Oh what a life!

I am happy to report we are now in Colorado Springs, Co. We arrived here yesterday around 3pm and unfortunately the day just progressed into a downward spiral after we arrived. Once we got into town we drove to the Airforce base to get our room. After unpacking the car and getting somewhat settled we noticed a small sign that says, NO PETS! What????? Russ and I were unsure of what to do, but knew it would be impossible to hide a dog. Cats are no problem. After calling the front desk we asked if there was a fee we could pay to stay in the room. Of course that was a BIG NO! I do realize the rules they have in place, but honestly I must say that I was quite upset that they do not accommodate military families a little better. What were we supposed to do with the pets? Once again, just another sacrifice we make in the wonderful world of the military! After further discussing with the front desk or dilemma, they said they have two pet rooms, however they are not ready until Friday. We got the room booked, but now we need somewhere to stay the next two nights. Hello Motel 8! We packed up the car once again, and off to the new hotel. We get in our room, unload for the 100Th time and we are sitting on the bed just chilling. Just then we notice that our dog bailey was acting very strange. She was pacing the floor and going in circles. Not normal for our pooch. After monitoring her for about 15 minutes she then proceeded to get sick in the room. My thought: Just shoot me! Now we were scrambling to find an emergency Vet place since it is afterhours. We load the kids, the dog and we are now off to the vet. You can tell the dog is really sick. Once there they did lab work and started her care. She ended up staying over night and received IV’s. We got back to the hotel a little after midnight. All I could do was shake my head! I picked up Bailey this morning. The only thing we can think happened is she ate something. Anyhoo, the bill was $460! Not something I planned for.
So that is my scoop for today. Lets hope our excitement tones down a bit.
By the way, Colorado Springs is gorgeous. The mountains are amazing and I found a Starbucks!
If I wasn’t so computer challenged, I could upload some pics. If the evening is uneventful, maybe my better half can help me.
Happy Thursday!

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