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I hope this finds you cozy in your house, still in your pj's and enjoying time with your family!

The "Big" snowfall was supposed to land in our neck of the woods but decided to stay more on the coast.  I was a little bummed because "snow" equals "all day pj wear" in my house. Since we were only getting snow flurries we ventured out to downtown DC and hit one of the museums.  Really not my cup of tea but I was out numbered by the masses and felt I needed to tag along.  Besides that, I am the one always behind the camera to capture the experience.  I had to go.  Once we got there it was a little enjoyable.  Mostly because I could watch the kids learn a few things.  After the third section I was done! Again, not my cup of tea.  

Our Christmas was amazing.  The kids were hysterical with their gifts.  Alexis got a Justin Bieber CD and we quickly went from Christmas music to "JB" playing in the background.  This quickly brought back memories of me standing by a Christmas tree around the age of 10 with my pj's, new knee high boots, my new record player with a new 45 record of Leaf Garrett.  Good memories. 

Brandon was happy as a lark with his new Lego sets and had most of them put together by the end of the day. I was amazed.

We enjoyed our time together all day and at the end of the day I couldn't believe how messy my house became. It looks like a tornado went through it…this below is just a small part of the tornado. 

Kimberly Van Diepen



A typical shot of me on Christmas day:

Kimberly Van Diepen



Thankfully you cannot see my bed head.  We wore it all day Christmas day. Hee Hee!

Later that night I put together a few slideshows of our Christmas for my family. I plopped myself onto my bed and went junkin' on the internet.  It's kinda like garage sales online but I'm on the hunt for antiques. This picture caught my eye-

Kimberly Van Diepen



Some people are just so brilliant. I love the stockings like this.


This photo below rocked my world.  It almost made me go to my stamp room and create but I just didn't have the energy.

Kimberly Van Diepen


There ya have it.  Nothing creative to look at but a few great pieces of eye candy. 

Hope your after Christmas is extra special.

ps: not sure where I found these pics on the internet.  I had looked at so many I lost touch of "where" it came from. <sigh>

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5 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes”

  1. Sounds like you had a really great holiday.  I like the new blog look!!!  My son got Legos too this year and he spent about 3 hours in his room getting his Star Wars ship done.
    P.S.  If you get a moment, go check an article I just posted on my blog…I hope it inspires you!!!
    May the new year bring you much happiness and growth!!!

  2. That last picture is so your style.  I bet we see something similiar in design by you in the next few days!
    Happy New Year to you, the prince and kiddos.
    PS  Love the new blog look!

  3. What wonderful pics!! I can just see on of our SW adobe style ladders with stockings hung on it!! I think that is a WONDERFUL idea!!! May have to try it next year!! Never thought of just browsing for eye candy… it!! Hope your day was merry!

  4. Love the "junkin" pics.  You would love my most favorite store in the world and it is right here in my hometown of Turlock, Calfornia.  I am lucky enough to sell my stampin' creations in this beautiful store, but there are so many antique and junk finds to be had as well, here is the link if you would like some more "inspiration".
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful creations with us, can't wait to see what you come up with next!

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