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Happy Monday! 

Ahhhh! Yippie it's Monday! I've had a serious case of MIA this past week.  The good news, I've been making progress on the house.  The house is painted except for the laundry room.  I wanted it to be all completed before Russ came home but it didn't happen.  My right hand decided it didn't want to paint anymore.  I guess after 2 straight weeks of painting it was time to give it a rest. 


Now that Russ is home he can take over my painting job.  This week we are hoping to get the flooring completed. 

All of this "progress" is our story.  A rather long story but one we are creating every day.  I'm enjoying recording the progress too.  

Today our My Digital Studio challenge is about recording your story, or JOURNALING.  

One of my favorite things about digital scrapbooking is journaling.  I don't know about you but when I would do traditional scrapbooking I ALWAYS procrastinate my journaling.  I'm embarrassed to tell you how many pages are sitting blank.  

Digital scrapbooking makes me journal.  Especially if I want it to go to print, it needs to be done.  Therefore, my journaling ALWAYS gets completed when I create the layout.  



My Digital Studio, MDS


Journaling does not have to be long winded or detailed for each layout.  I love that I can just put a few words and a date and be done.  Sometimes the photos tell the story.  Sometimes your embellishments tell the story.  

Here are a few tips that can be used whether you digital scrapbook or traditional scrapbook:

– Grammer and writing does not have to be perfect. If you are an English major you could be having a stroke because I said this.  The fact is, it's YOUR book and YOUR journaling.  I make mistakes all the time, but I guarantee that my children will be able to understand it when I'm gone.  They will here ME speaking through my journaling.  Mistakes and all.

-If you are unsure of what to say about your layout and the photo, jot down simple sentences or words that describe the event. 

-Keep the journaling real.  Things like "We went to Disney…"  Umm.. if you see a pic of your kids with Mickey Mouse that's a sure fire thing you went to Disney.  Journal the feelings and emotions of the event.  Did everyone have a good time? I do believe I created a page about Disney that stated my children cried all day and Disney was NOT the happiest place on earth for me.  

-Journal emotions.  Even the bad.  Remember, it's YOUR story.  I like to call this RAW journaling when I write about times that are really tough.  At the time I'm writing, it's emotional. A year later when I read it I have different feelings but I love reading our story both good and bad.  I also love that my children can see the raw emotion of my writing. 


I hope these tips help you this week when creating  your layout.  You can see on my page above I highlighted important words in my journaling to make them stand out more.  I also used a different font to make them stand out even more.  Be creative with it.  We all have a story, it's time to tell it.  


Make sure to check out Heather's layout and video this week.  Click HERE and enjoy her story. 

Ready to join in the fun on our Monday My Digital Studio challenges? Click HERE to join our Facebook Group and join in the fun with our members.  SO many great layouts to see.  You will not be sorry. 


Again, I'm so thankful for all of you that come to read my story.  It's a CRAZY fun story right now. I am SO SO happy. The only thing missing is time to create.  I'm being real with myself and I know I'm not super woman.  I'm focused on getting this house renovations completed before our move in.  It could be another couple of weeks.  It's killing me not to be creative with paper or digital. I'm being VERY patient.  I know the outcome is going to be fantastic.  I just need patience.  




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2 thoughts on “Journaling Your Story- My Digital Studio”

  1. What a great layout and great journaling tips!  Would LOVE to know the paint colors you used for your rooms!  Have a great week!

    Gail S. 🙂



  2. We're all thankful to watch your progress and glad we don't have to paint..;). Well be here when you start to creat until then we will enjoy the updates!!  Pool sounds nice to all the Midwesterners this week 90's in August !!! Yahoo!! Better than snow !



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