This Happens Because…

Do you ever feel that life is happening so fast you can’t keep up? Why does this happen?

Then… THIS happens because we are always in a RUSH-

Sweet Hauntings stamp set, Stampin' Up!

This is my life and I bet many of you are shaking your heads this very minute because THIS has happened to you and quite possibly you are feeling the same way?

Here is why life gets chaotic for me and exactly the reason I am riding by the seat of my pants Every . Singe. Day!

  • I’m a control freak and no one can do it better than me (so I think!)
  • I have it under control (so I think!)
  • I don’t have enough on my calendar (so I think!)  so I add one more thing
  • If I have nothing to do I will get bored (so I think!)

HELLO… all of these things are exactly why I get myself in the craziest messes and end up at the 23rd hour trying to get something done.  Only to SCREW it up and have to start over.

I am laughing tonight as I race through my head the take away of events that happened today.

I have a schedule that I follow pretty close each day and obviously know that “things happen.” Today nothing (not one single thing) was completed.  I could call today “pop up Tuesday!” Every time I turned around something was added and my schedule was pushed back.

Things like:

  • an unplanned trip to the grocery store because the guinea pigs (all 4 of them) needed bedding for their sweet little houses.
  • an unplanned trip to Lowes to return something the Prince needed.
  • an unplanned trip to the high school to pick up 4 fish we did not need but the son insisted they are the coolest fish ever.
  • A trip back to the high school for open house.
  • A unexpected call from my sweet aunt that lasted 2 hours… which I adored talking to her.

These are just a few of the “things” that popped up.  Yes. There were more.  I could feel the stress building as I knew my list at home was untouched and it would be a late night for me. BUT… then a friend reminded me of something today.  While all my “jobs” are important the ones that I handled first were the most important. My family.  Even though these types of days are a bit stressful I am so thankful I was able to do them and they brought some unexpected blessings…

  • Walking in the halls with Brandon as he was telling me about a girl he thinks is cute and she turned around and smiled at HIM. He went to bed with the biggest grin on his face.
  • Our sweet talk in the car ride home was priceless.
  • The Prince happy as a clam that I took care of something he needed done.
  • Hearing my aunt talk about her sons upcoming wedding and off loading some of her stress.  She’s been there for me 1001 times, I was there for her… finally.

Once again I am back to the point of my card.  As I had a complete freak out that I had stamped the greeting upside down I could only laugh. I needed to take a deep breath and realize this is just ink and paper.  There is no rush.  Life is okay and now I’m writing you and eating chocolate. Life is good when we can step back, take a few breaths and at the end of the day count our blessings.



I didn’t really like that card anyways.  See… mistakes happen for a reason.

Sweet Hauntings stamp set, Stampin' Up!

I decided to bring in another stamp set, Howl-o-ween Treat. I have used this set a ton already.  Loved adding in the Sweet Hauntings set.  Those little bottles of poison are so fun.  That doesn’t sound right but you understand on a paper crafting level… right? They are CUTE.

Sweet Hauntings stamp set, Stampin' Up!

There is a little fussy cutting involved with the bottles.  I love how they turned out.  The skull has a fun framelit called Boo To You.

Quick Tip-

See the vellum paper at the bottom of the card? That vellum comes from the Winter Wonderland Designer Vellum Stack.  Mostly used for “Winter/Christmas” themes but perfect for a Halloween card too.  There are a few other sheets in this stack that could be used for Halloween also.  I can tell you that this Vellum stack is the first stack I have almost used the entire thing. WOW that is so exciting.

Sweet Hauntings stamp set, Stampin' Up!



Let’s remember at the end of the day to count our blessings.  Things happen and it’s only ink and paper.  Sometimes the masterpiece comes from a mistake.  Would you agree?


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3 thoughts on “This Happens Because…”

  1. Oh thank heavens! I thought that I was the only one lately. Stamping wrong side, upside down or when coloring, making mud! That is a cute playbill card ? and I love what you did with it……easily viewable by a standing-on-her-hands Gymnast daughter! Just kidding, LOL and happy weekend. Tell the kids you are sleeping until 12:30 this weekend ??

  2. Thank you for sharing your well-thought-out ideas and cute cards. I love that you take time to encourage your children through cards. They are very blessed. Good luck in your class tonight. I’ll say a prayer for you.

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