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Time for a little creative inspiration!  I'm cleaning the house and heading on the road today.  Although you may only "hear" my excitement, I'm seriously doing cartwheels because I'm only days from seeing my mama.  


The last few days have been incredibly stressful. Yes, we are super excited to move but moving always has a side to it that can be ugly. Yesterday was UGLY. The truck didn't finish loading until 1am.  The best part… I learned we have too much stuff.  HA HA HA. Really? At midnight they had filled the truck and there were still things that needed to go on the truck.  

By 1230AM  I was so overwhelmed with how they were going to fit it all on the truck and dealing with my kitty I laid on my floor in my living room and passed out.  I can handle stress pretty well but yesterday not so much.  Between saying goodbyes to friends, my cat and having to console my kids I was pretty much DONE.  


I packed 70% of my stamp room myself and put it on our box truck.  I'm thinking I should have packed it all.  The driver called with the weight of the truck and it's not pretty.  The military only pays for so many pounds. Once you are over that weight, you pay.  Again, it wasn't pretty.  I thought Russ was going to pass out this time.  

It will be fine.  I like all my stuff. We will be fine.  Looks like we should add more stuff. <hee hee>

Now that our truck is loaded we are taking off EARLY and will be on the road.  

I want to say a big thank you for all of your support during our transition.  It's so uplifting and your messages yesterday were heartfelt over our kitty.   I cannot belive she is gone. 


While I'm driving, I'm inspiring… Not totally true.  My stamping friends from convention are going to inspire you.  

Stampin' Up!, Swaps

This elegant card was created by Della Duerksen.  Love how she used the Pistachio Ink with the Beautifully Baroque stamp set.  


Stampin' Up!, Swaps


Michelle Hallen made this gorgeous Fall card using new stamps from the Holiday Mini catalog.  Love the Designer paper with the Burlap ribbon.  The Burlap ribbon is a MUST HAVE!!  

Stampin' Up!, Swaps

Catherine Sanders made this gorgeous Halloween card. She must know my love affair with Halloween. I love how she embossed the image onto the Designer Label punch. It totally stands out and the glitter is just another beautiful touch.  BLING! 

Stampin' Up!, Swaps

Candi Homa-Sketon made this butterfly look incredible with her monochromatic colors.  The Swallowtail stamp set is a fantastic stamp set for so many great stamping techniques to try.  

Stampin' Up!, Swaps


My friend Joyce Feraco made this gorgeous & elegant card using the Eastern Elegance Designer Paper. *LOVE* that paper and look how gorgeous it pairs with Smoky Slate cardstock.  
Stampin' Up!, Swaps


I'm not sure who made this beautiful Modern Mosaic card. It's beautiful and I love the color combination using our new In Colors.  I think the Modern Mosaic stamp set will be the most popular this year. So many great ideas.  If this is your card be sure to let me know so I can give you proper credit.  


My posts will be a bit sporadic over the next couple of weeks.  We have a lot to do for the next house so we can move in.  It's going to be a bit CRAZY.  Hang in there, soon this will all be a blur.  



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6 thoughts on “Creative Inspiration- Swap Galore!”

  1. Kimberly,

    A move is never easy.  The prep work is endless.  The actual packing of goods & loading the truck another nightmare.  And your story tells it all plus more.  Saying good bye is definitely the hardest, especially when it comes to a beloved kitty.  Just keep in mind that you're moving home & all will be well in the end.  Family, family, family.  Safe travel & all the best going forward.

  2. I'm so sorry Kimberly for your kitty loss… they certainly become part of the family and leave their little paw mark in our hearts… sending warm thought your way.

    Drive safely to the sunshine state, looking forward to seeing your creations again.

    All my best,

    Lorena ๐Ÿ™‚

    Oviedo, FL

  3. Hugs to you and your family, Kimberly, on the loss of your beloved kitty. It must be so hard adding another "goodbye" to your move. Wishing you a safe and speedy trip back home! I hope this is your last move and you can enjoy tons of stamping time with your mom!! 

  4. HI kimberly

    A move is never easy.  Sorry about your kitty.  You are a STRONG  women and I know that you are going to make a lot of new friends and I know for sure that you will be very happy.  I wish you the best and lots of luck.  If you ever come back you know that you have a friend here in VA and a bed to pass the night hahaha.   I hope this is your last move and I know that you keep doing what you love Stamping with friends and family.  GOOD LUCK FRIEND.  ๐Ÿ™


  5. I'm so sorry about your kitty.  Did you give her away or did she pass on?  Either way, I'm so sorry for your loss.

  6. Beautiful cards. Well Kimberly, you made it over this hurdle and now you are on your way to a new life. Once you are all settled in, things will be better. It's always hard moving, you know that better than anyone. Is this going to be a permanent residence now? I am so sorry for your loss. I have a cat and a dog and I can't bear to think about the day that they go. We have lost 2 turtles, 2 parakeets and a hamster but it's nothing like losing a cat or a dog. Not that they were less loved, but with cats and dogs, you hold them and play with them, it's just a different kind of bond. Good Luck and hope to hear from you soon.

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