Happy Sunday!

 I only have a few minutes before I have to transform myself getting ready for the last day of my craft show.  Yesterday was unbelievalbe.  The biggest crowd I have seen yet.  Our table was CRAZY looking by the end of the day.  Hardly anything was left.  I got home around 430pm and started working on two things we ran out of quickly.   Here is one:

Cocoa packs blue












These flew off our table yesterday along with the chocolate covered  peppermint sticks.  Here are a few other things I had done for our show.  

cocoa tin 






















Some kind of bark























I found these two things at the Home Goods store and *loved* giving them a decorative lift.  I think they turned out pretty cute and they were also GONE. 

Lastly, here are a few chocolate boxes that I did!

Chocolate Box CHristmas














These hold the "G-delli" (don’t know how to spell them right this second) chocolates.  I will have a few more designs of this one to share later.  I have done TONS of them. 


Have a fab Sunday.  Off to transform myself. 

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6 thoughts on “Happy Sunday!”

  1. Kimberly, you just amaze me – I just checked your blog for the giggles and your projects are just gorgeous!!! Thank you yet again for inspiring me ;-)))) Hope you ladies have another great day at the craft fair.


  2. oh my!!! you’ve been busy and it’s all SOO BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for sharing. Love your designs and I’m glad you had a successful craft fair!

  3. Kimberley, those are really cute projects. No wonder your sales were so good at your craft sale.
    I was wondering where to find the template for the chocolate box?

  4. These projects are absolutely amazing!! Thank you so much for sharing them! All of your projects for the craft show are wonderful!! Such inspiration!! THANK YOU!!

  5. Hi Kimberley
    I just love your hot chocolate packages. Do you have dimensions/more pics that you are able to share?? I would love to make these for the Christmas dinner table.
    Thanks for sharing all these great projects.

  6. I just love these Cocoa treats!  Could you tell me how much you charged for them at your craft fair?  I need another little inexpensive something for my craft fair on saturday.
    Sunshine P.

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