Hang on to your stampin’ pants!

WOW!  Lots to show you here!  I’ve had a few busy stampin’ mail days and a few things I have made I wanted to share! So here it goes!  The last card will CRACK you up!

This card uses Havest Home Stamp Set using Poppin’ Pastels techniuqes!  See my sun in the background.  That makes me get excited.  So silly!

Season of Pumpkins













These two cards are really the same design just a different stamp set is used. 

Season of Thanks
























Pretty Peony 2






















Pretty Peony











Okay, here is all my happy mail!!! 

This was made by my GREAT friend Beate!

Made By Beate











This was made by my GREAT friend Lisa!

Made by Lisa F





















This was made by my GREAT friend Mary!

Made by Mary H.



















This was made by my GREAT friend Sam!

Made by Sam M













This card was made by my GREAT Denise!

Made by Denise









This was made by my GREAT friend Sharon!

Made by Sharon










This was made by my GREAT friend Alex!

Made by Alex












And Last, but NOT least…. this was made by my sweet husband Russ! (Don’t laugh! Alexis worked REALLY hard with him and I am just grateful he knows where to pull the cardstock and stamps from!)

Made by Russ











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2 thoughts on “Hang on to your stampin’ pants!”

  1. OMG!!!!! I almost peed my pants, LOL! That is too too funny!!! Keep him away from the sharp objects, teehee!!

    Your cards are gorgeous, girl – lovin’ the bling!! Nice RAKs too – glad you got mine and you like it 🙂


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