Motherly Instincts!

Indpendent Stampin' Up! Demonstrator Kimberly Van Diepen Northern Virginia



This picture can sum up my entire post but of course I can't do that!  I'm way to chatty to let the picture talk for me! I will have to tell you WHY she is jumping for JOY! If you remember a few days ago I told you Alexis was on antibiotics.  Last Saturday Lex and Russ went to sell Girl Scout cookies.  She was fever free, running, playing… you get it…. HEALTHY!  After she came home and ate lunch Brandon and her decided they wanted to watch a movie.  I was busy doing my favorite thing… CLEANING! *grumpy face* When I came down the stairs there she was sound asleep on the couch with her favorite blanket from Mrs. Patty!

Independent Stampin' Up! Demonstrator Kimberly Van Diepen Northern Virginia



While this looks all sweet and innocent I actually freaked out.  Alexis hasn't taken a nap in 4 years.  I knew something was wrong.  My motherly instincts told me so! Can you relate to this? You know the feeling I am talking about, right? I had taken her temperature and she had no fever.  I told Russ that my gut tells me to get her to the Doctor.  When I woke her up I asked her, "Do you hurt anywhere?" Not really she said.  She did complain of her throat itching a little bit. WHAT??? When I looked back in her throat I couldn't see anything suspicious but again, I just knew she needed to be seen.  After and hour of trying to figure out where to go (this is how the military rolls… it's never easy!) she was seen at Urgent Care.  This is where we were told the Rapid Strep test was negative but they put her antibiotics.  Out the door we went. 

Going back to the photo of her jumping up in the air…. It serves two purposes.  First, she feels 100% better! Second, I got the results of the Strep culture! POSITIVE!  Motherly Instincts, we have them for a reason.  I am so thankful I took her in that late Saturday. 

In my photo news…

Thank you to all of you with your tips, tricks and favorite lens to use.  Boy do I appreciate you.  I have saved your comments and emails for future follow up.  Some of you have totally educated me on great photo stuff.  You are so awesome and I am so grateful.  My camera and I are not really friends right now.  I'm mad because I can't complete one of my photo tasks. The teacher said it wouldn't be easy.  She is so right.  Grrr…  It's not like a mistake on paper.  I can just flip that over and start again.  After take 60+ panning shots of my son running across the yard and all I could get was a gray streak (basically the blur of his clothes) I did what the teacher said… I turned the camera off!  Phew!  We'll try again tomorrow. 
I'm so ready for the weekend, are you?



  1. Loved seeing the blanket.. glad she likes it.. 🙂  and SO GLAD she is feeling better!  Please tell her HI from Mrs. Patty in California! 🙂  AND.. tell her I am excited to meet her on the cruise!

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