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I have promised pics for awhile now. Finally, I have some. Sorry it has taken so long to get these up. Anyways, here is a sneek peek of our trip and what I have been up to. Also, as for the pooch… she is doing much better. She has a few war wounds from her day at the vet, but she isn’t running in circles anymore. We should be moving into temporary housing tomorrow on Peterson AFB. At least pray we do. I am afraid this motel is the site of extra curricular activities I don’t approve of. Eeek!
This first pic is the kids in their ski masks. They thought they were sooooo cool. We couldn’t keep Brandon inside because of all the snow in Kansas. He just wanted to play, play, play!


Can you believe all this snow on the side of the road? It was amazing! They had bulldozers out moving the snow from place to place because there was so much of it. This was taken right outside of Colorado Springs. Believe it or not, there isn’t much snow here. The kids are really bummed. In fact today we had a heat wave. I think it was 45 degrees. Hold onto to your panties, but you actually don’t need a jacket with that temp. I know, so silly crazy. However if you stand in the sun it is really warm. Almost Florida warm. Well maybe just wishful thinking!
Lastly, this is a picture of Pikes Peak as we were driving into Colorado Springs. This view is just stunning. Of course I don’t see many mountains so I have been in awe of the beauty. I wanted to get closer shots today but forgot. That will be on tomorrows agenda. Can’t wait to scrap all these pics.

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