Facial Expressions!

Tuesday night I had the privilege of taking Alexis to an audition for All County Band.

We arrived early because she kept telling me if we didn’t we would be there all night.  She wouldn’t even let me stop for coffee.  <roll my eyes>

Once we arrived outside the middle school my mouth dropped open at the line of kids and parents that was forming.  There must have been 200 of them in line.  How could this be? We were early and I didn’t stop for coffee.

I instantly thought these parents were over the top on time.  Something I typically am not.

We waited outside in line for a good 45 minutes.  Once inside Alexis went a different way and I found a seat in the cafeteria.  I had good intentions on quietly sitting and catching up on my bible study.

They took the kids about 10 at a time according to what instrument they played.  If you were not auditioning you were sitting in the cafeteria with your parents, practicing.

This is where my face went into massive contortions that I didn’t even know existed.  Listening to 200+ kids play their instruments doing every scale known to man all at different times was deafening. Then they were all playing different music.

All I can say is this… Watch!



Finally after 2.5 hours of listening to that Alexis came around the corner as she had finished.  She had a stressed look on her face so I assumed the audition did not go as she had planned.  I quickly changed my face to “Mama is here for you my love” and off we went.  First stop was coffee and then we also indulged in chocolate chip cookies.

Yesterday she came home to tell me she didn’t make the cut for the All County Band.  Although bummed she was okay with the decision and what I loved most was her next statement… “There is always next time!”

Now, why did I share this with you?

There is a lesson for me so I thought I would share.

Once we got home that night Brandon was being his typical 14 year old self.  He can rock the facial expressions better than anyone I know.  At least I thought so.

You see, I had texted my husband this video while I was waiting.  He giggled.

After listening to Brandon and his antics Russ took my phone and found the video.  He said… “Watch this!”

I was horrified.  It was my son!

Lesson learned- facial expressions speak volumes.  I guess I need to pay more attention to it.  Of course it was a perfect lead in to Russ that I needed Botox.  It would get rid of my wrinkles and there would be no more facial expressions.  He wasn’t as amused as I was.

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7 thoughts on “Facial Expressions!”

  1. Omg! I’m sitting here at the Drs office & laughing…. I’m sure others are wondering why I’m laughing…. Thanks for the real updates… Made my day….

  2. You’re such a hoot!!! Totally love your card – you have a special way with bedazzling cards and life!

  3. Oh my gosh, your expressions are priceless!! Wow did I need that laugh today. Now we know why 200 people got there early to be first in and first out! Your card is so soft and pretty, love those color tones. Good for Alexis for having such an awesome attitude!

  4. You DO have the most interesting life! And always there is lots of humor! Love your card and it always looks better IRL so it must be a beauty! Thanks so much for the chuckle today lol ..

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