Morning Stamping Escapade

Morning Stamping Escapade

Morning stamping is unheard of in my home,  let alone 7:30 in the morning.


Yesterday morning my oldest, Brandon woke me up and managed to get me out of bed way earlier than planned.  Since I had gone to bed late the night before I was trying to squeeze in a few more hours before waking.

Brandon had different plans, which in a sense screwed up the entire routine.

No biggie really.  It happens.

I started my morning rituals which always starts with the brewing of coffee.  Now I should tell you I’m pretty chipper in the morning.  I prefer to have at least one cup of coffee down before any conversation but I’m typically cheerful regardless.  Brandon and I are the only ones in my house that react this way to mornings.  The others…. not so much.  One in particular is grouchy pants.  UGH.




I grabbed my coffee and was browsing fakebook when all of a sudden I saw a video posted by Stampin’ Up! using my favorite kit, You’re So Lovely.

I opened the video and watched it and was completely blown away with the cuteness of projects.  Oh my GOSH.


Not even an entire cup of coffee was down and I had an INSTANT urge to create what I had just watched.  Gosh, I don’t do anything in an instant anymore and NEVER at 7:30 in the morning!



When Alexis woke up to find me in my stamp room she immediately asked if i was okay.  Obviously this was not a typical morning and my first thought was she probably thinks I never went to bed.  Ha ha ha.


Morning Stamping Isn’t So Bad! 

Morning, You're So Lovely, Stampin' Up!

You’ve heard this before how much I love Stampin’ Up! kits and the You’re So Lovely is my FAVORITE!

One of the amazing concept artists put together the video below (end of the post) and this treat bag was my favorite.

I instantly created it and Alexis said….  “Can I have it?”

She said she wanted to give this treat bag  to one of her friends.

How could I possibly resist and out the door she went with this little gem.


Morning, You're So Lovely, Stampin' Up!


Everything you see on the bag was included with the kit except the Rhinestone I added on the butterfly.

What makes this little treat bag even better?

Mid afternoon I received a text from Alexis. “Mom, can you make 12 more of those treat bags? All my friends need one!”

My girl had just made me day. The best part- they were made with no holiday in mind. I was just carried away by all the cuteness and I had to create it.


Morning, You're So Lovely, Stampin' Up!


You can see in the photo above I decided to get busy and create a whole bunch for Alexis and her friends.  It was so easy.

I decided to create a card using the kit too.  A few extra things were added to create this card- Calypso Coral cardstock and a Tea Lace Doily, Jute Ribbon, and Basic Black ink.

Morning, You're So Lovely, Stampin' Up!


Alexis will be bringing 10 treat bags to school today for friends and I will carry a smile all day long.

I’m sure my morning stamping experience was a complete fluke, however I will be making more goodies using the Oh So Lovely kit.  If you don’t have one, I would highly encourage it.  The accessories in this kit are awesome.  Whether you are a beginner or advanced crafter, this kit is for you.

Check out this video with more fun ideas using this kit.  You will see the instructions to create this goodie bag above too.

You can see all of the products I used in the clickable links below.



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Morning, You're So Lovely, Stampin' Up!

Have an AWESOME day!! XOXOXO

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  1. I just got this kit and I love these alternate projects! Might have to try making these this afternoon.

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