It wouldn't be a move without chaos. That's just how my story goes. 

It's typical when Russ leaves me for a bit that chaos occurs as well.  This story is not any different and another one to write about.  My guess is I should of stayed in bed today.  

I honestly love Monday's.  It's always my fresh start to the week.  I would have been glad to ditch today. 

I went to the house early this morning because our refrigerator was going to be delivered.  As soon as I got to the house my phone rang.  It was the delivery people telling me they would be at the house between 4-6 pm.  NICE!  I wasn't worried becasue this gave me more time to paint.  

I was really in a groove today with the painting until I hit my head TWICE on the chandelier in my kitchen.  I have a nice goose egg right on my forehead.  After the second strike I decided to put something under it so I wouldn't hit my head again. OUCH!! My head broke the light as well.  YIKES.  


I was able to finish the kitchen which is a HUGE project.  I also started in the living room.  I feel like my arms are touching my toes about now.  Every bone in my body is hurting.  Who knew this would be such a great workout??


At 545pm I receievd a call telling me the fridge was on it's way.  They didn't get to the house until 615.  I should have known.  

Once they were finished I was ready to call it a night.  Got in my car and it didn't start.  

I wanted to cry but remembered I have a rescuer close to me.  My Dad!  Phew!  Called him up to save me.  Normally I would have been crying over the situation.  It always makes me feel better.  Not this time. I could only giggle.  Felt great knowing I had someone to call.  

Of course the car started up as soon as I hung up the phone with him…. 

Lastly, I ran over a frog on the way home.  Okay, not a big deal but it was big and I heard a crunch.  I guess I'm overly sensitive to animals dying right now. I felt terrible. 


Today is an new day.  I'll be painting.  It's my creative muse right now.  Tell me what you are working on.  I want to live vicariously through your creative process right now.  






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22 thoughts on “Chaos!”

  1. I am glad you are using your painting for your creative outlet – more than I could do!  I see a room in my home that needs painting and think I could do it no problem if I didn't have 3 windows in every room!  I hate painting windows!  I have not been too creative lately, but I did spend yesterday emptying the closet in my studio (it take up an entire wall and is very long!).  It now contains all things creative!  Moved a dressed into the space and now have a big shot spot!  Love it!

    I miss your videos and creative ideas – I hope you get all things in your new home just the way you want them.  I have enjoyed your journey and please know you are missed!

  2. Eveline Van Heijst

    You poor thing. I hope you had a good nights sleep and that you can still move your arms today to do some more painting. 


  3. Been thinking about all of you and how things were going.  What would life be without chaos?  Pretty boring I'm sure, not that we couldn't use some boring every now and again.   You stay strong and keep taking baby steps.  Hope your head is doing better today and that your car starts.  You know that's always how it goes, when you call someone or take something to someone.  It works just fine.,  Glad you had your dad so close by now, what a good feeling that must be!  So nice that the kids have been able to see their new school.  Things will settle down and all fall into place, you can DO iT !!!  I love Pensacola, it's a fabulous place !!!  Looking forward to the pics of when you're all settled in!

  4. I am working on back to school stuff in the middle of a kitchen , livingroom and staircase remodel…think I will come cry with you! 

  5. Bless your heart!  Yes, painting is quite a workout, so just think of how many calories you are burning!  I hope you have a great day today and a better week.  I have been working on some Halloween items with my new goodies from the SU! fall catalog.  I am really loving the Witches' Brew DS paper and the Halloween Bash stamp set.  And, the Witches' Brew DS Washi Tape is so fun to work with!  I made two cards, a banner, and a treat box in the last couple of days.  I can't wait to see the awesome stuff you come up with when you get your mobile stampin' studio rolling!!!   God Bless,  Tina 

  6. Praying for you, for physical and spiritual strength!  I am trying to be creative, but am in the midst of chaos as well.  Today I had workers pounding on my roof, putting shingles on my new sunroom and drills and hammers in the den in the basement.  I have two cats quivering as far under the bed as they can go and my husband escaped to go to work.  But I am thankful that we are able to make the much needed repairs to our house and looking forward to the end result!  Hang in there, it will be worth it!  PS I did manage to cut out a "MERRY" with my new thinlit die and adhere it to a bag, real creative!  

  7. Your creative inspiration was in the works today with me.  I just submitted a layout to SMDSC, changing a punch shape and I also CASE'd the layout you used in your "Teaching My Digital Studio" alss at convention.  I also had a customer come over today for her first MDS lesson. I followed my notes from your class and  your presentation slides on the demo website and it went great.  She left smiling and eager to use what she learned.  I think I can do that again!  Thank you, and have a better day tomorrow!  So nice your family is close by.  

  8. Ouch… I painted my stamping room a few years ago and boy, was that hard!  Hang in there… I'm sure you'll be thrilled when it's all done.


  9. Guess you'll be replacing that chandelier, hey? ; )  Maybe you can find something you really love!  

    Sounds like you are really accomplishing lots.  The kitchen is done, so go take a peek here and there  to remind yourself that things are coming together and it will all work out.  

    Great that you could call your dad, too, so you have that extra support.  

    I am in a creative slump right now so haven't really made anything paper-wise.  We are having a big family dinner tomorrow with extended family, so I made Rolo brownies.  The only time I can make something like that is when they're not staying in my house!  I gain weight just looking at them.

    Hope you have a better day tomorrow, which I'm sure you will!

  10. Debra, 

    I’m drooling over the sound of Rolo Brownies.  I can also relate to creative slumps.  They are normal.  🙂  Have a great time with your family.  I’m so excited I will be able to do the same thing here.

    I need to take a pic of the goose egg on my head.  LOL.  That was a tough chandelier.  🙂


  11. I’m hoping to get my studio painted before the end of the week.  🙂  I want to take pictures but the lighting is SO bad due to cloudy skies lately. Grr.  🙂

  12. Carol Carriveau

    Yes, deliveries are always OFF on the times they say they will arrive…at least it was close to the time range and you decided to go to your parents after that was done!   Hope the big bump on your head is feeling better….   They say that if you continue to reuse the sore muscles, they get used to the movements and feel better…ha!   I've never found that to be true…hope it works for you!        Thank goodness for Dads (I sure miss mine but he has not been around for 37 years)…now I rely more on our son!   But at least your had your Godfather fairy there close by….cars are sooo tempermental….!   Hoping you have a much better day!

  13. Linda, it’s so hard to be creative when there is chaos around you, right? I am getting estimates on enclosing our backporch.  It will be a construction craziness for a bit at our home too.  Like you, I cannot wait to see the end results.  I didn’t paint a thing today as my arms feel like they are not mine. LOL.

  14. Tina, you know Halloween is my FAVORITE…. I’m so jealous. I feel like I have stuff everywhere.  I really want to create. AHHHHH!!!  I cannot wait to create a Halloween banner.  XOXOXO

  15. Thank you so much Sue.  All is well but the car is broke.  Taking it to the dealer tomorrow to get it fixed.  A little inconvienced but it will be okay.  LOL.  My goose  egg on my head is still pretty big.  I really whacked it.  Who knew my head was so hard???  Everything seems to be falling into place which is a great thing.  If it were not for the car acting up it would all be good.  LOL.  XOXO

  16. LOL, it was a much better day but the car is broke. I’ll be taking it in to the shop tomorrow. It’s a good thing. My arms still feel like they weigh 100lbs.  Ha ha  ha.  Hopefully it will be better tomorrow. 🙂

  17. Evelline, my arms are a little sore but the worst is my goose egg on my head. LOL.  I’ve discovered painting is dangerous.  Hoping to get back to painting tomrorow. I took a break today since the car is broke.  Just my luck.  🙂

  18. Jen, thank you for your sweet comments.  I miss my other creative side too. Hoping to find all my stuff soon and get back to paper crafting and not painting. LOL. 🙂

  19. Yes ma'am! Chin up chin up! You only need a 12×12" spot to work and everything will never be done and out of the way so we work with what we have and move on! Cheers! ;p

  20. aww, Kimberly! I'm so sorry it was a rough day but so glad that your family is close by! …that makes me so happy for you!  My inspiration yesterday was Sir. Paul. McCartney.. oh, I love that man's music! Kinda fitting that one of his encores was 'Yesterday'…I'm so glad for you that yesterday and it's troubles are now far away! Today's project, was stamping with my new undefined image while melodies of Paul danced in my head! I hope you are all set up to stamp again soon and that everything is looking up from here! .. and that your player piano is playing away before long! Take care and stay away from those chandeliers!

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