Reality sets in! Vacation is OVER!

Hi there! I’m back from Regionals and had such a great time. Of course reality always hits when you come back from a little vacation. I came home to two very sick kids. All I want to say is can I go back to Salt Lake??? I hate to see my kids this sick. It just reeks.

Salt Lake was fantastic. I had such a great time with Denise. I really felt like I had a piece of home with me all weekend. The Regional was Friday and it was fantastic. I am always amazed at the productions that SU! can put together. All the ideas and techniques were just amazing. Just when you think you couldn’t learn more on stamping… they show you things you never would of thought of.
After our Friday Regional we decided to take a trip to a Scrapbook Expo that was going on. Oh boy! Denise and I were like two toddlers in a candy store. We shopped and shopped. We really scored on a lot of GREAT deals. They have a store there in Utah that is just fantastic called Roberts. Oh how we loved ROBERTS!!! A great store with GREAT buys.
Saturday we decided to tour Utah. We scoped out all the scrapbook stores and we were on a mission. 🙂 We scored in many of these stores as well. Lots of fun products and great toys to play with. Of course, mine are still sitting in bags right now.
Now, when I travel there is always EXCITMENT!!! I couldn’t go without it this time either. Denise had a terrible allergic reaction to something she ate on Saturday night. She ended up taking some benedryl that night and out she was and the reaction was slowly going away. Since she was fast asleep, I decided to work on some remaining swaps I had sitting around. I was really going strong when all of a sudden the power goes out in our hotel. I couldn’t believe it. I felt like I was back at convention when this exact same thing happened at the Shilo. Now before I forget, let me remind you that we are on the 13 floor. I didn’t think about being on the 13th floor until this happened. Typically the number 13 is my familys lucky number. Not this night. The excitement woke Denise for a brief moment. I told her I would go check things out and call her back if it was an emergency. Once going down 13 flight of stairs, I find that it is a breaker that has blown however someone is stuck in the elevator and the fire dept. is on its way. I figured Denise would really freak if I didn’t call to let her know the fire truck was outside the hotel for this reason. While the benedryl kept her asleep, I proceeded to stay downstairs and watch the excitment unfold. I swear it was better than Saturday Night Live. Watching intoxicated people come into the hotel and walk to the elevator was probalby the best part of the night. They just sat there waiting for it to arrive looking around at all the people in pajamas in the lobby. LOL!!! I literally thought I was giong to wet my pants from laughing. Quite a fun time. About two hours into the ordeal, I decide to attempt 13 flights of stairs. I only made it to the 5th. I completely freaked out and turned right around. I ended up watching more drunks come into the hotel. Finally after 4 hours, I could see the elevator working. I was so excited. I jumped on and back to bed for me. Meanwhile, my sweet friend was still fast asleep. Sunday we laughed about our Saturday drama and had to say our goodbyes. When I left Jacksonville, I never said good bye to Denise because I knew I wouldn’t be able to drive from the tears flowing. This time, I know I will see her again soon at convention and this gets me by! I feel pretty blessed to have so many DEAR DEAR friends. Denise is definitley one of them and I had such a GREAT time with her. As the quote goes from Greys Anatomy, "she is my people!"

Now I am home, trying to recoup and take care of my sick little babies. Alexis is really sick today. Hoping she will feel better tomorrow.

Well, thanks for letting me ramble away. Once things settle down I will load my swap from Regional and a few other goodies that I have done while there.

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