This Chapter Could be the Best!

Good morning from Butner, NC.  


Let's just say that our trip plans encountered a huge hiccup.  This chapter of our adventure is sure to be one that you will cry and laugh right along with us.  


We were supposed to leave Friday night but we had too many things to finish in the house plus we didn't want to fight Friday traffic.  We decided to camp in the house one last night and get up early Saturday morning to start the drive.  


We have the most amazing neighbors who brought us coffee at 430am.  Complete with cream, sugar and to-go cups.  They have always been a saving grace to us and once again I was thankful for this amazing couple.  Just great people.  


Once everything was loaded on the truck we had my car to complete which was zoo central.  The dog, my other kitty and two funny guinea pigs all loaded.  We placed Silver (kitty) in a crate to keep him contained until we were on the road.  He was NOT a happy camper.  

I had one last goodbye from a friend that stopped by at 5am to see us off.  My crazy friend Michelle made my morning and made me cry.   I'm going to miss my great friends in VA.  


We got on the road and everything was awesome…. until the smell in my car was NOT GOOD.  When silver gets nervous he tends to poo.  Yep… he was nervous.  This prompted a quick stop and clean up then on the road again. 


We had a great stretch of driving for about 3 hours when Russ calls me on the phone to say pull over at the next exit.  We have a problem. 

WELCOME to Butner, NC.  The truck was not acting right and was getting no power.  We parked the truck and promptly went to find a service center.  True blessing… this very small town had a Chevy service center.  It was 11am and they were only open until 1pm.  We were also grateful to get the truck to this service center.  

We couldn't turn the car off because we had all of the animals and it was HOT outside.  Since the service center needed time to figure out the problem we decided to grab lunch for the kiddies.  SONIC!  Again, may not be the healthiest food but it was perfect for a family that needed to eat in the car with a zoo.  

We headed back to the service center and heard the news we were dreading.  It looks like a cracked manifold.  This was way over my head in understanding but the look on Russ face told the story.  It's not good.  

At this point I felt terrible for Russ.  He was upset that we were in this situation & blaming himself.  He did all the right things before we left and had the truck serviced.  I reassured the Prince we were just creating more to our crazy story.  


Since the news was bleak on the truck they also told us it would not be fixed until Monday.  Oh no! 


Breaking that news to the kids was not easy.  As we sat in my car and told the kids the news I had two kids crying, a husband who was disappointed, a cat meowing and myself thinking…. "God, is this your way of telling us we needed to rest?"  

Our next stop was to find a hotel that took animals. 

Our new home for the next few days is the Best Western.  As silly as this sounds we were SO excited that they took pets, had a pool and hot breakfast.  At this point the little things become BIG things.  Only problem was the room wouldn't be ready for 1.5 hours.  <sigh>  

Again, with all the animals there wasn't much to do except sit idle and keep the car cool until the room was ready.  

Once we were finally able to get into our room the kids were ready for the pool.  That's when we heard thunder.  Then I had two kids crying again.  Meanwhile I am laughing… really this is how we roll.  

As I sit in my comfy hotel bed this morning all I can do is be thankful.  Russ and I needed a REST.  Obviously this is not how we planned it but someone else had a bigger plan.  


Monday we are praying the truck gets fixed and we can be on our way. I can't ask for much more. 


We have never had a smooth move and never had one that didn't cost us a ton of money.  

*Pensacola to San Diego – TWO speeding tickets and flat tire! 

*Jacksonville to Co Springs- $500 vet bill from dog eating something in nasty hotel

*Co Springs to VA- ran out of gas then found out the gas gage was screwed up. 


See, this is just adding to the other great stories.  Moving is an adventure for the Van Deep in Troubles. 

Thank you so much for the sweet comments on Shelby.  I miss her TERRIBLY.  Still cannot believe she is not on this trip.  


To Be Continued….









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16 thoughts on “This Chapter Could be the Best!”

  1. After convention and prepping for the move, I would say this is a blessing in disguise.  You needed a bit of downtime to rest.  Hopefully the rest of the trip will be good.


  2. You weren't kidding…tears AND laughter! You tell a good story! Sorry for all the trouble. Hope you enjoy the bit of downtime and travel safe Kimberly!

  3. So sorry you are again have moving issues!  I hope your truck is quickly repaired and you reach your new home with no more horrors.  Praying that your kids, your husband, and you keep your sense of humors and praying you get there safely!  You are wonderful & don't forget that part, either!

  4. France AKA Frenchie

    OH! Kimberly I think that is the story behine evey malitary move. Been there and done that the worst one for use was the Rieder truck broke down in the midle of no where in WY and add to remove everything in the rental truck to another one that arrived 5 hours later so be thankfull you are in a town with room and don't have to empty the truck and re-load….. But now that we look back at this it made us look at life very defferent story like yours make you stronger and stronger hang in there soon you will be HOME! with your Moma

    Be safe!

    Hug Frenchie

  5. Kimberly, at church today, the Pastor preached about our need for REST! So enjoy your day of rest and be thankful for it. My best wishes to you and your family! Diane

  6. I feel your pain!  Try running out of gas on the Donner Pass in 90 degree weather with 7 horses on board…twice.  Ah, the stuff memories are made of. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. kimberly hope when you get moving its all a little bit smoother, Just focus on the end,  loving hereing about the move you are a far better person than me i loath it with a passion .

  8. I am sorry but I just couldn't stop laughing – if it wasn't for bad luck you really wouldn't have any at all!  I know this is not funny (especially when you are in the middle of it) but one day you will tell this story and people will be in hysterics.

    God Bless and stay safe.

  9. God bless you and your positive attitude, you so need that right now and I have visions of you trying to rest wtih cats and guinea pigs and two kiddos all trying to get to sleep :0)  Hope you arrive safe and sound really soon xx


  10. Oh, my, I feel so bad for you.  You have a great attitude.  Please take care and keep up posted.  Good Luck.  Thinking of you.

  11. OH MY Kimberly. Well, like you said God was saying you need a rest before you head on. LOL I'm sorry about the truck though. Like they say, our cars eat at the tables with us……you know, cost us money. I'll be thinking of you all and I'm sure everything will be ok.

  12. You go girl! Just memories in the making. ๐Ÿ™‚ Have a safe trip and move!

    We just got to our destination a few weeks ago! I'm an island girl on my first PCS! But man, that trip was awesome! ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Hope the travels will be better soon! Hopefully you are on the road again today! That truck had to have a costly repair bill! Hopefully it is a moving truck (rental) and the money is not coming directly out of your pocket?!!! My fingers are crossed you make it in time for your closing! Speedy an safe move wishes! ;o)

  14. Carol Carriveau

    I know that I'm a bit behind in your stories, but I have to say that I started following you and your family/adventures just as you were leaving Colorado Springs and heading to VA….and I've loved and laughed and cried through it all!   This adventure is just as exciting…except that I was soooo sad for you having to put down your beloved Shelby…but you know that she really is with you – every step, mile and stop!  I love that you manage to keep us all posted on the ups and downs of your travels and travails…sending continuing best wishes for safe travel and no more extra monies being spent….just to get you all there safely and soundly!!!!   

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