School Starts- Mom Rejoices

School Starts- Mom Rejoices


This might sound mean but the truth is- it was TIME for them to go back to school.  My kids are bored with me.  No clue why.  I keep them busy as bee’s cleaning around the house.  <girn>

Truthfully it’s a bittersweet day and I am rejoicing.  We embark once again on new beginnings.  Fresh starts and a great adventure awaits.  Of course these are all my feelings but I’m sure the kids feel the same way.

They were so excited to go to school this morning.  Brandon had a hint of nerves I could tell.  He starts High School this year.   CRAP! How did THAT happen?

As I’m writing I can feel my own nerves kick in.  First day in a new building.  Not many friends are at this school.  Brandon was proudly accepted into the International Baccalaureate Program.  It’s going to be a BIG year.  A vigorous year.  (Brandon doesn’t like that word!)  He says just say it like it is… HARD.  Last week he wanted me to pull him out of the program.  He was scared. Facing failure before he even started.

Failure doesn’t work for me nor can it work when you haven’t even started.  It was time for a mama/son chat.  I think it went pretty good for a couple of reasons.  1. He didn’t roll his eyes at all during the conversation.  2. He’s still enrolled.

I do ask that you pray for him this year.  He’s a boy.  He’s always lacked the organizational skills. I don’t know many boys who are organized but if you have one consider yourself blessed.

Alexis starts 7th grade and she was happy to go and see her friends.  She had a pretty busy summer training at the gym every day which didn’t leave much time for socializing.  She is happy to be back in her element.  She loves school and always has.

Back to School


For those of you who have watched these two grow up, they have REALLY sprouted over the last year.  Especially Alexis.  She grew 4″ over the past year.  Brandon still waiting on the big growth spurt and we keep telling him it will happen.

I’m so proud of them.  I can’t wait to hear the first day stories.


I always make the kids a card on the first day.  This year I’m thinking of putting a gift card inside they can use to buy a new school outfit.  This will go over GREAT with Alexis.  Brandon could care less what he’s wearing.  :/

Writing Notes, Words of Truth stamp set

Each card is the same except I have a “7th” for Alexis.  There are lots of stamp sets being used on this card but I love each of them complimented each other.

Writing Notes, Words of Truth stamp set

The Writing Notes stamp set is a FUN stamp set.  Great for any back to school projects you want to complete.  I also love the Words of Truth stamp set.  It’s witty, funny and encouraging. That makes for a great stamp set.

Do you any first day of school traditions? I would LOVE to hear them.  If you have kids going to school, I’m wishing you a few peaceful days.  You know it won’t last long.  As moms we will start signing our life away on Volunteer Forms SOON.  Am I right?


Make this week amazing and make something pretty.




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5 thoughts on “School Starts- Mom Rejoices”

  1. michelle montemurro

    I love the first day of school cards, I like the idea of them too. Amazing how fast they grow. Thanks for sharing all of your creations.

  2. Holy cow! I can’t believe they are going into 7th and 9th grade! I’ve been reading your blog since they were little kids, and I guess I still think of them like that. I hope today went well, and the rest of the school year is even better!

  3. Lolol .. Really laughing at your post cause it was always the same for me. Big excitement for the kids to go back to school, and before school starts they go through the excited/anxious/fearful/excited stages. I was always excited for them and every year before they left for school, there was always a picture at the front door so years down the road we will remember that year. Now I only have one going to school and he’s in Grade 12 .. can hardly believe that! Time flies so fast! Making a card for them in the first day is nice cause it gives you time to yourself but also gives you something to do. I see you do their pictures at the front door too lol .. another tradition is taking off the first week of Sept off in case of emergency .. also to give me a rest and get them settled. Still do now that they’re older tho they don’t need mom so much!

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