Bunch of Blossoms

Bunch of Blossoms

Yesterday I finally felt “caught” up with tons of work that has been sitting in front of me.  I looked at my desk and had a sudden urge to stamp something just for ME! Thankfully, I ended up pulling out the perfect stamp set, Bunch of Blossoms.

I fell in love with the Bunch of Blossoms stamp set for many reasons, but there is one reason inparticular.  It’s a simple greeting but one I believe has a ton of impact. Let me share.


You Matter

Bunch of Blossoms, Stampin' Up!


You might be wondering, why would this little greeting be such a big deal?

Every morning I sit with a hot cup of coffee scrolling through my social media.   The more I scroll through social media I see more and more how little I think of myself and how little I love on the ones that matter most to me.  This greeting created such an impact for me because it made me think of how many times I become “busy” and forget to reach out to friends and family that really matter to me.

Fakebook Drama

I’m fascinated by the “drama” on Fakebook, and perplexed at what I see on Instagram.  I find myself scrolling and hitting the like, or love button. At times I’ve had emotions that felt like a roller coaster.  Hurt, angry, happy, depressed, laughing, belly laughing, and times I scratch my head thinking what is WRONG with people.  Then silence… and I’m trolling to the next thing.  This repeats for long periods of times.  A little embarrassing to admit, but it’s the truth.

Inadequate Feelings

That scrolling, liking, loving, laughing and sad faces… sometimes I walk away from that little piece of electronic in my hand and feel utterly inadequate.  Let me tell you that I’m quick to give myself a reality check, but I’m afraid one day I may fall into the trap of not seeing reality.

Why would I feel inadequate?

In one simple morning of scrolling, I was reminded of…

  • How horrible I eat and how little exercise I accomplish.
  • I might be a hoarder with the amount of crap I see laying around my house
  • I’m a horrible parent because I let my kid do something someone else thinks is wrong
  • My FOMO disease kicked in. (Fear of Missing Out)
  • Comparing my business to others- complete failure at times
  • Oh, and I probably shouldn’t fly any airline because they are all awful

This was not even the tip of the iceberg!

Let’s Talk Reality

While some of the above might be true, 95% are NOT. Although my house is a wreck and I hate exercising, the others are feelings that arise from reading too much into what people post. Thankfully, I can shake myself out of the crazy talk and remind myself that I am not all of those things nor do I believe all of those things.  The reality is, I live a fantastic life filled with a lot of joy. Sometimes I cannot see the joy because of the silly stuff I fill my brain with.  I also deal with a lot of life struggles, because that is LIFE! Life is messy, right?

With all the negative I feed my brain, I needed a big wake up call to the fact that I matter and so do you! Not everything I read on social media is factual.  Sometimes I wonder why I have anxiety.  I believe it comes from social media.  Reading the doomsday, life sucks and comparing myself to others quickly triggers it.  The scariest thing for me, my teenagers live for social media.  No telling what they are feeding their own minds with. That scares me big time.

What Now?

I guess the easiest solution would be to walk away from social media, but the realist in me says that probably will not happen. Obviously, I can’t save the social media world, but I can love people more.  I can let others know more often they matter and I’m lucky enough to have the perfect job that lets me create pretty things to send to others and let them know they matter. You can do the same.

Bunch of Blossoms, Stampin' Up!


All that talk finally leads me back to my card.  The card that got me thinking about myself and those of YOU reading this.  It’s the gentle reminder to let people know they matter.  Put down the phones, and create. Create a simple card and mail it.

Bunch of Blossoms, Stampin' Up!



I feel better already!

If I haven’t told you lately, I’m grateful that you stopped by to see something pretty and especially today as I share a few thoughts (maybe more).  Sometimes I have to get these things off my chest.  Today was one of those days.

If you love this stamp set, Bunch of Blossoms.. check it out HERE in my Online Store.

That is where you will find all kinds of crafty pretty things that bring crafty people JOY!

Stay tuned for tomorrow.  I’m sharing a MAN card!  Sometimes I forget to make something masculine.




  1. I LOVE this post and its message and I LOVE this card! Thank you for caring and sharing!

  2. Kimberly – never doubt yourself! You know deep down you are here for a purpose..many of them! One being the inspiration you share..and the reality you share as well. Hugs & Smiles all the way for you, friend!

  3. Honestly, Kimberly, until I read your post I thought I was the only one who felt this way. All of it. While I have changed everything in my business to fit “me” after our move four years ago, I find myself changing the business plan AGAIN as we are just days away from moving into our new build. I’m determined to live a real life. I’m determined to step away from the monitor (it won’t even be in my new studio). I’m determined to teach people the value of sending the cards not just keeping our pretty creations, and THIS CARD is absolutely gorgeous!

  4. This was exactly what I needed to read this morning! Thank you for that! You are such an inspiration and every card you create is a masterpiece! And thank you for the beautiful card I received last night, also at just the right moment! You are amazing. Xo

  5. Love your card and your thoughts. I am a great admirer of your work.

  6. What a great post Kimberly….bottom line stay true to ourselves and be proud of who we are. I love this card and the meaning behind it. It’s awesome and so are you!

  7. Your posts always bring joy to me because they come from your heart. Beautiful card! Heartfelt thoughts. Thank you for sharing both.

  8. What a powerful, inspiring and heartfelt message that the world needs to read! And the card is just lovely and powerful. Thank you for sharing from your heart.

  9. Loved your post today, Kim! I believe we all get in these same ruts. (((HUGS))) from OH

  10. Thank you for such raw honesty in a time where we see snippets and snapshots of what we think makes others look so neat and calm … life is anything but that I bet for most of us! Card is gorgeous, just like you! Keep on being You! Love ya

  11. Thank you, Kimberly! I, too, needed a positive “boost,” and, judging by the big smile on my face after reading your blog, you gave that to me! And beautiful card!

  12. Seriously you are the best !!!! Not too bad with the stamps and ink either ? ???

  13. Lol those questions marks were emoticons that went bad. Hahahahaha ((hugs))

  14. I love to read your blog posts! I SO relate to them!!! Glad I am not the only one that feels this way 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend and I LOVE this card!

  15. Lovely card, Kimberly. And I echo your thoughts about social media’s effect on us. At the same time, social media is very seductive. I appreciate your articulating your thoughts and reminding us to accentuate the positive and suppress all the negativity that surrounds us. I want to have more time to make and send cards! Keep well. 🙂

  16. Thank you SO much for this post, Kimberly!! I subscribe to your blog via email, so I don’t usually come by and leave comments, but just had to on this post. You summed up perfectly how I feel! Social media often gives me anxiety and leaves me feeling a bit of a failure. I have to continually remind myself comparison is the thief of joy and just focus instead on all the blessings in my life. Your card is absolutely stunning, too!

  17. beautiful card. beautiful and touching sentiments (as always). love how you are so open with your deepest self. very special. i was unfamiliar with the term fakebook, had to read it three times before it sank in. just about the worst website every *invented* and the word fakebook describes it perfectly. along with annoying, off-putting, shameful – i could go on. i read it just for the grandkids news :))) thanks once more for sharing your heart.

  18. This is an amazing looking card. Just my style . And that sentiment spot on !! Lovely , Brilliant .. absolutely beautiful .. TFS .. I so look forward to your emails ..

  19. A bit late on a comment to this post but I don’t often comment on any blogs. I don’t go on social media often for the very reasons you stated. My “social media” is to scroll through blogs by my favorite cardmakers. I use Facebook to scroll through quickly to look for any photos posted of family. It’s the ponly way to see them these days!

    I’m a Stampin Up demonstrator “hobbyist only” and need all the help I can get! I send out all the cards I make. I love this card and it isn’t a stamp I have but I”m going order it if it’s still on the list. I actually save most of your cards!

    Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful cards and for all your inspiration.!

  20. Love your candid blog. I do paper crafting because I’m a social media manager and need to escape from the nonsense. Your cards are lovely.

  21. Wow! I needed that wake up call. I teach and my summer starts today . . . I have all kinds of goals, many you mentioned – cleaning up the hoarder clutter and loosing weight – and Facebook always makes me feel inadequate. You have changed the lense though which I look. Thankyou.