Encouraging Words!

Would you agree that encouraging words are important for anyone? I have found over the last 3 years that encouraging words helped me see an inner strength I didn’t know I had.

I believe that encouraging words are important for all of us and definitely for the two teenagers in my house.

The kids have been in school going on the 4th week.  They are both settling in to their routines just fine.  I’ve noticed however that the kids are tired and you can see the homework dread on their faces.


Recently I started writing little love notes on post it’s and sticking it to each of the kids bathroom mirrors.  I’m hopeful they are brushing their teeth in the morning and seeing a little encouragement can help get them through their day and possibly even make them brush longer.  <girn>


I love how different my kids are and how they deal with these little notes.  Alexis makes sure to tell me how much she loves her notes.  She keeps them hanging on her mirror so she can see them daily.


Brandon on the other hand has not said a word.  His notes are gone but he’s been very affectionate towards his mama lately.  This could be a number of things… like he wants something or just maybe the encouraging words are giving him a little pep in his step. I’m not exactly sure but I can see a difference.


Whether you have kids or not a small note of encouraging words goes a long way.  It reminds me of the 5 Love Languages.  If you have never taken this quiz, I recommend it.  If you are married, I strongly recommend it.  It’s good to know what Love Language you and your partner are.  Click HERE and you can take the short quiz. You will see the PDF version of the quiz at the bottom of the site.  BE HONEST and don’t rush through it.


Tonight my cards are nothing over the top nor are they fancy.  They are something I stamped for my kids with some FUN and encouraging words.  Brandon has a few tests on Friday and Alexis has been so busy trying to manage all things.  I thought these would be fun for them and I encourage you to do the same.  Something like this is filled with love and when it comes right down to it, this IS why we create cards. To show and share our love.


Here is the little note card I created for Brandon.

Words of Truth, Stampin' Up!, Kimberly Van Diepen

Tips & Tricks:

I used the Gorgeous Grunge stamp set to create the perfect teenager background.  Don’t you think? SPLAT!!  I then used the Words of Truth stamp set over the grunge.  Words of Truth is a must have set for all.  Every word will be used by me.  They are encouraging and fun.  I think Brandon will get a kick out of this one.

Words of Truth, Stampin' Up!, Kimberly Van Diepen

To make it little more manly I added a few stars and star sequins.

Words of Truth, Stampin' Up!, Kimberly Van Diepen

When I started creating Alexis’ card I was going to go for my usual layered look but then I thought if one card had more than the other my encouraging words might end up in the toilet as the two compare their cards.  Yes, my kids are at that age.  UGH.

Words of Truth, Stampin' Up!, Kimberly Van Diepen

I kept her card simple only changing the colors and adding hearts for a more girlie feel.

Once again I will place these in their bathrooms and hopefully as they are going out the door they will both have a big smile on their face.

I don’t want to add something to your to do list because if it’s anything like mine it’s a mile long.  BUT… I do want to encourage you to create a small card with encouraging words inside of someone you know that needs it.  You have NO idea how this will impact their life.  It’s really a game changer.  If we all did this more often it could be a life changing experience.

One thing I know, I love you guys and I love that you take the time to read my cray cray stories.

Oh… wish me luck tonight please.  I’m doing my first REAL LIVE local class tonight at my house.  It’s been 3 years since I held a class.  WOW WOW WOW.  I’m a wee bit nervous. I’m SO super excited about the cards I can barely contain myself.  SQUEALS….

Words of encouragement needed…..

Yes.. I plan to share these cards and will have kits to go.  WHOOP WHOOP.


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  1. I love these cards! What better way to express your thoughts to your kids. Especially to teenagers who sometimes can be hard to relate with. Awesome job. And hope your class went well. I so wanted to take it but not able at this time. Maybe will catch another in the future.

  2. Cards are for everyday – sometimes I forget that and save them for only special occasions. I love these. Your class will go well. I love getting a couple hours of class time with a few friends to create cards or boxes, share stories and laugh.

  3. Thanks for your words, you are totally right! Off I go to do my encouraging words card for my oldest son. He’s 25 years old and still my baby, he had a doctors appointment today and didn’t go as well as he expected. Mama knows he needs a little pick me up… Thanks again Kimberly for always sharing… Btw, your class? Easy easy, You got this girl!!!

  4. Great cards and a great idea! It’s def a pick me up and a reminder to someone that you think they’re special is always a great idea! Love that you’re stepping out of your comfort zone tonight. I know you will have a great time and I sure wish I lived there so I could be there too! Have a great time, relax, and laugh!??