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Crafting Encouraging Words

Crafting Encouraging Words 

Have you ever thought about being the light by crafting encouraging words?

This past week, after too much time spent on social media I’ve had to reel myself back into the reality that we still can love each other and encourage each other.

I’ve found myself in the trenches of different emotions after reading too many posts that pertain to politics.

Don’t worry; this is NOT a political post! I wouldn’t touch that with a 10-foot pole.  However, it’s one that I hope to encourage you to support others with kindness, love and crafting something encouraging.


Never Enough Kindness

I’ve always thought social media as a blessing more than a curse.  It was the very thing I used to keep many friends updated after Russ had his stroke.  It was the very thing that kept my spirits high when reading the prayer chains, encouraging words and most of all the love and support we received during that time.

Over the last few months, however, I have found myself feeling discouraged and sad.  I’ve heeded the advice of others by skipping over posts, hiding posts, and have even done the very thing I said I would never do- remove a person from my feed…. that ugly word, unfriend!  I’m the girl that loves friends but can take on someone’s emotions in a Mississippi minute.



I don’t have all the answers, but my heart keeps telling me to SEND the encouragement.  If there was EVER a time to send a card and uplift others, it’s now.

You as a crafter and myself, have that ability to send the sunshine through the mail.  One simple card in the mail can send a powerful message with lasting effects.  Social media only provides the sun for a split second.

Can we be the light? 

I believe we can.  Just like the fantastic #imbringingbirthdaysback campaign, we need a new campaign- #bethelight

Let’s encourage each other and uplift each other more.

I shared a card last week using the High Tide stamp set, which is perfect for shining the light on others.

The good news- Stampin’ Up! has plenty of stamp sets with encouraging words.  Here are a few of my favorites in the Occasions Catalog.  Be sure to check them out!

  • High Tide #143006 Photopolymer
  • Beautiful You #143004 Wood, #143637 Clear
  • Sending Thoughts #142962 Wood, #142965 Clear
  • Special Reason #142899 Wood, #142902 Clear



High Tide- Encourage Others

Crafting Encouraging, Stampin' Up!, High Tide


By far my favorite stamp set to use right now is High Tide.  Shoot, just stamping with it helps encourage me!

Crafting Encouraging, Stampin' Up!, High Tide


Incorporating my love of watercolor with this set makes it even more fun.

To recreate this card you can download my free tutorial HERE.


Crafting Encouraging, Stampin' Up!, High Tide


Instead of flooding social media with words, let’s flood the postal service by crafting encouraging words.  Let’s get busy stamping and sharing the sunshine with each other.

Can I count on you? Can we do this together?

Do you need encouragement? Can I send you some sunshine? I realize this could be an overwhelming task, but I’m ready to send encouraging words through my crafting!


You can find all of the supplies I used for this card in the clickable links below.  

Price: $110.00

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Personal Update: 

I wanted to say a quick thank you to each of you for your comments based on my joy in parenting post last week.  You know how to encourage a mama, and I appreciate your words of encouragement and hearing your struggles.  Parenting can be so hard, yet rewarding at the same time.

Currently, Brandon is still pretty angry with Russ and me over the actions we’ve taken.  We are hoping that during his gaming sabbatical his eyes will be open to new and exciting things as well as prioritizing important issues.

In other news, Alexis had a good gymnastics meet in Birmingham, Alabama.  Overall, she placed a tiny bit higher than the last event.  That means improvement, but there is always room for more improvement.  I cherish these times I get to spend with her.


Be the Light of Hope- High Tide Stamp Set

Be the Light of Hope

The High Tide stamp set was another stamp set I couldn’t live without.

Probably the number one reason I love the High Tide stamp set so much is due to the greetings.  In our culture today, encouraging words are needed and we have the ability to send them.

Light of Hope, High Tide stamp set, Stampin' Up!

Create Hope

The High Tide stamp set not only has encouraging greetings, the scenes that you can create are endless.


Light of Hope, High Tide stamp set, Stampin' Up!



This set has fantastic images.   Can you see why I love these encouraging words?

Instantly when thinking about a lighthouse, I think about being a light to others.  Just like the light from the lighthouse, it helps steer you in the right direction.  I believe these encouraging words can steer someone towards hope.


Light of Hope, High Tide stamp set, Stampin' Up!


Tips & Tricks

The high tide stamp set is a two-step stamp set. There are two lighthouse images. While each could be used alone, the detail of the lighthouse really comes through when using the two-step technique.

  • To help line up the images perfectly, it helped to stamp the more detailed lighthouse image first.  When stamping the bold lighthouse image, I stamped off the ink first and then over the detailed lighthouse.
  • Stamp the images onto Whisper White cardstock (4″ x 4-3/4″). Stamp the scene first which includes the seagrass, birds, and beach sand, then stamp the lighthouse onto a Whisper White scrap piece.  Once you have stamped the lighthouse, fussy cut using your Paper Snips.
  • The greeting was stamped onto a Whisper White cardstock scrap, then die cut using the Stitched Shapes Framelits.  These framelits will be back in my Online Store on January 16th.  Mark your calendar.

Light of Hope, High Tide stamp set, Stampin' Up!


Light of Hope, High Tide stamp set, Stampin' Up!


Stamp it, Send it!

We can create all the beautiful cards in the world, however, if the cards are piling up in your stamp room they are not being utilized to their ability.

I’m encouraging you to send a few cards of hope to those around you that need to see the light.  Let them know you care.

Regardless of being a fan of lighthouses or not, the High Tide stamp set is a ray of sunshine to any stamping collection because of the greetings alone.


Big News!

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Light of Hope, High Tide stamp set, Stampin' Up!



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Subscribe, Exclusive Online Tutorial,



Pedal Pusher- Stampin’ Up!

Pedal Pusher- Stampin’ Up!

One of the latest stamp sets for Sale-a-Bration is the Pedal Pusher stamp set.  Super cute stamp set with a bicycle built for two.


I’m a push over for bicycle images but this set got me on one little greeting: “Let me pedal for a while.”


This greeting instantly brought back memories of a time during Russ’ recovery from his stroke.  A time when I had to look at him and say, “Let me take over for a while”- “Let me PEDAL for a while!”  That one little statement eased a lot of burden off of him and let him concentrate on the things he needed to work on- physically getting better.


Interestingly enough, once the physical portion was better and he felt like he could take over the pedaling again, the emotional recovery came into place.  Once again I had to pedal for us for a while.  That’s what we do for each other, right?


While it may feel like a burden to take on something for someone of great intensity,  can you imagine the peace it brings to them? A lifted weight so to speak.


If you know someone who needs to hear this, this set covers it.

Pedal Pusher, Stampin' up!,

Add the cutest little chubby birds… this set was a “NEED!” It trumped all of my wants…..


Pedal Pusher

Pedal Pusher, Stampin' Up!


Can this be any sweeter? This touches my soul.  Now that Russ is doing amazing and he’s pedaling on his own,  I immediately think of God when I need him to pedal for ME.   Maybe I need to frame this.


Pedal Pusher, Stampin' Up!


Hold the cuteness for just a second.  The birds.  Oh friends!  The birdies looking at each other.  <<<<CUTE NESS OVERLOAD>>>>

Pedal Pusher, Stampin' Up!


Since my abundance of Washi Tape sits close to my desk I needed to use it.  Washi Tape is by far my favorite thing to hoard. The mounds that I have is almost embarrassing to share… I try to use it as much as I can but I think I could Washi Tape across America without a problem and possibly have left over to use.  <sad truth>


Pedal Pusher, Stampin' Up!



I believe this stamp set holds a powerful message that we can send to a friend or family member.  There is always a time when we need to rest and let someone else take the pedals and carry us through a moment in life.   Sometimes we may not have the words to convey that message. What better way than a sweet card like this one?

You can see all the products I used below for this project in the clickable links.

Pedal Pusher is a FREE photopolymer stamp set when you purchase $50 in regular merchandise from any of our catalogs.


Okay… More Encouragement

Looking for more encouragement? Hope you don’t mind me sharing…

This weekend Russ and I hosted 13 teenage girls for a weekend church camp called D-Now. Powerful weekend spent with amazing girls.

Truly I don’t have the words for what I experienced except love.  Russ and I loved every minute.

We worshiped with the girls at a near by church.  This is one of the songs we sang.

I cannot carry a tune to save my life…. I sang this at the top of my lungs.

This song filled my soul.  I hope it does for you.

Love you!

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Encouraging Words!

Would you agree that encouraging words are important for anyone? I have found over the last 3 years that encouraging words helped me see an inner strength I didn’t know I had.

I believe that encouraging words are important for all of us and definitely for the two teenagers in my house.

The kids have been in school going on the 4th week.  They are both settling in to their routines just fine.  I’ve noticed however that the kids are tired and you can see the homework dread on their faces.


Recently I started writing little love notes on post it’s and sticking it to each of the kids bathroom mirrors.  I’m hopeful they are brushing their teeth in the morning and seeing a little encouragement can help get them through their day and possibly even make them brush longer.  <girn>


I love how different my kids are and how they deal with these little notes.  Alexis makes sure to tell me how much she loves her notes.  She keeps them hanging on her mirror so she can see them daily.


Brandon on the other hand has not said a word.  His notes are gone but he’s been very affectionate towards his mama lately.  This could be a number of things… like he wants something or just maybe the encouraging words are giving him a little pep in his step. I’m not exactly sure but I can see a difference.


Whether you have kids or not a small note of encouraging words goes a long way.  It reminds me of the 5 Love Languages.  If you have never taken this quiz, I recommend it.  If you are married, I strongly recommend it.  It’s good to know what Love Language you and your partner are.  Click HERE and you can take the short quiz. You will see the PDF version of the quiz at the bottom of the site.  BE HONEST and don’t rush through it.


Tonight my cards are nothing over the top nor are they fancy.  They are something I stamped for my kids with some FUN and encouraging words.  Brandon has a few tests on Friday and Alexis has been so busy trying to manage all things.  I thought these would be fun for them and I encourage you to do the same.  Something like this is filled with love and when it comes right down to it, this IS why we create cards. To show and share our love.


Here is the little note card I created for Brandon.

Words of Truth, Stampin' Up!, Kimberly Van Diepen

Tips & Tricks:

I used the Gorgeous Grunge stamp set to create the perfect teenager background.  Don’t you think? SPLAT!!  I then used the Words of Truth stamp set over the grunge.  Words of Truth is a must have set for all.  Every word will be used by me.  They are encouraging and fun.  I think Brandon will get a kick out of this one.

Words of Truth, Stampin' Up!, Kimberly Van Diepen

To make it little more manly I added a few stars and star sequins.

Words of Truth, Stampin' Up!, Kimberly Van Diepen

When I started creating Alexis’ card I was going to go for my usual layered look but then I thought if one card had more than the other my encouraging words might end up in the toilet as the two compare their cards.  Yes, my kids are at that age.  UGH.

Words of Truth, Stampin' Up!, Kimberly Van Diepen

I kept her card simple only changing the colors and adding hearts for a more girlie feel.

Once again I will place these in their bathrooms and hopefully as they are going out the door they will both have a big smile on their face.

I don’t want to add something to your to do list because if it’s anything like mine it’s a mile long.  BUT… I do want to encourage you to create a small card with encouraging words inside of someone you know that needs it.  You have NO idea how this will impact their life.  It’s really a game changer.  If we all did this more often it could be a life changing experience.

One thing I know, I love you guys and I love that you take the time to read my cray cray stories.

Oh… wish me luck tonight please.  I’m doing my first REAL LIVE local class tonight at my house.  It’s been 3 years since I held a class.  WOW WOW WOW.  I’m a wee bit nervous. I’m SO super excited about the cards I can barely contain myself.  SQUEALS….

Words of encouragement needed…..

Yes.. I plan to share these cards and will have kits to go.  WHOOP WHOOP.


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