Perseverance- A Lesson From My Son!

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Perseverance- that's a mighty big word and a lesson I've learned from my son.  


Brandon is teaching me perseverance! Who would have thought? This week I've thrown a few toddler tantrums and had the feeling of quitting everything. Typical for my pre-menopausal self lately.  It's acutally a trait I'm slowly learning to deal with.  I never actually quit anything, I just throw the tantrum and then feel better about everything.  


As parents we are the ones that are typically teaching our children the big words like perseverance.  I have to say that my son is the one teaching me this lesson over the last few weeks.  I'm watching this 12 year old try his BEST at swim over the last 6 weeks of the swim season and amazed how his determination and pereverance has pushed him to a successful year.  


When I look at this picture in this layout above my cheeks literally hurt from smiling.  This is the kid that quit last year on the first day of swim after I had paid good money for him to join the team.  He stumbled through the first year not earning a single ribbon except for a participation ribbon the last day.  He tried his best but he definitely had a long way to go. He was NOT a quitter. The beautiful lady standing next to him in the picture above has believed in him since day ONE!  She has treated him as her own son.  

I'm not a quitter either.  Although sometimes when I get so overwhelmed I get that feeling of just dropping everything and walking away.  It just seems easier.  I know in my heart that can't be the solution because again, I'm not a quitter.  Thank GOD I have so many that continue to believe in ME. As readers of this blog you continue to inspire me even when a dark day arrives. 

I've had that quitting feeling this week with this move.  Yes, I'm still OVER the moon with excitement about this move. It's really one of the greatest things to happen…. EVER.  Although I'm SUPER excited the process of moving sucks.  

This week I'm taking a lesson from my son.  I'm going to press on. I'm going to do my best. I'm going to persevere through the hard times.  It will soon be a thing of the past, this I know.  

Continue to believe in yourself.  I believe we all have great gifts and my favorite that God gave me was the gift of GAB.  



P.S.  You can see all the supplies I used for this page HERE.  

P.S.S. Did you see the swaps I posted yesterday? Click HERE and you can see them.  They rock.  LOTS of questions on coloring the button.  The process is quite simple.  You can use ink and clear embossing powder to color the button and heat it using your heat tool.  I know Shelli used Gold EP on her button at Convention and it was STUNNING.  

P.S.S.S– Stamping withdrawl is setting in and it's only been a day.  Pray!






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11 thoughts on “Perseverance- A Lesson From My Son!”

  1. Your kiddo reminds me of mine, he was more of a baseball player, but he ended up swimming in high school, earned his Eagle in Scouts and is now a Marine–still persevering!

  2. Yes, perserverance is a great gift!  I have perserverance, it's knowing when to actually thown in the towel I'm not good at.  I keep going even when I probably should change directions. Proud of your son for hanging in there to feel the rewards!!!

  3. Way to go Brandon!!!

    (And Kimberly too! 🙂 ) 

    Moving sure is NOT fun — just the thought of us ever doing it again is unsettling in itself. But the fun part is to be able to decorate a new place amd make it your own. I know you will keep your eye on "the prize". 🙂

    Thinking about you all a lot these days.

    P.S. Your gift of gab is great! 🙂

  4. We believe in you just like you believe in this amazing young man!  Besides I know that part of his perserverence comes from his fab mom!

  5. Jen, Thank you for making me smile.  It’s pretty cool to see the fruits of your labor shine through your kids. LOL.  🙂

  6. Sue, thank you my dear friend.  I told Brandon what you said.  He had a big smile on his face. 🙂  This move is just another adventure.  Can’t wait until it’s DONE!!

  7. Sherrie, I totally agree.  I am still cherishing your beautiful cards that you made me.  They are so pretty I don’t want to use them.  I’ve packed them in my “go” bag so the movers cannot mess them up.  I just love you for thinking of me.  



  8. Dee, WOW!  You must be a very proud mama.  I pray that Brandon sticks with his Boy Scouts to earn his Eagle Scout.  He sure loves scouts. XOXO

  9. I wonder if they will have vdioes or project ideas to go along with the kit, kind of like Studio Calico does. I am not very good at coming up with ideas and need some coaching sometimes.

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