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I thought I would update you on the family health situation and other news.  First- the kids are MUCH much better.  Phew.  What a long drawn out virus.  Alexis is on antibiotics and we are still awaiting the strep culture results.  They both went back to school today and are up and running again driving each other and me absolutely crazy! I'll take the craziness any day over that nasty bug. 

I'm gonna tattle on myself for a minute.  Tattling is nothing new for me. Ask my mother.  She once pinned a donkey tail on my hiney because I was such a bad tattle tailer!  I'm getting pay backs with Alexis. No worries! Anyways… I love watching the Bachelor.  I know.  You may be thinking, "Seriously?"  It's 1-2 hours of someone else's reality. I just love the dumb show.  Tonight my Prince and I watched it together.  It was like jabbing needles into his eyes I'm sure but I was in HEAVEN!  It doesn't happen often that we can sit quietly together. It was so blissful! As we sit together watching the show and Brad is wooing all the girls my Prince leans over to me and says, "Ya know, if anything happens to me you should try out for the show!"  Me: WHAT???? Where did that come from? Are you kidding me? A Princess ONLY has one Prince, Russ!  These were only thoughts.  What really happened——–> CROC-a-DILE tears. I felt this conversation coming as the time gets closer. It's all part of it.  Part of the deal-eo! You talk about morbid things you never want to even think about but the reality is you have to.  What if something happened to him? I feel confident as I've told you before-he will be safe.  However it is part of the process and something I really don't like to talk about.  Needless to say the last half of the show was a little blurry from swollen, glazed over eyes.  I'm sure this was not what he meant to create- I am just a total emotional mess and not afraid to admit it.  LOL!

Speaking of the Prince.  He bought me a new camera over the weekend so I could take super crisp images of the gem blossoms during his "vacation!"  I am SUPER psyched except I have no clue how to use the dumb thing.  He bought a Canon D50.  Love, LOVE, Love it on Automatic.  *giggle*  I signed up for a photography class.  I hope you don't mind as  I will probably share a few seperate posts on my progress. I sure hope there is progress.  ๐Ÿ™‚

Here is my attempt of taking a pic with a new lens tonight too. 

Independent Stampin' Up! Demonstrator Kimberly Van Diepen



You don't have to tell me… I still need a few more lessons.  LOL!

What is your favorite camera/camera lens that you use? I'd LOVE to know.

Thanks for always listening. 


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15 thoughts on “Family Musings”

  1. Wow, that must be a hard conversation to have with your dearly beloved! I feel for you, and will pray for the Prince's safety. Thanks for sharing, it is something I haven't really thought about much, God Bless our Aussie and your proud American troops! Sending love, Kelly, Australia.

  2. Just reading your post, my eyes are tearing up for you.  I told Jackie we will have to make a road trip to see you this summer.  Hang in there girlie!

  3. Hey Kim-
    Where are you taking the class?  I have been wanting to take a photography class for awhile.  I have a Canon and need some help too.  I take pictures and then wonder how did that happen.  Then can't remember which button I pushed for the great pictures.   It is awesome that Russ was so thoughtful and bought you a new camera.
    I know how you feel about having "that" talk.  That is the worst part of them leaving.  Hang in there.  The kids will keep you busy and I will get you out during the day and introduce you to my posse.   lol

  4. I can't begin to image what you are going through. I would be crying ALL the time. Heck, I do cry a lot because I miss my kids so much and my heart just breaks when they call me with a crisis [this past week-end, 2 out of my 3] and I can't be there for them. I will be praying for you, Russ and your kids. And I'm happy to lend an ear anytime!

  5. We don't know each other but I love reading your blog, it's like your sitting across the table and we are just chattin up a storm….weird how that is, so that said, I will pray for you all……..

  6. Hi Kim!! You will LOVE that camera as you get to know it better. I have a Nikon D70 and it rocks.. My camera is with me a LOT. You are doing the right thing by taking a class. It will help you tremendously. Getting to know your camera (even if you end up using it on the auto setting most of the time), will give you the best results.
    As for those puffy eyes.. just reading your post had me tearful. Hang in there.. You are such a strong lady and my thoughts and prayers to you, russ and the kids too. I hope the time he is away will go by quickly and he will return safely ๐Ÿ™‚ (and he will!) HUGS!!

  7. Glad to hear that the kids are better.  Praying for you and your family as you take this next journey. Have fun with your camera! I need a new one but the simpler the better for me.

    Hi Kim, love your creativity. Ihave a sony cybershot. It's simple, small, and can, when operated correctly, take a sophisticated looking picture! I seem to have better luck when I turn off the flash! Sounds crazy, but true. Use as much natural light as possible. I experimented by taking the same pics with and without the auto flash. Its better without every time. May God Bless You & be with You and your family as you all start the next part of your life's journey.  

  9. awww Kimberly… my heart goes out to all of you.  He WILL return safely.  In the mean time, kids and camera will keep you busy.  Classes are a great idea.  I just got a new camera as well and am headed into starting a 2nd series of classes in hopes of taking some great shots in Alaska!  …You probably catch on faster than I, so perhaps you'll have to give me some tips on the boat?!  …and if you need some time to yourself, my husband and i will be missing our two boys, so I'll be happy to kid-sit for you!  ๐Ÿ™‚  …maybe we should meet first, lol!  Have fun with the new camera…oh, to answer your question, my new favorite lens is my fixed or prime lens it's a 50 mm.  Hope that helps!  ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Paulette S. in MO

    So glad your kiddos are feeling better. Sometimes I miss those stay at home sick days and enjoy when my grown kids call me for advice when they are feeling icky. I sure don't miss those make up homework assignments! LOL Much gratitude and prayers sent your way for your husband's service and your sacrifice.  I enjoy your blog projects so much, and it might be time for a video….(hint…hint) I love your videos because you're just realistic about making things and so fun too.  I have to use cameras on AUTO. LOL  After years of shooting toward the sun at moto cross races, I've learned that you need the sun behind you. LOL That is my best advice, and oh yeah, set the camera on "action" to catch even things that are moving. I photograph a lot of neighborhood wildlife and my exotic birds too since we've not been water skiing since my lumbar surgery in 08 and the kids are working and doing their own things. LOL

  11. Susan Houston

    Try all the great tutorials on the Pioneer Woman's blog. She is an awesome photographer (or just has great equipment)!

  12. Carol Carriveau

    Just want to say that I'm also praying that things go well with your Prince while he is away….they have to – he has soooooooo much to come home to!   Glad the kids are doing better – you can always tell recovery is at hand by thier attitudes!!!   Take good care…sending lots of hugs your way!

  13. Hi!  We got our Canon right around Thanksgiving time and love it!  My husband and I are taking a photography class now and loving it (and learning about the camera as well)!  In my opinion, the best lens for portraiture (for your lovely kiddos!) is the 50 mm fixed F/1.8 lens.  It should be around $100.  There is a more expensive one that has an aperture of 1.4 but there isn't enough of a difference between the two that it is probably worth the price difference for you right now.  If your kiddos play sports and you don't have a zoom lens that'd be a good one to get too – make sure it has the IS after the name (it means "Image Stabilization") as that will help reduce the effect of camera shake on the actual photos!  Hope that helps! ๐Ÿ™‚

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