yes, thats right! The Colorado cooties!! YUCK! Haven’t created anything in a couple of days as I have been caring for a little one who just doesn’t feel his spunky 5 year old self. I believe I left off with we were going to the clinic. Well, as it turns out, he has strep. High fever, cough, and just feeling a little punky! Yesterday was a little better, but today he seems to have declined once again. Man, nothing is worse than sick babies. I despise it. Seems like everyone I speak with has a sick one lately. Friday I was just in panic mode. I am so use to seeing our regular pediatrician and well, HE is not here in Colorado!! In fact, we don’t have one yet. I found an urgent care clinic and made an appt. I was REALLY wowed by the staff there. The nurse was just so caring. She could see that my little boy was feeling TERRIBLE. She gave the kids crayons, coloring book and a snack. What? Never had this before. Again, I have my guard up because I am outta my elements. We don’t know these people and my usual GREAT pediatrician is NOT here. Really, this is such an awful feeling. The feeling of not knowing what to expect. However it turned out to be a GREAT experience. Almost red carpet care. Most importantly was that I felt comfortable with the care my son received. We left with a few meds and we were out the door. The best part, the Dr. told me which peds/family practice Dr. he recommends. I felt good when I left and my anxiety level had decreased a bit. Now if only Brandon could get well. I may need another visit tomorrow if I don’t see an improvment.

I must really thank ya’ll for listening to me ramble. I cant’ tell you how great it is to release some energy onto this blog. One of the hardest things about moving is leaving your friends behind. And not to sound snotty, but dang I left a lot of friends behind. I realize I have only been here a little over a month, but I have only met a few friends here. It is just lonely!!! So, this little blog really makes up for it. I need some coffee chics to come to Starbucks with me. Yes, once a Starbuck addict… always a Starbucks addict.

Hope your week is fantabulous. I am going to make it one here!!

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2 thoughts on “We got COOTIES!”

  1. lilstamperalex

    Hang in there girl!!! I know exactly how you feel – moving every two years is no fun, especially when leaving your buddies behind! However, knowing your outgoing and friendly personality, you will be surrounded by Starbucks Chics in no time!!!!! Lots O’ Hugs for you! Alex

  2. So sorry that B. is under the weather. 🙁 Hope he bounces back quick. The urgent care place sounded awesome, though! Glad you got some ped. reccomendations!

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