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Cookies & Dracula

Cookies & Dracula

This card couldn’t be more fitting for today.

Cookie Cutter Halloween is adorable and I spent time over the weekend creating with it.

This new stamp set in the Holiday Catalog is a cutie and had me giggling while I was creating this card.


Dracula, Cookie Cutter Halloween, Stampin' Up!


Spooky & Cute

It’s hard to look at this and say spooky because every single image in this set has some bit of cuteness factor in it.

SO why was I giggling with Mr. Dracula?

Well, the greeting and the Dracula caught my attention.  I was stamping to free some mass anxiety I’ve been  having.

Yes, unfortunately as you’re reading this I’m either waiting for or having my root canal done.

YAY, said no one ever.

Spooky is the first word that comes to my mind.

Going to the dentist is by FAR the spookiest thing to me on the planet.  I would rather have 10 babies than go sit in a dentist chair.


Dracula is Smiling

Dracula, Cookie Cutter Halloween, Stampin' Up!


I started giggling when looking at this Dracula image because he’s smiling.

Seriously? This instantly makes me think of the dentist.  His evil smile at me.

Why such fear? It only took one bad experience. I’ve never been the same since.

Since April I’ve been back and forth to the doctor and the dentist.  One telling that the sinus problems I’m having is a dental problem.  The dentist (taking X-rays) telling it’s a sinus problem.  Believe it or not, if I look back on this problem it’s been going on for 3 years.  Before I left VA I had seen a dentist for this exact issue. They said it’s all sinus problems.

Isn’t it amazing how God put this to rest while I cared for Russ?

In April it re-surfaced.  Back and forth I’ve been trying to get to the ROOT of the problem-pun intended.

For Petes sake, someone FIX it.

I believe I found that someone.  I hate to even admit that I *kinda* like this new dentist.  He’s kind and he says THIS is the problem.  Knowing this is not a sinus problem is a big relief, truly a blessing.


As the Old Saying Goes…

Its time for Kimberly to put on her BIG girl panties and face my fear and sit my bootie down in the big girl dentist chair and have the work done.

Never mind that since the consult on Wednesday I’ve been anxiety ridden.

Not sleeping.

On edge.

Cannot think clearly…

Stamping to distract my mind…


Dracula, Cookie Cutter Halloween, Stampin' Up!


The result of my anxiety was a cute Dracula.  Saying “EEK!”  How ironic this word was my exact thought as I get myself ready for this appointment. EEK.


Dracula, Cookie Cutter Halloween, Stampin' Up!


We Can Do Hard Things

Today while I’m sitting in the big bad dentist chair I will remind myself that I can do hard things.  I can face my fears and push past the spooky feelings this professional gives me.  I guess I need to give up some control and realize he’s the professional and I’m the scared patient.

The truth is, I’m a big baby.

I hope to report tomorrow that I survived.


At 2pm Central Time if you feel inclined to do so- pray for this dentist.  He may need it with this gal.  Pray that I can be brave.

*I have no confidence in myself*




PS- September 1st… you can order this adorable stamp set- Cookie Cutter Halloween. I’ll tell you more about it soon.  Right now my brain only sees the pointed teeth – smiling at me.  AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!







Wicked Thank You- TGIF Time!

Wicked Thank You- TGIF Time!

TGIF, Challenges, Stampin' Up!


Wicked thank you.  You know that has to be a really GOOD thank you if it’s wicked!

Or maybe I was totally stumped this week for the monthly TGIF Remix Challenge?  I’ll let you decided.

Wicked Thank You, Stampin' Up! Demonstrator, TGIFC

I’ve taken two of this months challenges and mixed them together.  I was thinking about taking ALL of them from this month but that was getting a little crazy.

I think this challenge is a great way to say a huge WICKED thank you for taking the time to come to my blog, read and chime in on my crazy life and projects.  I do appreciate each one of you because I  know there is time involved and I respect that time.

Wicked Thank You, Stampin' Up! Demonstrator, TGIFC


I decided to stick with the “color challenge” and the “thankful” challenge this month and merge the two.

The fun part about this card was mixing up a bunch of stamp sets to create one card.  I LOVE doing that and it’s a challenge.

Below are the 2 challenges from this month that I used:

TGIF Challenge, Stampin' Up! TGIF 23



Wicked Thank You, Stampin' Up! Demonstrator, TGIFC

These colors are definitely up my alley for Halloween and I love that it’s halloween plus a thank you.  I don’t think I’ve ever created a card like this.  Have you? It’s kinda different, but fun.

Wicked Thank You, Stampin' Up! Demonstrator, TGIFC


You can see all the supplies I used for this card below.  The “wicked” comes from the Project Life Seasonal Snapshot 2015 stamp set.  GREAT set.

In the center you can see many layers of DSP, Vellum, ribbon and the greeting.  All secured on the card using a staple.

To create the polka dots I used the Stamp a Bag stamp set, another fun set.

Are you up for the challenge this week? See what the other designers have created by clicking HERE and play along.

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Sour Cream Box- Tutorial

Sour Cream Box- Tutorial 

This Sour Cream Box post has been a LONG LONG time coming and I know that it will make one person in particular happy.  First I have to express my sincere gratitude for her patience in waiting for this tutorial to come to life.

Back in July I made my team some of these Sour Cream Boxes below and said I would share how I created them.  …. 4 months later… Kimberly comes to the rescue.

Here is the original Sour Cream Boxes I created:

Sour Cream Box, Stampin' Up! Demonstrator


Today I am going to share 3 different Sour Cream Boxes that you can create.  Below is a video on how I created them.

I know …. 2 videos in a row this week.  WHOA! It’s been a good week in my stamp room.  Actually, an unusual one.

Here are all three together.  Each one a bit different the way they are embellished. This is what I’m excited to share about today.

Sour Cream Box, Stampin' Up! Demonstrator


Do you find that you have a ton of great products lying around your crafting space but you are unsure how to utilize them for the right things?

Make sure to watch the video below, it’s there you will see how layering some of the most common products we have on hand can be used and in abundance.


Halloween Treats Made Easy

I used the Sweet Hauntings stamp set for this Sour Cream Box.  The Note Tag punch coordinates perfect with this stamp set.

Sour Cream Box, Stampin' Up! Demonstrator

Christmas Treats Made Easy

Below are two Christmas themed Sour Cream Boxes, and the last box is the one I share how to create in the video.

Both of these will show you how to create using the Winter Wonderland DSP along with the Winter Wonderland Vellum Stack placed together. This gives a unique look that I loved.  As if it wasn’t elegant enough using the Winter Wonderland DSP alone, the Vellum just added double the elegance.

Sour Cream Box, Stampin' Up! Demonstrator



Sour Cream Box, Stampin' Up! Demonstrator

The tag for this box above comes from the Oh, What Fun stamp set.  Excellent greetings in this set and the fonts are awesome.

I have one last little Sour Cream box I created long ago using modeling paste and a stencil.  This was a much smaller Sour Cream Box but oh so fun with the tassels.

Sour Cream Box, Stampin' Up! Demonstrator


I’ve made plenty of Sour Cream Boxes over the years because it’s the one box that comes to mind when I’m in a pinch for something sweet and cute.

I hope this gives you tons of ideas on different ways to create them.  Whether you are using Designer Series Paper or cardstock, more than likely these are supplies right at your finger tips ready to create with.

If you are looking for more embellishments to add to your Sour Cream Box, click HERE to shop in my store.  There you will find lots of great products to embellish with.

Vintage Christmas Tree

Isn’t it the BEST when you can use your crafting supplies to create a fun home decor piece?

Through the years and especially around the holidays I have bins of things I’ve created that are kept preserved and ready to take out for each of the holidays.  It’s like Christmas when I open these boxes.  It also brings back hundreds of memories from days past sitting with my friends and creating them. Hands down the BEST.


I guess it’s like your children and the art work they create. I have piles and piles I’ve saved with the hopes to organize them when I’m 80.

One of my favorite bins has always been filled with my Halloween projects.  I love seeing the paper that was trendy at the time and of course the projects too.  I also love when friends come over and I can talk about each of the pieces.

Here is a look at some of my Halloween decor displayed.

Halloween Decorations, Halloween, Stampin' Up!

Kinda spooky, huh?

Halloween Decorations, Halloween, Stampin' Up!

This year I’ve been trying to add to the collection and working on a few Christmas pieces.

One of my favorites so far is a Vintage Christmas Tree.

Vintage Christmas Tree, Cutie Pie Framelits


This project is pretty fun using the Cutie Pie Framelits.

Hopefully you receive my newsletter because this is one of the projects I’m sharing and a exclusive tutorial on how to create it.  If you have signed up yet… oh PLEASE do! I have my 12 Days of Christmas going right now…. You would be missing gorgeous projects if you are not signed up.  If you are on my website right now… look to your right.  You will see the subscription button to your right.


Here are a few more pics of my tree.  I’m pretty smitten with it and plan to make a few more to create a scene.  <SQUEAL>

Vintage Christmas Tree, Cutie Pie Framelits


Vintage Christmas Tree, Cutie Pie Framelits


Something to THINK About-

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Wait…. I have more!

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Hold on…. let me tell you WHY….

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Have a fantastic Tuesday.  Make sure to check out the new Weekly Deals HERE.

No Tricks, Just Treats…

Actually, I have a lot of tricks and no treats but you will understand in a few.  I do have a few cute Halloween tricks up my sleeve today.


We are back from a whirlwind weekend getaway.  It was a quickly planned trip up to Huntsville, Alabama to see my brother in law and his wife.  They have lived in Germany the last 6 years and now have moved back to the states.

The last time I had seen my brother in law was when Russ had his stroke so it was a well overdue trip and I’m so glad we made the trip.

Honestly, I didn’t want to leave.  Truth be told I acted like a 2 year old before we left because I am never prepared and always have a full plate of things that need to be done or in most cases are over due.  Taking off for a weekend means a lot of planning on my part and the rest of the family gets to jump in the car for a good time.

Can anyone relate to this? Why is it that mom’s are totally overwhelmed with getting a mini vacay planned?

For instance, I had to board our 2 dogs.  That was almost a casualty on my part getting the dogs to the kennel.  My dogs are not small and I looked like a complete lunatic coming into the kennel with them.  I was feeling terrible about leaving them before I brought them. By the time we got there I couldn’t wait to get out because the dogs were literally dragging me in.  Imagine me, alone with 2 dogs, their bed and toys and running through the kennel.  Oh dear Lord I know I looked ridiculous.  Thank heavens a kind lady asked if she could help with the dogs and I just threw a leash at her.

Of course we have a zoo at our home so then I had to plan with the pet sitter to come and get the down and dirty on the rest of the animals.

I had the kids pack themselves which ended up being a problem about 4 hours into the drive.  Just a causal question to Brandon if he had packed his toothbrush…  Nope.  Nor did he pack his comb, deodorant or anything remotely to groom himself with.  Oh heaven help me.

Then there is the control freak issue I have over having a clean house before we leave.   Like the pet sitter was going to care at all about my house.  UGH.  Actually, the only thing the pet sitter was worried about was the fish that decided to jump out of the tank and died a slow death.  What was this fish thinking??

I wish I could say that was the only casualty of the trip.  We pulled into the driveway and started to unload the car.  Brandon decided it was a bit too much work to put his laptop into the laptop bag and placed it in the back trunk area.  When the trunk opened the laptop fell out.  Luckily for him it still appears to be working although the glass screen is shattered.

Now, did we have a good time? Absolutely!  Is all this “stuff” important? Not really.  I wish the laptop had  not fallen, but in the grand scheme of things it’s okay.  Everyone had underwear, my sister in law had a spare toothbrush and we had a blast with them.  Everything I tried to make perfect before I left wasn’t perfect and we survived.

So there are no tricks to running away on a mini vacay except just GO.  Don’t worry about the small stuff and enjoy. I’m taking my own advice next time.

I do have a few sweet treats I want to share that are perfect for Halloween and perfect for anyone that does not have a lot of time.

Halloween Treats, Stampin' Up!


Halloween Treats, Stampin' Up!



A quick and simple Glassine Bag is perfect to glam up and decorate for halloween.  LOVE these bags.

Halloween Treats, Stampin' Up!

I’m also in love with the Square Pillow die cut.  You can create the cutest little treats with this die cut.  This was another simple treat box because I just needed the Designer Paper and a few embellishments to complete it.


Halloween Treats, Stampin' Up!


If you are going to mass produce Halloween treats, the fun little bags are perfect for a quick and simple project.

The Square Pillow Box die cut is awesome.  With just a few added embellishments you are on your way to something very cute and easy to reproduce.


What Halloween project are YOU working on??


Make today a GREAT day.

Weekly deals have been updated for the week.  Check them out.

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Supply List

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