OnStage Tampa Florida

OnStage Tampa Florida

Howdy from Tampa Florida!

It’s a miracle that Cathy and I made it here.  She arrived from Colorado to sunny Florida in her snow boots on Wednesday.  She quickly unpacked her flip flops in the car and did a quick switch.  We sat up WAY too late catching up on everything on Wednesday night and had grand plans to be on the road headed to Tampa by 9am.  At 1:30 pm we were on our way.


This is true Kimberly fashion.  In fact I will tell you that you would never want me as your travel agent.  I didn’t have our hotel secured until 3 days prior.  Yes.  That’s how I roll.  I figure it shouldn’t be a problem finding a place and as long as it doesn’t have bed bugs we will be fine.  I’m amazed that Cathy continues to give me the responsibility of our travel plans but she knows it always works out.

The Drive

Our 7 hour drive turned into 9 hours since we decided to stop at every Starbucks along I-10 and I-75 to keep the red cups in service.  We also bought all the ornaments that are now available and 2 new coffee cups.  Russ is going to kill me.


OnStage Tampa, Stampin' Up!

We traveled in our active wear and I’m pretty sure our family would have been mortified to have been seen with us.  We were comfortable, highly caffeinated, and laughed until the next potty spot.

Arrival into Tampa was uneventful since it was LATE but things became pretty exciting once we arrived at our hotel.  I thought for sure the Queen herself had arrived.  This hotel is incredible.  For a girl that booked only 3 days ago and kept things pretty cheap… we SCORED!

OnStage Tampa, Stampin' Up!


The Floridan Hotel has only been renovated for maybe a year.  The inside of this hotel is vintage and SO pretty.  I’m in love. Besides the bed, this is one of my favorite things I found in the hotel.

OnStage Tampa, Stampin' Up!


We hit the bed pretty quickly Thursday night.  Well, Cathy fell asleep… I was bored and decided to go to sleep.

We had plans to get up and check out Tampa but decided that sleep was more important and rolled out of the bed around 11am.  This was fine as we only had one BIG thing on our agenda- pedicures.  By the looks of the nail technicians upon arrival, our feet scared them.



They did magic on our feet.

OnStage Tampa, Stampin' Up!


We did many U-Turns in downtown Tampa.  Saw this sign below and had to take a picture for Brandon.  (Cathy did- I don’t want my mom to think I was driving and taking photos at the same time!)

OnStage Tampa, Stampin' Up!

Primp & Run

We hurried back to the hotel so I could primp and then run to the Centre Stage event tonight.  Cathy and I had to separate for a bit which I hated but she made the most of it by taking a run around Downtown Tampa.  Meanwhile, I mingled with the leaders at the event.  The tables were decorated beautifully and the evening was quaint.  My lips are sealed right now on the “happenings” here at OnStage.  I can’t wait to share when I can. The decor was beautiful.  The gifts… SQUEAL. Stampin’ Up! always knows how to spoil.  Oh my W.O.R.D!

OnStage Tampa, Stampin' Up! OnStage Tampa, Stampin' Up!

Let me say this…

I love being a demonstrator.  I love love love what I do, I love the people surrounded by me, and I love being able to share with YOU.

I’m so excited to see my team tomorrow.  They are coming from all over the US.  Many will be at other locations so we will be together in spirit.

I’ll keep you posted.  XOXOXO

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Stamps in the Mail

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Love to each!

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  1. I seriously LOVE reading your posts! I feel like I’m there with you and you keep me laughing. You are hysterical and such an inspiration! And a BIG congrats on the artisan team!!! Xo

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