Jul 10 2008 – Cute Litte Box!

I hope you enjoy my first video tutorial! It’s a cute little box! Remember, to make this cute little box you only need 1 sheet of 8.5 x 11 cardstock and then 4 x 4.5 coordinating piece of cardstock for your flap. I hope you enjoy!

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10 thoughts on “Jul 10 2008 – Cute Litte Box!”

  1. Good job, Kimberly! I enjoyed watching and you did well on explaining. It always helps to have a visual.

    Have a good day-
    Connie D.

  2. Wow! I am so excited to be sitting in as one of your students. Love the box, video and YOU! All smiles! Melissa

  3. I love this! I’ll be using this idea to give special treats to my children’s teachers in September. Thanks so much for this tutorial!

    Have a great day! Ü Michelle

  4. once again, you are blowin’ me away!!! LOVE how you teach!!! great job and congrats on the video!!! i need to see one a week okay? 😉

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