Project Life- The Perfect Photo?

Project Life- The Perfect Photo?


The perfect photo? Is there one? I tend to believe that every photo is the perfect photo.

I had a recent conversation over the weekend with a dear friend of mine who is a photographer.  She has taken our family photos before and she has an incredible eye when it comes to shooting pics.  Of course we were discussing formal pics to be done and I had to chuckle because I don’t give the “formal” pics much attention since I shoot photos everyday.  EVERY SINGLE DAY!


It’s hard NOT to shoot everyday when my camera is in my hand 90% of the time… my iPhone.


It use to be I would lug my mac daddy camera everywhere.  I would shoot every pic in RAW and was always searching for the perfect shot.  Friends… I can almost bet a buck or two that NO ONE who is looking at your “stories” or “albums” care if you are shooting pics with a mac daddy camera or your phone camera.  It’s the story that you captured.  It’s the moment.  The story…

I had a pic on my phone that was crazy grainy and blurry.  Normally I’m scrolling through my phone to delete the “tossable” ones but I couldn’t delete this picture.  This picture told a story.

Project Life, Stampin' Up!, Heidi Swapp, Capture Life


Everything is off in this photo. Even if I shot this pic in RAW fixing it would have changed the story.  My point is WHO CARES.  I changed this photo VERY little- turned it to Black & White and put the focus on our faces. The story that goes with this photo is so funny you might wet your britches.  I’m sure you have some of these too.  You know, times when you are out with friends laughing over the silliest things and shoot a selfie.  Why does this photo capture a story? Because it’s two grown women trying to take a picture of actually 3 of us and I could only seem to get 2 of us in the frame.  The waiter asked if he could take the picture and I had to say, NO.  Hello, this is a selfie. Or in this case an “Usie!”  You can’t take the picture buddy!

Shoot the pics and tell your story.  Whether it’s with your mac daddy or camera phone.  Just tell that story.

Here are a few I captured over the last week.

Project Life, Stampin' Up!, Heidi Swapp, Capture Life


This picture is exactly what I’m talking about.  This photo is still telling a story on Facebook.  I think we have an empty toilet roll club happening in epic proportions.  Not kidding.

My friend Cathy is even building pyramids with her empty rolls.  Just to see  how many will stack up before someone changes it.

Project Life, Stampin' Up!, Heidi Swapp, Capture Life



Project Life, Stampin' Up!, Heidi Swapp, Capture Life


This photo of Alexis was not great.  The sun was shining big time.  I decided to edit the photo in a few apps and it turned out to be a great photo in my eyes.  Almost like cotton candy.  YUMMY!

Project Life, Stampin' Up!, Heidi Swapp, Capture Life

Project Life, Stampin' Up!, Heidi Swapp, Capture Life



Just remember this is your story.  Enjoy the process and capture life.  If you need help, I’m here to help you along.  Just contact me.

You might be wondering what supplies are on these? It’s a mash up of products.  From Ali Edwards story kits, Simple Stories products, Project Life, Stampin’ Up!, and Heidi Swapp.  I LOVE LOVE the Stampin’ Up!  Project Life sleeves.  These are high quality. If you are unsure where to begin, Stampin’ Up! makes Project Life EASY EASY.  Pick a theme and start with one kit.  It’s that simple.

Check out the Project Life kits I have available HERE.

Hey… before you go. Did you hear the news? I’m teaching a Handmade Christmas card class.  If you just fainted it’s okay.  I almost did too.  If you are around the Pensacola area and have an interest in stamping along with me, check this class out HERE.

XOXOXO Make something pretty today….



  1. Have been following your Project Life posts and truly loving all that I have seen. Hard to say but I think today’s are my favorite so far. I never gave Project Life much thought till I saw your creations. Now I am becoming inspired. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Love all the project life pages…you are truly inspiring!! It makes you think about picture taking, capturing and telling your story and most of all have great memories to look back on!! I wish I lived closer so you can show me the ropes with Project Life!! I LOVE all the extra detail you put into your pages!!

  3. I wish you lived closer to my friend. We could scrap together. My biggest advice is to just pull it out and start. Honestly, with Project Life you don’t have to worry about the fancies. Get those photos into your books and soon you will notice the fancy stuff will just come. It’s just like card making but a different canvas. XOXOXO