Handmade Holidays- Yes or No?

Handmade Holidays- Yes or No?

It’s usually around this time of year that we start to see ideas for the holidays overflowing on Pinterest and over the web.  I don’t know about you but I’m one pinning machine with the ambitions of a super crafter to make all that I’ve pinned and see.

But let me introduce you to the real Kimberly.  She is not the super crafter she would hope to be.



No!  I could only wish that to be true.  Let’s face it, there are only so many hours in the day and only so much can be done.  BUT remember when I said this past week in this POST I want to be more intentional? Ahhh.. yes.  This applies here too.



Like many of you I’m smitten for anything paper craft related.  There are amazing things out there I want to create.  This week alone I found that if I cut out the many distractions around me I could get so much more done.  Like right now I typically have this screen up and of course Facebook.  My computer ding dings all the time as people are messaging or chatting it up.  (I have to learn how to turn that ding ding OFF!) It’s a HUGE distraction because I’m chatty.  I want to chat with everyone.  However that little chat turns into an hour or two and then the next thing I know I am knee deep in procrastination and nothing was made or accomplished.  Something else I notice that distracts me from being on there—> my MOOD.  Do you notice this? Maybe something I saw I didn’t agree with or something I saw made me sad… My glass is empty by the time I’m ready to create the next big thing.  SIGH….

SO….Facebook is OFF right now.

I’m being intentional.  I’m not going to be super crafter but I’m going to get a lot more done and my mood is going to be a lot happier.  Doesn’t mean I’m off Facebook.  Just means I’m going to be more intentional when posting and reading so I can aspire to be that super crafter.  <girn>



Let me share with you what I created during that very intentional time.  It’s by far one of my favorite cards I’ve made in a long time.

Embellished Ornaments, Home for Christmas DSP, Christmas, Stampin' up!

Is this little Bambi the cutest ever? 


Believe it or not friends, this card was not difficult at all.  Just lots of fun layers.

Most of the products here are sneak peeks from the Holiday Catalog that you can start ordering from on September 1st.  That’s going to be an exciting day.  I can’t wait.

Tips to create this card: 

  1. Bambi was cut out from the Home for Christmas DSP.  This designer paper is GORGE and vintage.  Can you see the music note paper behind the vellum? That’s in this pack and it’s the tune Silent Night.  WOWSA.  <insert 100 hearts>
  2. Jolly is also a new thinlit die cut.  Other words that are included are Merry and Peace.  Another lovey!
  3. The new ribbon in the Holiday Catalog is spot on fantastic.  Glitter ribbon.  OH BOY.  and that little stripe red and white ribbon is soft and pliable to make fun bows.
  4. Make sure to look for the fun new embellishments like the accent pearls you see on this card.  They add just a simple pop to your project.

Embellished Ornaments, Home for Christmas DSP, Christmas, Stampin' up!


I’ll have all the supplies listed below for you.

Now, before I worked on this card I created 6 cards for a class I’m teaching in my home next month.  YES… It’s been 3 years since I taught a class in my home.  That’s WAY too long but given the circumstances it is what it is.  I’m so so excited about this.

SO… if you are in the Pensacola, FL area I hope you can attend.  It’s possible I might have to open another date for this class.  Beginner or advanced can attend.  It’s going to be a fun night of stamping, laughing, and eating.

Here is the class information if you are interested HERE. I have more classes coming AND a new Stamps in the Mail.  Stamps in the Mail is going to get a little makeover which is why I haven’t offered it yet.  Keep your eyes peeled…. It’s coming.



Have a GREAT weekend. Be Intentional.  XOXOXO

PS- If you are a Project Life fan I’ve been updating my Instagram and Facebook Page daily with new layouts during the Heidi Swapp Capture Life challenge.  Make sure to follow there if you want up to the day inspiration.  Otherwise I will be posting more layouts here on my blog this coming week.



Supply List

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  1. Adorable Kimberly! I had thought I could get by without some of these new goodies but of course now I’ve been enabled and have to buy more and place another Holiday pre-order – lol!

  2. Just saw that a new stamps in the mail is coming soon!! Yay!! Can’t wait, love your creations!

  3. I know what you mean Kimberly, I am the same way. The changes I have made are some of the same as you, turn off the things that go ding (ie:Outlook & FB). I can chat and craft so I am inviting friends over to chat with me while I create. And if they have something to work on, it’s a win-win. We both get to visit and we both get our crafts done. Keep being intentional!

  4. I’d love to see your holiday cards you’re making at your class–are you going to share them? I am unfortunately 3 hours away and can’t make a Thursday class!

  5. Oh My Dear Kimberly!!
    This is the most amazing Christmas card!! (PINNED NOW!!!) I’m totally LOVING that little deer and all those wonderful accents you have added… makes me want to case NOW!! 🙂
    Super duper job and well done on your new “intentional” plan..if this is what you make, then IMAGINE the goodies that will come out of your craft room!! You go GIRL!
    SMiles Sharnee 🙂

  6. Kimberly…this card is so cute…but how did you attach the vellum….I have this paper and I love it….have used Bambi in the window framelits…he is so cute and the santa too…

  7. Jewell, to attach the vellum just place your adhesive in an area where you will not see it showing through or if you can I sometimes will use my stapler to add an embellishment. 🙂

  8. I just ran across this cute card doing a search on Pinterest for handmade holidays 2015. To answer your question, a million times YES! I’ve learned a lot this holiday season – it’s a non-gift-giving lets-make-memories kinda of year for us. Our big family is heading on a grand vacation for Christmas and I couldn’t be happier that I haven’t wasted time or money at the malls. Here’s my post on the subject http://shannonpayne.me/2015/12/handmadeholidays/