Stamp Room Mess


Good afternoon! Thought I would share a pic of the mess I am in. Since I knew my Spring Mini Preorder would arrive today, I decided to tackle my stamp room last night. Completely overwhelming, but it will come together. Just not as fast as I would like it.


Brandon starts school today. Half day Kindergarten. What is that?????????? Pure craziness. Of course he will do fine. It is me who has the issues. I am eager to meet his new teacher, and pray she is as kind as his last. 🙂

The kids are adjusting well. Today our high is supposed to be 62 degrees. I might faint. 😉




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3 thoughts on “Stamp Room Mess”

  1. All kindergardens in my area of Michigan are half days-have been since I was 5 and almost 50 years later, nothing has changed. SInce most kids today have some pre-school or pre-kindergarden, having them go all day would be better for them anyways.

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