Stop & Go

I'm pretty sure I jinxed myself on Monday.  As my great luck would have it, Monday night our plumbing problem resurfaced.  


I won't go into all the crappy details… I'm sure you can let your own minds wonder.  Still waiting on a plumber to arrive.  Praying that the issue can be fixed and I won't be scared of my toilets anymore.  I feel a phobia forming.  


I hate the stop & go I feel with my business right now but the reality is there are big things going on.  I'm prioritizing and struggling with it.  


Honestly, this is all laughable when you step back to look at the big picture.  Sure, a little inconvenience running to Target to potty but I know this problem is nothing compared to others around me would be dealing with.  


It's going to be okay.  


Looks like another Target & Starbucks is in my future. 






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6 thoughts on “Stop & Go”

  1. Wow that really stinks!!! Did they cut the pipe or something when they put in the pool ?? I'm thinking you may have to have heather send mike Holmes from Holmes on Holmes from hgtv a Canadian to rescue you!! Not cool!  Say hello to your best friend at Starbucks! I know not funny! Keep up the good spirits this WILL work out…maybe it's not to late to add an out house to the Florida room…ok that was a bit redneck Wisconsinish want it? Lol! Chin up! 

  2. That is not a good thing but hopefully it will be fixed soon and even though it is an inconvienience, like you said there are others going through a lot worse. Still though, it's not easy to think like that when you are going through something. Hope it will be addressed quickly and you can get on with your life. 🙂

  3. Oh no!  And it is only laughable because the alternative is to cry (which would seem perfectly good too!).  I hope it gets sorted asap and you can quit worrying about it and get that 'break' you so deserve.

  4. Oh you poor…at least the kids and your Prince have school/work….that leaves you floating where you can 'go'……snickering with you as I've had similar issues years ago and know how awful it can be.     Sending best wishes that this gets fixed and STAYS FIXED  VERY SOON!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Am commiserating with you.  I promise, this too shall pass, and one day you will smile; meanwhile you will have a new best friend (i.e. barista) at Starbucks.  Last spring break we dug up a 39' foot pipe to our septic tank, the dirt above the septic and the distribution boxes; we dug because we are DIYers & the digging saved us $1200.  The crappy part was replacing said 39' foot pipe which broke (more) as we dug; my husband suggested I break a piece (to make it smaller) a certain way which I hesitated to do…residual sludge flew... [thanks honey], (ewwww!!!)…  let it be said that I washed my face and glasses with many, many, many disinfectant wipes & I took the longest shower of my life!  Not so funny then, today I still shudder, yet I can laugh about it becaue am so, so thankful my mouth was closed!! LOL

    By the way, has the city looked at your connection to the sewer line to check for problems?  Lastly, you may want to consider getting a portable camping potty which is completely self-contained to get through late evening & early morning hours.

  6. LOL, Kat… oh my.  I think I will be grateful of my situation after hearing yours.  Oh dear Lord.  We think because the house sat for so long there is residual sediment in the pipes and it’s just now moving because “WE” are moving it.  The plumber seems to think that the more we use the “clog” will move as well.  We bought some stuff to put in the drains recommended by him and hoping that can break it up too. If it happens again we will get it scoped.  It’s more of a pain than anything.  We did have the city come out and it’s not their problem so they will do nothing. 🙂  It’s all on us. Yea, said no one ever.  Hopefullyy we are on a “clean” path.  We shall see.  LOL.  

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