“Van Deep in Trouble Weekend Update!

It's time for an update…. family update that is.  I haven't written one in a long time and I thought today would be perfect.  I was cleaning my crafty space which was over run by dust bunnies and had a basket overflowing with cards.  As I was going through them I found a ton of cards that were sent during Russ' deployment.  As I opened and read each one of them it reminded me of how grateful I am for the friendships I've made during my many years of stamping.  This community is like no other.  Many of the cards received were from YOU, my readers.  I've placed them in a very special box and the next time I'm feeling blue I will pull that box out.  It brought a serious smile on my face.  

I'm happy to report that the "Van-Deep-in Troubles" are doing quite well.  The kids are back to their happy selves and after TWO years of CRAZINESS I finally feel like we are REALLY back to our normal.  

Here is a quick run down of what trouble we've been up to…

*Alexis turned 10.  Whoo Hoo.  We took a girls trip to NYC and had a BLAST! It was a NO Rules weekend.  New York City survived our giddiness.  

*Brandon's Robotics team won their Regional competition and now they are headed to Anaheim, CA for the WORLD Championships.  WHOA! We are SO excited for him.  

*Alexis has her first gymnastics meet coming up in March.  She is working hard on learning her routines.  

*Russ and Brandon went on a ski trip with his Boy Scout trip and it was a success.  Brandon learned to ski and Russ came home with no broken bones. 

*Alexis earned a spot in her school Spelling Bee.  She did an outstanding job but missed the word "INTIMIDATED."  She will never forget that word.  She was pretty upset but a trip to Starbucks for "kid coffee" AKA "hot chocolate" turned her around.  

*Brandon just finished his third Science Fair Project.  He chose the night before to finish the board.  8 hours later and two parents ready to drink–> it's complete.  

*The guinea pigs are still alive, getting fat and overly spoiled by two kids that still thank us daily for letting them get them.  Besides a little bit of "reminding" to clean the cage I have to say that my little gem blossoms have done a great job learning to take care of their pets.  

NYC Collage-002 Kimberly Van Diepen


Pics above are from our trip to NYC.  I think the pictures tell the story.  Lots of smiles and fun.  We had a blast.  

Kimberly Van Diepen

Pics above: Random pics of my Prince and I on our date, Brandon at his Robotics competition and the ski trip. 

I have a quick shout out before I close.  Back in August 2011 while Russ was away there was this amazing demonstrator who made a HUGE impact on our lives.  Sue Martin literally brought sunshine to our home.  You might remember this post HERE. 

In the last row of pictures you see my gem blossoms smiling BIG time.  "Mrs. Sue" sent a package of sunshine to my kiddo's again at Christmas time.  When the kids looked at the package and could see who it was from they immediately explained to my entire family the sunshine box story.  I knew back in Aug 2011 that Sue had made a huge impact on my kids lives but it was a HUGE reminder as I heard the kids tell the entire story.  As they opened the package she tailored it perfectly once again. Sue Martin, you are incredible. You will always hold a very special place in my heart.  This is why I love Stampin' Up!  It's women like Sue Martin who make a difference in the lives of others.  She truly made a difference.  XOXO

That's the "Van Deep in Trouble" update.  I'll keep you posted on the upcoming meet and the Robotics World Championship.  It's so exciting. 

Thank you for reading and caring. 


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6 thoughts on ““Van Deep in Trouble Weekend Update!”

  1. So fun to read! I was impressed that your son is in ROBOTICS!!! That's what my hubby does for a job! I can't wait to tell him they have competition for KIDS!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Lorri, both my kids have participated in Robotics. It’s amazing what they learn and how much fun they have. Even my daughter loved it. ๐Ÿ™‚ My son would love a JOB like your husbands. LOL. XO

  3. What a cute title for this post! When I first saw it — it took me a few moments to realize the pun in it and that you were not having trouble with your van. ๐Ÿ™‚  
    It sounds like the kids are busy, which in turn, I know means that you are too! I could not have been happier to read the following sentence that you wrote: "The kids are back to their happy selves and after TWO years of CRAZINESS I finally feel like we are REALLY back to our normal."     I say that is fantastic!
    I've enjoyed seeing your NYC pics on the pages you've been creating!
    Say Hello to your little gem blossoms for me. ๐Ÿ™‚ It's always so good to see their smiling faces in your posts. They are looking so "grown up" lately. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I am so happy to hear about your family and especially your trip with Alexis to NYC….I can only imagine what a fabulous time you two had – especially with no restrictions…LOL…as evidenced by those huge chocolate goodies!    Wonderful news about Brandon and his robotics and a trip to our wonderful state and the very beautiful San Diego area!!!!   Thank you for sharing about the Sunshine boxes – guessing I was not following you at that point…still had tears in my eyes at that wonderful story!   Thank you for sharing these fabulous pictures and the wonderfulness that is your family!

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