Birthday Giveaway!

Birthday Giveaway! 

Today is kinda a special day. 45 years ago I came screaming into the world and I haven’t stopped chatting since. At least that’s the story my mom tells.

I’m trying to reflect on these past 45 years and sadly they seem like a blur.  Not trying to get too sentimental but gosh, time is flying before my eyeballs.

Oh my GEEEEEE! I’m 45.

I’d like to think I’m getting wiser but I’m reminded daily that I must have fallen off the turnip truck, hit my head and it’s caused gross memory loss….at least that’s what my kids think.  They seem to be so much “wiser” than me in their teenage lives. <insert my rolling eyes here>

It’s possible my kids are the only reason I might have noticed I was a bit older today.  I swear 2 more gray hairs popped on my head.  The funny thing they don’t realize is they are keeping me YOUNG.  Oh yes indeed.

In fact I try to pull off my “mom coolness” on them as frequently as I can.  For instance talking to them in their crazy language or even better, singing at the top of my lungs to their hip jams.  While I get some pretty funny looks from my kids they end up giggling and then I giggle.  I’d like to think the giggling created my wrinkles on my forehead….

To be honest with you (you know I am), out of the 45 years I’ve been on this earth this past year has been one of the hardest.  Quite frankly it’s been T O U G H! Learning to accept change that I never expected and learning to move forward has been hard. Getting rid of the anger was an even bigger leap. I’ve probably learned more about myself than I ever wanted to know but I’m so glad I took the many extra steps this past summer to face the facts and press on.  Truthfully, something had to give because I couldn’t stand myself.  That’s BAD.


Today at the sweet age of 45 I’m in a good place. I’m thankful I took the necessary steps to get the help I needed and it’s helped me in ways I never would have expected.  I am also thankful for your encouragement along the way.  That has been a gift!  A true blessing. I am almost back to my crazy kimberly ways and that’s a FANTASTIC feeling.

Since it’s my day I thought I would do something fun and have a little giveaway.

Time for a Giveaway!

My birthday gift is giving back to you.  I wish I could give personally to each and everyone of you for all the encouragement over the last 3 years.  Seriously, between Iraq, a move and then Russ’ having a stroke…  You kept me upright.  YOU are a good reason I’m here today celebrating the big 45 and I love you.  You have endured  a lot of Kimberly babble.  <eek>


Birthday Giveaway, Stampin' Up!,


To enter this giveaway, simply leave a comment telling me something you are grateful for right now. 

That’s it!  

Giveaway entries will end on Sunday, November 15th at 11:59pm.  

I’ll choose a lucky winner on Monday, November 16th! 

Lastly, I wanted to share a few birthday cards I received in the mail yesterday.  Getting hand stamped cards is the BEST EVER.

Birthday Giveaway, Stampin' Up!, Birthday Giveaway, Stampin' Up!,

Have a super fantastic day and thank YOU for your constant love and support.



  1. I’m thankful I found stamping and your blog. Being a widow with all kids gone is very difficult sometimes. I do enjoy reading your I was in the Air Force as active duty, then worked for them as a civilian before retiring. So I was surrounded by military for many years. Congratulations on all your strides.

  2. Grateful for my faith in God, family, my puppy, friends & eternal life. Grateful for hobbies, especially stamping, and the awesome friends I have met while stamping. YOU are such an inspiration to me – stamping & sharing your talent so generously, and for being “real” with us. Happy Birthday, Kim!

  3. I’m thankful my husband is still alive. He got sick on May 20th and we have only been home for 2 weeks. The rest of time has been in the hospital. We are hoping to be by thanksgiving. So I am so thankful. Life is so precious. Thank you for a chance to win…. Happy birthday

  4. I am thankful to work for a great company. I had to move back home to care for my father and my company let me work out of center verse one of our IT locations so I could be home. They have never let anyone in my role do this previously. So I am thankful to be home with my family and be able to continue working for a great company. I agree it has been a tough year. I will also admit your blog is one of the first things I read every morning. I missed you when you struggled for weeks and I am so happy you found help and are doing well.

  5. I am thankful for my beautiful family and friends. I have a grandson who I could not imagine loving anymore than I do. I also have good friends who I had to move away from for several years but was fortunate enough to come back and pick up like I was never gone. I am new to your blog but reading it each day makes me feel like I am normal and we all need each other to make it thru tough times.

  6. I am thankful for a husband and daughter who are very supportive and loving! Also grateful for my creative hobby that is my therapy and helps me thru hard times!

  7. I’m thankful for a risen savior who cares about me at all times. Oh how He loves you and me! He has blessed me with a wonderful husband, children, and grandchildren.

  8. Besides being thankful for my truly awesome and wonderful husband and son, I thank God that I have good health! Some days are better than others when you get in your 50’s and struggle with the aches and pains of arthritis and various aging issues. It really makes you thankful to God for the good days and moments of feeling well and able to do things like your favorite hobby of stamping!!! Kimberly, you are an inspiration! Thank you for being so honest and sharing your true feelings with us. You have really helped me see that I am not as alone as I thought! God Bless! 🙂

  9. I am thankful for my family supporting me in my craft world and also for all the wonderful Stampin’ Up! demonstrators, like YOU, who have helped me with creativeness. Also very thankful for family, friends and good health.

  10. I am thankful for a chance to stamp with 2 friends this afternoon. We will each bring a shoebox project and will go home with 3 completed cards. I can’t wait.

  11. Happy Birthday Kimberly!! Love both of the birthday cards you received and posted. They are spectacular! Have a SUPER day my friend. Oh – Yes – I’m Thankful for my God, my husband, family, friends, country, my health and SU too. I LOVE my job! Barb

  12. First of all, thankful for God and all he has brought to my life. Being born into a family that gave so much love and morals. Being raised to respect those around me and then meeting the love of my life and having two beautiful daughters, which brought yes, 5 beautiful grandchildren. Everything else has fallen into place meeting the Angels here on earth and you Kimberly are one of the Angels that has inspired those you touch “everyday!” I love the “me time” SU provides me…. My efforts are shared with those I care about – twofold! Blessings are abound!!!!!

  13. Happy Birthday Kimberly! You are such a blessing of creativity and inspiration to SO MANY of us!!!! I’m thankful for friends near and far. I’m thankful for my two sweet children and for my kind and patient husband. I’m thankful for God being in the details of my life. I couldn’t do it without EACH and EVERY one of those blessings!!!

  14. I’m thankful I have my son with me….it doesn’t even matter if I don’t qualify for the giveaway because I’m in Canada but I want to shout from the mountaintop that I’m sooooooo thankful I have my son and you have your Russ ! God is good 🙂

  15. I am grateful for so many things…my family, home and our health…but today I am especially happy that I just found my purse, which was stolen from our car – right in front of our house 2 weeks ago! They took everything of value of course, but I found my grocery store points cards and our library cards and all that kind of thing and I am super happy abouyt that! (I have a lot of points saved on the pharmacy & grocery store points cards for Christmas!) 🙂

  16. Happy Birthday to you! May your day be as awesome as you are. I am grateful for my health and the many medical professionals that have helped me over the years. Having health issues makes you appreciate the little things that bring a smile to your face. Paper crafting and inspiration from blogs like yours keep that grin on my face. Thanks for sharing your birthday with us.

  17. Happy happy birthday to one terrific gal! I’m thankful for your inspiration and your talent plus having my husband with me daily after his cancer diagnosis. Together we’ll move forward as God is good.

  18. Hi Kimberly, I am thankful for my family. Your blog is fantastic, Happy Birthday . You are a Scorpio like me

  19. I am thankful for family. I am going through a tough divorce, no income, and raising twin girls…My family are the only reason I have a roof over my head. Happy Birthday!

  20. I am thankful for a full and happy life, an awesome husband, of which I had been praying to God for years to bring me and he did!

  21. First I have to take the opportunity to wish you a great Happy Birthday Kimberly! I am thankful for lots of things, but one of them is YOU! You inspire a lot of people on a daily basis and that’s no small feat. Thanks so much for sharing your life with us and especially the important people in it – your husband, kids, and parents. Feel like I know them all and that’s testament to what a great blog you write! Excited for your opportunity coming up to visit with your bestie and even travel. I’m envious! Sounds like so much fun.

  22. I’m grateful for my family. Without them life would be sooooo much harder. The little blessings you don’t realize until you get older.

  23. I’m so thankful that my foot is healing! I broke it in 2 places and am very thankful it wasn’t worse – no cast! I LOVE your blog, you are so inspirational! Best wishes to a great year coming up!!

  24. I’m thankful for my growing family! I’m thankful for a hardworking loving husband, our busy little boy, and our baby who will join us in April!

  25. Happy Birthday!! Or Grattis på födelsedagen- Swedish.. I am thankful for my fabulous husband, my beautiful family and friends.. and I am thankful for every day when I can see my mom. Big hugs from Sweden to you and your family!!

  26. I’m thankful for watching my friends 10 week old baby. I get to watch her 4 days a week. My husband and I where only able to have one child, our wonderful 5 year old. So getting to hold and watch this baby fills our hearts so much. She is such a blessing and I love that I’m able to give her mom a clear conscience and she knows her daughter is getting all the attention she needs while she’s at work.

  27. I am thankful that my 16 year old Golden Retriever, Ginger, is still with us. She is getting older, stiffer, and can’t hear; but she still gives kisses and greets me every morning! Thank you, Kimberly, for adopting your two fur babies. Thank you also for sharing your life with us.

  28. Happy Birthday! I am most thankful 4 my DH & DD, the lights of my life! We all have health problems, but are stronger having gotten thru them… Thanks 4 the chance of the SU gift…

  29. I’m grateful to get your fun project emails that remind me of home from halfway around the world. Keep them coming – they make me smile!

  30. I am grateful for a happy family and for modern medicine that helps to keep them around longer. Happy Birthday!

  31. I am grateful for the love and support from my husband, family, friends, and most importantly my faith, over the past 14 months since I lost my job. It’s been hard but I believe that God will guide me to my next job when he is ready.

    Happy birthday to you!!

  32. HAPPY Birthday!!! I
    am ever so grateful for my family and thankful for everything we do for each other!!!
    Hope you have a splendid birthday 🙂

  33. Happy Birthday or Sretan rodjendan on Croatian 😉 First time here but wanted to say I am grateful for friends, family, work, crafting hobby but mostly I am grateful for my daughter Stella…thank you for a wonderful giveaway I will def continue to follow this blog 🙂

  34. I am Thankful my Husband is 5 years Cancer Free! 5 yrs ago he was diagnosed with colorectal cancer. Did the treatments and Surgery…has some ‘issues’ but totally doable! So I understand your scary place!! It is all in a plan we can’t see…but God sees the whole thing from beginning to end. I believe with all my heart that it was Him who brought us all through this and we are all blessed to have grown through the whole process. Blessings to you.

  35. First of all Happy Birthday and 45 isn’t old at all ? Today I am Thankful my Husband made it safely through surgery yesterday and is on the way to recovery!

  36. Happy Birthday! I’m grateful for awesome ideas from people like you! I’m also happy to see the comments of all the really amazing things to be grateful for.

  37. I am grateful to live where I have the freedom to love my God, and my family without care. To make whatever I want out of my life and be who I want to be 🙂 Happy happy birthday!! So glad you have been strong enough to share your journey and strengths and weaknesses with us, God Bless

  38. Happy Birthday Kim! Don’t worry about another one as we just get better with age!
    I am thankful for my family. They mean the world to me and we are spread all over the place! I am also thankful for my health……..

  39. Happy Birthday, Kimberly! I hope your day is as special as you are! Have fun celebrating with your bestie and your family! I am so grateful to you, Kimberly, for sharing your life with us and all of the things you struggle with, just like the rest of us. I love hearing the good news and the not so good news. You are so real and when you are so open you make the rest of us feel less alone when we have the same feelings. You are a blessing for which I am grateful!

  40. Happy Birthday Kimberly and many happy returns … Reading your blog and all the above comments certainly puts life into perspective. We all have “stuff” to contend with, but I was moved by how graciously everyone seems to be handling it. Your spirit and talent attracts terrific followers….. U go girl. Keep dancing, singing and laughing with your children.

  41. Happy b-day! Love your babbling. I’m thankful I get to pick up my granddaughter from school today and spend some time with her!

  42. i am grateful for your blog and the kindness that yous hare. It is also my birthday (yesterday, 11/9) and Scorpio folks are pretty special. I hope this is the beginning of a better year for you. I am grateful for so much but most of all, for another year to enjoy!

  43. I’m thankful for everything God has given me and that He is by my side through all life’s craziness…and for crafting and friends to laugh and share with!!!!!

  44. I’m grateful for my five grandchildren! The youngest was just born on the 5th of November and his older sister has her birthday on the 14th of this month. We have tons of birthdays and our wedding anniversary are in November too!

  45. Happy Birthday Kimberly! Hope you have a wonderful day! I’m so very grateful for what God has given to me everyday! I feel very blessed!

  46. Happy birthday, Kimberly!!! Grateful for the blessings in my life…too many to mention here. Thanks for your daily wit and inspiration!!

  47. I am thankful for Jesus Christ; my savior.

    Happy Birthday; enjoy checking everyday to see what wonderful things you have created.

  48. For being able to listen to your stories. And a huge Thank you to your husband and your family for his service to our country.

  49. Happy Birthday Kimberly. I am so thankful for all the blessings God has bestowed on me. I know I am truly blessed to be here. Thank you for all smiles you put on others faces and the beautiful creations you share with us.

  50. I’m grateful for my family and for you, Kimberly, that you share your creativity and inspiration and life’s moments on your blog! P.S. We are almost the same age! I’m just a year older than you.

  51. Happy birthday!!!!! On the nov 16th i will be 44. I am thankful for my dh and kids . They are my heart and soul.

  52. Happy Birthday!! I am thankful for my wonderful husband who literally breathed life back into me when I died on July 13, 2009. Without him I would not be here today!! He has spent many hours since then sitting in the ICU waiting to find out if I will make it through the crisis this time. He takes such good care of me and is my hero!!

  53. Happy Birthday!! I am so very thankful for my huge circle of close friends and, of course, my family and if I didn’t say my big black dog he would throw up on the sofa to punish me!
    Enjoy your day!

  54. I am grateful for two grown kids who have wonderful jobs, own their homes and are recently both married. I am thankful for a warm house and roof over my head, food on the table and our health. I am blessed beyond all means.

    Thank you for this opportunity!

  55. Happy Birthday Kimberly! I’m grateful for my mom, who is 86 and survived 4 kinds of cancer so far! She is an amazing, tough and loving mother. I will always be grateful that she has gotten amazing doctors at Strong Memorial hospital who have kept her alive and kicking for six years!

  56. Happy Birthday Kimberly! Hope your day has been fantastic! I have enjoyed following you on your journey even if at times it has been challenging! Wish you all the best for the coming year! Am enjoying all the crafty goodies again??

  57. I am so thankful for the air I breath, the gift of life, my granddaughter and my children. I am also grateful for finding this beautiful store while on vacation and hubby not only taking me there once but twice. I am now part of the pink bag club…I hope you have a wonderful birthday

  58. Happy Birthday to you! I am very grateful for my family. My husband and I have 2 beautiful daughters that we couldn’t more proud of, they bring so much joy. We will all be together this Thanksgiving along with our neighbors and a few other close friends, it is going to so fun. I can’t wait for Thanksgiving day!!

  59. Like so many of your followers..I have so many things to be thankful for. My husband of 38 years has conquered bladder cancer and a triple bypass and valve replacement last year. We are blessed with 2 boys and 2 dogs. Everyday is a blessing. Thank you for letting me share.

  60. I am so thankful to be right where I am at this moment…life is good! Happy Birthday dear Kimberly…you are such a strong (and wise) lady that you will make good things happen.

  61. I’m thankful for your service as a military spouse! For all veterans…. I served on active duty for 9 years. I am so thankful for the direction that The Lord gave me to join the Air Force. I met my husband, who gave me 3 boys, and we have lived in many places and met many friends because of it. God is good and His way is always best. He gave you this journey (all 45 years) and has blessed you! Hope you have a fantastic day and year to come!

  62. Happy Birthday!! After reading a lot of the previous comments, I feel a little humble just being thankful for a warm fire this evening to warm me up!!

  63. HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! I am thankful that my husband is one of those that returned from the conflict safe and sound … among many other things 🙂

  64. I’m thankful for my husband and I’m thankful for your husband. Your husband served our country proudly and bravely and I am grateful for him.

  65. I am so grateful for the Lord Jesus, without him I can do nothing! Happy Birthday Kimberly! You always cheer me up when I see your cards and your funny real life postings. Thanks!

  66. Happy 45th Birthday! Kimberly, I love to visit your blog and Instagram daily for inspiration. You are such a strong and determined woman who has such an amazing spirit. You lift me up! I am blessed to have found your blog. Thank you for inspiring me 🙂

  67. Happy Birthday!!!! I am thankful for Jesus and my family. They give me reason to live 🙂

  68. I am thankful for my family and friends and each and everyday I can spend with them. Happy Birthday!

  69. Happy, Happy Birthday to you! What I’am most grateful for, LIFE!! Also that I have a first grand baby this year too, I’m almost 62 and at my age you are truly grateful for the small things in life 🙂

  70. I am thankful for my health now. spent my summer doing treatments for cancer. done and feeling much better now. every day is special to me. Happy Birthday.

  71. Happy Birthday Kimberly, and hope you have many more great birthdays to come. I am thankful for all the friends I have acquired through cyberspace, they are so helpful at times and a great blessing to have when you need them. Thank you for a chance to win your awesome birthday giveaway.

  72. I am thankful for my family and wonderful friends who have kept me upbeat and encouraged through my cancer treatment.

  73. I am so grateful that my wonderful doggie survived surgery today on her dislocated hip. I couldn’t bear another loss right now

  74. I’m so thankful my doggie survived surgery on her dislocated hip today. I don’t think I could survive another loss right now.

  75. Happy birthday Kimberly–hope you have had a wonderful day celebrating! I’m grateful for my family, friends and the love of God which helps keep me on an even keel no matter what comes my way.

  76. Happy birthday! Tomorrow would be my sister’s 71st birthday, had she lived. She always thought the Veteran’s Day parades were for her when she was small, and she was always kind of sad that she never got a birthday card in the mail on her birthday. I’m thankful all the blessings God gives, even those I don’t always recognize!

  77. Happy Happy Birthday Kimberly!! You young whippesnapper! Just celebrated our 45 year class reunion, isn’t that funny. I am grateful for so many things, I am most richly blessed. I could write pages! Thank you for all you do and share with us. You are a blessing to us.

  78. I am grateful for a new job.This means that I will no longer have to travel an hour to work and an hour back.I can now take a 5 minute walk to and from work…I AM SO GRATEFUL TO GOD FOR THAT!! And it means that I will finally have time to do a little bit of crafting 🙂

  79. I am thankful for raising two wonderful children. They both take very good care of their Momma. I’m a widow and without the financial help from my kids I don’t know how I would make it. They make sure my pantry is well stocked and that household jobs around the house get done. Michael and Renee and just the BEST!!! Thanks for a chance to win your birthday giveaway, Happy, Happy Birthday!!

  80. Happy Birthday and much love and joy in the coming year. I am grateful for so many things. A husband who has been my rock through 4t years of riding a roller coaster of a live together. And he lets me have the family room for my studio.

  81. I am thankful that I get to serve the Lord on a mission trip to Northern Ireland next week. you go to bless others but in return you get blessed too. Most of all, I am thankful that in our daughter stepping up to be a kidney donor, her life was saved. The doctors found cancer that would not have been found until to later to treat by the time symptoms would have appeared. Even though she has a difficult surgery and recovery ahead, she will now get to raise her 3 small children. I also am thankful to be able to create by making cards. Happy 45th Birthday!

  82. Hope your birthday is the best! I am greatful for how my life has changed for the better over the last few years . I have a wonderful family and in laws . I am not one to express or write well how I feel but love to show it with my stamping and crafts.

  83. I’m grateful to hear that you are celebrating your birthday with such immense gratitude and that you have found peace and are choosing joy again. It pleases me to know that you have been comforted by our prince of peace, friends and family. Keep choosing peace + joy!

  84. Happy Birthday! Hope your day is wonderful. I am thankful for being a 3 year breast cancer survivor.

  85. Happy Birthday, Kim! I’m thankful for so many things it’s hard to pick just one! I’m very grateful for my wonderful husband of twenty-three years. We married almost right out of high school and are still honeymooning! It is a joy to raise his three children and share this life with him. We’ve been through a lot of very difficult days…dark days… but we’ve faced them together and I know that as long as I have him (and the Lord) everything will always be okay. Thank you for your posts…I always look forward to them. 🙂

  86. I turned 45 this year as well. I found that number a little daunting, but now I own it. I earned every last bit of that number.

    So I am thankful for:
    The wrinkles around my eyes – they show I laugh a lot.
    The number on the scale – denotes many a dessert shared with friends.
    And so much more!

    Hope your birthday week is wonderful!

  87. Happy 45th birthday. I just turned 75 on saturday and am so grateful that I live in this wonderful country and am still able to make those lovely cards and for having wonderful friends to send them to. There are so many things to be grateful for it is hard to pick just one.

  88. I’m grateful for the experiences I have had that have shaped who I am. I am grateful for the people in my life. I am thankful for the experiences stampin up has given me and teaching me I am artistic. Thanks for sharing your life with us.

  89. I am grateful that my Mom is happy and be coming quite independent after the loss of my father just over a year ago. She is able to stay in her home and although she misses my dad she has able to manage her daily life very well. I am very proud of her.

  90. I’m grateful for a second chance, after having lost my first husband to cancer 32 years ago. I was only35 and we had two sons, ages 13 and 15. Raising teens is sometimes very difficult, but raising them alone is one of the most difficult challenges to date, especially with the 13 year old. He wasn’t ready to deal with losing his Daddy, and acted out in unimaginable ways; stealing, taking my car for rides while I slept, and running away from home twice just to mention a few. It has taken many, many years of therapy to bring me back to sanity. God is good.

  91. Happy Birthday! There are so many things to be grateful for. Jesus, my precious family, dear friendships, a roof over my head, food on the table, freedom, the list could go on. I am also thankful to have found card making and stamping, it has brought me great joy.

  92. Happy 45th Birthday to you! Today, I am grateful that we finished corn harvest last night because today it is blizzarding!

  93. I am so thankful for my wonderful family and the service of all who have and are serving to protect the freedoms we enjoy today. My Father served in the 13th Armored Division in France and Germany in WWII following D-Day.
    Happy birthday.

  94. I had a lung transplant Dec. 3, 2013. I’m grateful and say prayers for my donor and her family every day of my life. I only wish I could do more but I do try to pay it forward in small ways. Your blog is really nice.

  95. I am grateful for all of God’s blessings in my life but probably most of all is being able to be a stay at home Mom. I have been very fortunate for many years to be home so that when my boys or any of my family or friends need me, I am here. Happy Birthday Kimberly!

  96. Happy Birthday Kimberly!!!! The one big thing I am grateful for is Christ and his love for all of us! May God continue blessing you in AMAZING WAYS as He has for 45 years!

  97. I’m so very grateful for my two sisters. They are my best friends and supporters. i have been truly blessed to have them in my life. I hope you have a wonderful birthday.

  98. I am grateful for every day that the Lord allows me to open my eyes, get up, go to work, come home and play with my grandchildren, chat with friends and family, and then retire to bed with my husband. I’m grateful to live in the US where we have freedoms that others do not have. I am grateful that my family is blessed to be able to work and earn a living to provide for their families, and for our health. I am grateful that I have met so many wonderful, loving, kind people through Stampin’ Up! and for the ability to be able to craft and create which I love to do. I’m grateful to have a church family too! I am grateful that I do not take advantage of all the love and wealth I have been blessed to receive – because in one blink of an eye, everything can change. Kim, you know that from personal experience. Living through your life with you has made me more aware of the blessings I have received. I am grateful for YOU! You have helped me grow in my walk with my God and in Jesus Christ. Thank you!

  99. Happy Wonderful, Fantastic, Amazing, blessed 45th birthday to you Kimberly! Do something fun just for you! Eat chocolate, dance, sing and celebrate the special lady that you are. I’m grateful for so many things…my family, home and our health! Lots of birthday hugs – Regina*

  100. Well Happy Birthday!!! I’m so grateful for my Husband who has taken such good care of me thru the Worse of our ‘for Better or Worse’ vows.
    Thanks so much for sharing with us! LOVE your cards!

  101. I am grateful for my hobby of paper crafting that I can enjoy during my retirement years. Thank you for sharing your talent and Happy Belated Birthday.

  102. Happy Birthday (belated)!!! I am so grateful for God and for HIM letting my husband still be here. He is currently fighting a very rare cancer and it has been a horrible journey to go through. I am grateful that we have become closer than ever these past 4 months since the diagnosis and pray that God is good and gets rid of this horrible beast that is inside of him.

  103. I’m thankful that my 46 year old husband had no heart damage from his heart attack in September. I am also thankful for his surgeon and the research that resulted in the stints that have saved his life!

  104. I’m grateful for my family. For having a hard working husband so I’m able to stay home with my kids and watch them grow into bright young men and a young lady. Two of them are ready to venture out into this big world; out from under my protection and I’m grateful that they have a strong foundation in Christ and our family values. I’m also grateful that I still have two at home for a little while longer. Have a blessed birthday; I’m right behind you- the big 45! 😉 Happy Thanksgiving…

  105. What is it with turning 45 and grey hairs?? I turned 45 this year and have noticed a few grey ones too!! Thank goodness we are both blonde! Lol!! Hope you had a great Birthday!!!!

  106. So many of my friends who are my age have lost at least one parent and many have lost both. Each year, I am thankful that my elderly parents are still alive. I can’t imagine what life would be without them.

  107. Happy Belated Birthday! I am grateful for my wonderful family, our health and for all the blessings God has granted me.

  108. I love your blog talk and ideas . . . I am thankful for all the Stampin Up bloggers and their fun ideas . . . silly isn’t it! Also, wishing you a very Happy Birthday!

  109. Happy Birthday! I was sitting at the table next to yours yesterday, and the highlight of my day was you being named to the Artisan Team. You are so creative . . . you’ve had such a rough time . . . and you’ve never given up. Hope you enjoy(ed) the rest of your day in Tampa. (Tell Brandon, I live in Brandon — I’ll ry to find him a local postcard!)

  110. I truly have many things to be thankful for but right this very minute I am thankful for my husband! Yesterday was his birthday but months ago he told me to go ahead and book my trip to Dallas for OnStage! I had a blast with my SU friends, missed his birthday but I’ll think of something to make it up to him! Happy birthday, Kimberly!

  111. Happy Birthday! I am thankful for an amazing husband, two lovely daughters, and an adorable grandson! 🙂

  112. I am grateful for you! I am invested in your life and family, you are on my prayer list. I appreciate the inspiration, the honesty, and your ability to laugh at yourself in the midst of near tragedy and turmoil. Thanks so much for sharing!