Finding Joy During the Season

Finding Joy During the Season

There is no doubt this year we are finding joy during the season.  

While it wasn’t a planned hiatus, I was finding myself becoming overly stressed during a season that was to be joyful.  Can you relate to this? 

This time of year is no doubt my favorite for so many reasons.  Of course last year everything *normal* was tossed and the only thing we focused on was getting Russ home for Christmas.  THAT was joyful.  

This year I found myself wanting to make up for everything lost last year.  Not that we haven’t spent Christmas without Russ before.  It never failed that Russ would be on deployment during Christmas. Last year was so different however.  This year I wanted every single tradition we have to HAPPEN.  Not just for the kids but for everyone.  

If it’s one thing I learned last year during this time, you don’t take anything for granted and enjoy LIFE.  I’m happy to report that is exactly what we’ve done.  

As a business owner it may not have been the smartest choice but I can’t help but look at my family and know that each time I’ve stepped back from the business side of things I’ve never once regretted it.  I’ve always felt the choices that I’ve made were in line with what God would want me to do.  Making sure that my priorities are ALWAYS in check.  God first, Family second and Career third.  When they are in this order, we’ve been blessed 1000x times or more.  Just look at Russ… he is the perfect example.  

Inspiration On a Different Level

Normally when I talk about inspiration it usually involves something crafty.  I’ve been inspired by something totally different lately.  The inspiration comes from the Prince himself.  Determination should be his middle name.  Last weekend Russ was determined to get our Christmas lights on the house.  I had an errand to run and told him I would be right back.  Do not do ANYTHING crazy until I got home.  Imagine my eyes when I pull up to see the attic ladder down and Russ standing on it.  This was a moment I almost wet my pants.  

Lights 2 Lights

Luckily, I noticed two little boys higher on the ladder and they were helping Russ get the lights down.  Without any hesitation the three of them worked aimlessly to get our lights up.  Keep in mind the boys, both 13 did not do this without grumbling.  In fact at one point I had to pull the boys aside and have them count their working fingers.  That stopped the grumbling quickly.  

I’m proud to say our lights look beautiful.  We haven’t had them up in a LONG time.  

One of our favorite traditions is baking cookies with my mom.  Alexis especially loves to bake and the boys love to EAT.  Ironically this year we baked a ton of cookies and I hardly have ANYTHING in my house.  My mom ended up with all of them.  This does serve a good purpose as I’m not eating them.  However, I find that I’m craving them like a crazy lady.  

cookies 2 cookies 3 CookiesI treasure the time we get to spend with my parents.  I love that my kids enjoy spending the time with them too.  They learn so much from them.  

During all my crazy fun that we’ve been having of course I’ve procrastinated on making my Christmas cards.  Now it’s down to the wire and I’m frantically trying to get them done.  I sat down last night and started coloring Santa’s for a little card I had in mind…

Santa Stache, Stampin' Up!

I have many of the Trim the Tree Designer Series Paper Stacks sitting on my desk so I thought I would start using them for my card.  I have to say I am completely addicted to coloring with my Blendabilities. My favorite is coloring in bigger images like this Santa.  

Santa Stache, Stampin' Up!

The Mustache Framelit is another favorite and I used the Dazzling Diamonds Glimmer Paper for the STACHE.  ***LOVE***

What’s Next? 

I am happily awaiting my order from the upcoming Spring Occasions catalog which is due to arrive tomorrow.  Looks like I’ll be a stamping queen again. I’m super excited.  After Christmas I’ll be back to my normal schedule.  The kids start Christmas break on Friday.  Sadly for Brandon he is getting braces tomorrow.  To be honest, he is excited to begin this journey even though it might be uncomfortable.  Say a prayer for him tomorrow.  

Meanwhile, enjoy this season.  Every moment of it.  Enjoy spending time with your family and the enjoy the best gift given to us and WHY we celebrate this beautiful season… Jesus!  

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5 thoughts on “Finding Joy During the Season”

  1. What a delightful blig letter this year! Yes, I can totally relate to having more stress than I need (anyone!) and have lots of cards to make and a few more gifts to purchase, actually gift cards for the older great nieces and nephews! But all will come together for me on Christmas Eve at my brother’s home….when I can start to relax and have a glass or three of wine and enjoy a sumptuous dinner, watch the younger kids open their gifts…. Take good care of you and wishing you and your family a very special Christmas with Russ doing so much better and your parents close at hand to join in and make more and new memories! ! I am proud of your son and his friend who helped Russ get the lights up on your house and love the pics of your mom and Alexis doing their baking and decorating the Christmas train!!! Special moments that they will treasure forever!

  2. I agree with Michelle, sometimes we forget what is truly important 🙂 Have a Healthy, Happy Christmas and New Year.

  3. Well said, Kimberly. And what a wonderful family you have…the love that binds you all together and closer to God. 🙂

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