love the bold impact it makes with Island Indigo and Delightful Dijon next to it.  Of course the purple I’m using is Blackberry Bliss.  It’s so crisp.

Grateful, Vintage Leaves Stamp Set, Stampin' up!

Are You Ready? 


The challenges are easy!  Check out what our designers for TGIF have created and join in the challenge.  Click HERE to see what others have created.

Second, join me in attempt to share outwardly the gratitude and kindness.

What does this all mean?

It’s simple…. Be inspired and uplift and inspire others.  It’s a game changer I promise.  You will get that warm sensation all over when you do and your day will be brighter knowing that YOU have made someone else’s day brighter.  Just like the Stampin’ Up! mission statement- …together we make a difference! 

Are you in? Post a comment and let me know.

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  1. Kimberly ~ Your posts always hit home when I read them! I’m with you on the FB 30 Days of Gratitude thing. It’s nice, but we should do it 365 days! I just returned from a little weekend get-away to celebrate my 40th wedding anniversary with my husband. I am so grateful to have him in my life, and I’m pretty sure I don’t tell him that enough. I’m going to take you up on your challenge, starting today with a dear friend who is coming over to stamp, and tell here “face to face” how grateful I am for her friendship. Your card is beautiful, thanks for sharing. I am grateful for you, for always being an inspiration.

  2. Debbie, I am grateful that you read my blog and chime in. It’s always refreshing to hear from people and how it does inspire. 40 years? That’s inspiring right there. Russ and I just hit our 19 years in July. Grateful for him in this roller coaster ride we’ve had the last couple of years. XOXOXO