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Happy Hump day! We are half way to the weekend.  Not sure that makes a difference to me as all my days run together.  

Yesterday was a complete DUD! There was a few good pieces that came out of it.  The kids are officially registered for school and they are SO excited.  This is good because they are starting school much earlier this year.  I'm looking forward to a little structure for them so they can get their groove on.  

The reason for a dud day was my car.  It's at the car doctor and hoping it gets fixed today.  Really put a crimp in my schedule but how FUN is it to have family to save my hind.  

Many have asked about pictures of the house.  I'm working on them.  I know I live in the sunshine state but there has been LITTLE sunshine.  It's raining almost every day which doesn't make for great lighting for pictures.  Will try again today but it's cloudy again. Phooie.  

The one pic I was able to get becasue the sun was coming through the window is my new studio.  This is "half" of it.  The other half is across from this room.  It needs more work than this one below.  We are going to cut a new door way to the room, paint and more.  It's a process.  I wish I had more patience.  I want it all done today.  <sigh> 

crafting studio, Kimberly Van Diepen

I've only painted the ceiling.  It's now a bright white ceiling.  Love it.  Next is paint and hardwood flooring.  I have a plan, just need to put it all in place.  

Time to go make the plan happen. 


P.S. I love love love our comments and emails.  I'm trying hard to answer them at night when I'm cozy on the couch after a big day at the house.  Problem is sometimes I fall asleep with my hands on the keyboard.  <yikes>  


XOXOXOXOXO- I really REALLY mean it!!

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11 thoughts on “Studio Kimberly…”

  1. Hope your head is feeling better today .. how about your arms?  

    The picture you posted looks like a great room for a studio!  French doors even!  Wish I could help you with this – really empowering to remove old carpet and replace with beautiful hardwood!  

    My brownies turned out great but I only had a little taste from the pot I used to make the icing .. actually it's more like a fudge topping.  I will send you this recipe after you get settled!

  2. hey, there, my friend the digi QUEEN….falling asleep in front of the 'whatever' is acceptable; you'll not lose any customers/blogger fans doing this; quite normal & we all sit tight, 'till the work's done & viola…..a s.b or card creation is born!!

  3. Love that you are near your family… I know how that makes everything better!  Take it easy…one day at a time!  You've gone through so much in the last month!

    Praying for peace, health, and happiness!   Take care of you!

    Hugs, Lisa

  4. It's actually better to take photos (outside, of course!) when it's cloudy. You get less glare, hence better pictures.  So, maybe between raindrops, we could see a view or two of the outside???

    Have loved following your adventure.  Haven't had to do it myself in many, many years, but it is cleansing to be able to start with a blank slate and create ANEW!  Sat near you at convention and would have said "hi", but you were involved in a conversation with Christina and Joyce. 

    Glad you've got family nearby to help you muddle through!

  5. so exciting!  hope all goes well from here on out!  can't wait to see the new stampin space and your creativity it inspires! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Hope your car is all better soon!  Love your new studio!  My day started with a man crawling thru the window hole of our new sunroom, I was at home alone, scared me to death!  Day went downhill from there, but the den is starting to feel new, they are putting Sheetrock on the walls and installed my new can lights today!  The room hasn't ever seen so much light!  Hope you have lots and lots of accomplishments tomorrow and don't worry about answering comments!

  7. Looks like it will be beautiful. 

    I'm excited for my class this Saturday. I normally have 6 to 8 people in the class, now I have 20 signed up with 5 brand new stampers. I'm trying not to get overwhelmed. I pray I do a good job.

  8. Just knowing you're back in Florida warms my heart. It's been dry and almost 100 in our part of the state so send some rain south — we got some tonight actually. Just think, your kids will be out of school by late May though! Good luck on the studio — can't wait to see the progression.


  9. I love the quote on the pic — it is SO you! So exciting to see a part of your wonderful "new to you" studio!:) What a challenge, and most of all, what fun to be able to figure out how you want to set it all up!

    I'm happy to hear you are doing well despite the bumps (no pun intended:)) along the way. BTW, how is your head feeling today after your mishap?

    Stay Calm and Paint on! ๐Ÿ™‚


  10. Kimberly

    I love your stories….even if you fell asleep!! You are bound to do that with all the work you have to do during the day! I look forward to your stories everyday! Hope your car is up and running real soon! That's why I lease….by the time the car is suppose to give me problems, it's time to turn it in for a new one! Only have a few more short years to do this as I will retire and wouldn't be able to afford that. LOL!

    The kiddies seem to be adjusting well to the move thanks goodness! Your parents must be on cloud nine to have you and your family home.

    Please keep us posted and bring on the pictures as soon as you can. Your craft room looks bigger than my entire house LOL!

    Lots of Luck,

    Inky Hugs,


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