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Have You Said This Before?

Yes, I said it!

Have you ever said something you wished you could retract quickly?

This happened last night at our church small group.

No…. I didn’t say a bad word…. Although that has happened.

I you don’t mind that I’m sharing a little crafty and personal today, it boils down to being grateful!


Words Have Meaning 

After spending a few hours in the kitchen yesterday fixing my new recipe of Mexican Casserole-I was starving.

I was so excited to attend our small group because it was Mexican night.  WAHOO!  My favorite.

I walked into small group last night and the aroma of all the delicious food hit my face immediately and that’s when it happened.

I let out a big scream and said…


Really, I was!  I cooked all day and didn’t have a bite to eat. My belly was growling.

I wasn’t kidding.  I was starving.

It was at that moment when my girlfriend looked at me and laughingly said, “Girl, we don’t say that word in our house!”

Instantly I thought to myself… well why not? Are you silly?



Hearing the Truth with Love

Of course in the moment it didn’t dawn on me what in the world she was implying.

My great friend is also our Pastor’s wife.  When I looked at her puzzled she lovingly responded with, “With all the countries we’ve visited and they are truly starving…”

She didn’t have to finish her sentence.  The words “I’m starving” was all I could hear repeated over and over again.  In fact I was hearing them in slow motion now, over and over.  She was still speaking but it all sounded like Charlie Brown.


I admit that I didn’t mean to say those words out of context and of course my sweet friend was not implying anything negative when she made her statement.

While the word starving kept resonating in my head all night, it was the events after that moment that were more convicting.


Manna Food Bank

There is no doubt that I love to see God working in my life and today was one of those days.

Today our church passed out food to our local community in need.

Was it irony that I happened to be passing out food a day after I said I was starving?

I would have to answer no.  I believe this was God lovingly showing me that I’m not starving for food, but maybe a little more spiritual awareness of the many blessings he bestows upon me.  Plenty of food is one of them.


It gets better and honestly kinda funny.

I was behind the table passing out meat.  Tons and tons of meat like chicken, beef, pork and even PIG EARS!!

Why funny you might be asking?

Something that makes me gag quicker than anything is touching with my bare hands meat packages.  I don’t know if it’s the nurse in me who is scared of salmonella and E-coli, but touching those packages was truly painful.  PAINFUL, but I did it.


Learning a Lesson

There was a big lesson for me to learn today.  Realistically I knew I was not starving.  I promise I did.  However, it made me re-think the words I use.

Not only was it a lesson about the words I use, it was a lesson of gratitude.

I was grateful I could take the time to help those in need in my community and the food on my plate!

While touching the meat was a fear I had to push through I knew that I was helping someone else.

It was all for the glory of the one that provides me everything in life, God.


The Lesson is Simple

Where does all of this fit in my crafty world? You know it does…

It’s a simple reminder of being grateful about everything. Grateful I can get up in the morning and create.  I’m grateful I have someone to send a card to.  Lastly, I’m grateful Stampin’ Up! creates images that I can bless someones life.

The lesson is simple- gratitude!  Plus I’m grateful I have a card to share with YOU.


Paisleys & Posies Stamp Set

Grateful, Stampin' Up!, Paisleys & Posies


This stamp set is amazing and perfect to share how thankful and grateful we are.

Grateful, Stampin' Up!, Paisleys & Posies


Can the Paisley be anymore beautiful? The Petals & Paisleys Specialty Designer Series Paper is rich in colors.


Grateful, Stampin' Up!, Paisleys & Posies


Today I challenge you to create a card and share the blessing with them.

If you have a story similar, I would love to hear about it.  Leave a comment and share.  We all learn from each other.


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January Sneak Peek

January Sneak Peek

It feels a bit like Christmas here in my stamp room already.  I have new loot sitting all over the place screaming to be used and I thought I would give you a January Sneak Peek.


Of course I have a growing list of Christmas ideas that need to be finished and a HUGE project I’m putting the finishing touches on for a big reveal on Black Friday… stay tuned for that.


For a girl that’s been working on Christmas projects since probably July, I just need a B R E A K.  A Christmas project break…

Do you ever feel like that as a crafter? Don’t get me wrong.  Love everything about Christmas but I think it’s healthy to spice things up a bit and work on something with flowers, or hearts or ANYTHING other than Christmas for just a day or two… maybe three…


Let’s talk Flowers-


January Sneak Peek, Botanical Blooms, Stampin' Up!


When I decided to dive into the stash I thought I would challenge myself with Botanical Blooms.  Flowers tend to give me a creative fit.  No clue why.  I have a green thumb.  Just creating with them is really tough.  This set has an over the top framelit set that coordinates with it.  It’s so awesome that I didn’t stamp a thing on this card.

January Sneak Peek, Botanical Blooms, Stampin' Up!

The entire card was all framelits.  I thought about stamping the leaves but then forgot and had put this together.

I placed a vellum banner underneath the flowers and I love how it made the project softer.  Everything in this suite flows beautifully.  The framelits, stamp set and designer series paper.  You are going to love.

Fall is Still Here!

I have one more project for you.

Although the temps outside dropped below the point which I like, it’s still Fall.  Old man winter is trying to sneak in and I’m fighting it big time.  Anything below 60 degrees for this Florida girl is FREEZING.  It was 34 degrees yesterday morning.  I could barely move.  How quickly my body has changed to the Florida climate.


I love the Acorny Thank You stamp set and the coordinating punch.  The no fuss cutting and only punching makes your card making painless.  Who wouldn’t love that?

Acorny Thank You, Stampin' Up!

I’m pretty sure the following colors have been my favorite this year for Fall.

  • Blackberry Bliss
  • Soft Suede
  • Delightful Dijon
  • Bermuda Bay

The Bohemian Designer Washi Tape is to blame for it.  That started my obsession with this color combination.   Bright and vibrant colors for fall, I love it.



Acorny Thank You, Stampin' Up!


The Seasonal Frame Thinlits dies are a perfect combination for this card.   I love the font used for these word thinlits and they are the perfect size for any projects.

I hope you enjoyed my January Sneak Peek.  There is many more to come…

I’m not sure I’m completely over my Christmas break, but this definitely gave me a breather.  The best thing about being a crafter is the over abundance of options we have right at our fingertips.  I still haven’t figured out my own Christmas card for this year.  Not surprising.  Have you decided on your Christmas card this year? I would love to hear and what set did you decide on?

Have a fantastic Wednesday.


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Grateful- TGIF Challenge

Be Grateful!


If I had to list all the things I’m grateful for I would have a list that was a mile long.

I bet you feel the same way?

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I might think in my head how grateful I am about something but then outwardly it doesn’t appear that way.

This came to my mind the other day when talking to a friend. I’m incredibly grateful for her friendship but I’m pretty sure she doesn’t realize it or how much. I just assume that due to my high maintenance over the last year she already knows how much I love her and I’m grateful for her.

This is one of those “sit up in bed from a dead sleep moments!” When all of a sudden I think to myself… does she REALLY know? I never outwardly tell her.

Friends, we are coming up on the beginning of the annual “tell your 30 days of gratitude” on Facebook starting November 1st. Honestly, it’s not my favorite Facebook time.

I know I’m sounding ungrateful but hear me out.

We should be grateful all the time. Every single day. More importantly we should spread the gratefulness outwardly by telling others exactly why we are so grateful. Those kind words go a long way. It could be the very thing that makes someones day from icky to happy. Right?

I’m not one to do the 30 days of grateful on my FB account for a few reasons but I will vow to outwardly share my gratitude to my friends and family personally. This could mean sending them a card, picking up my phone (I’m TERRIBLE at this) or looking them square in their eyes and telling them exactly why I’m grateful.

My goal is to make a bunch of grateful and thank you cards to have on hand and randomly pass out as well. Again, these types of things are not normal anymore. They use to be the norm, but the internet changed much of this. Don’t get me wrong, of course it’s okay to thank someone or tell them your grateful in an email or on social media. BUT- doesn’t it make a bigger impact face to face? OR, when they get that card in the mail they know you spent time on them.


And I know you might be thinking… “what if I do post 30 days of grateful on my FB.”  I will love you and I won’t judge you.  I promise.

I have a two fold challenge for you today. I hope you will join me.

TGIF Challenge, Stampin' Up!


This weeks challenge is “Thankful!”  Pretty open ended.  That means anything goes, just make it a “thankful” card.  Or, in my case “Grateful For You” card.

Grateful, Vintage Leaves Stamp Set, Stampin' up!

I used the Vintage Leaves stamp set for this card along with the Leaf Thinlits to die cut.  I started by die cutting directly on my Whisper White card base and then put the same size behind it and placed Washi tape to show through the die cut image.  I love this technique because it’s simple enough yet a WOW.

Grateful, Vintage Leaves Stamp Set, Stampin' up!

These Bohemian colors are delicious together.  I am NOT a purple lover at all.  In fact I dare not tell my friend Dawn Griffith about my non purple obsession or she may come after me.  <hee hee>  In all honesty, purple has been growing on me lately.  I especially love the bold impact it makes with Island Indigo and Delightful Dijon next to it.  Of course the purple I’m using is Blackberry Bliss.  It’s so crisp.

Grateful, Vintage Leaves Stamp Set, Stampin' up!

Are You Ready? 


The challenges are easy!  Check out what our designers for TGIF have created and join in the challenge.  Click HERE to see what others have created.

Second, join me in attempt to share outwardly the gratitude and kindness.

What does this all mean?

It’s simple…. Be inspired and uplift and inspire others.  It’s a game changer I promise.  You will get that warm sensation all over when you do and your day will be brighter knowing that YOU have made someone else’s day brighter.  Just like the Stampin’ Up! mission statement- …together we make a difference! 

Are you in? Post a comment and let me know.

PS- Today is the LAST day of the 15% off Stamp sale.  Click HERE to take advantage.