Sunshine in Our House!

A couple of weeks ago I received an amazing phone call from a fellow demonstrator Sue Martin.  Sue called to tell me she was sending my kids a Sunshine Box and had I ever heard of this before.  I had not and was so surprised at what this meant.  It's the most gracious thing I've ever seen before!!!! Let me explain.  It's the coolest thing EVER!

The day before Irene came to visit the postman delivered this huge box. When my kids opened it they could barely contain themselves.  They couldn't believe Mama's stampin' friend would do this for THEM.  Inside this box are two separate boxes for Brandon and Alexis.  In each box there are 16 wrapped gifts for each kiddo!!!! Each day they can open a gift!!! Not only that but there are little treats all over each of the boxes.  Lollipops and other treats.  The kids were literally jumping up and down.  The best part is each morning at approximately 730am they are by my bedside in my face asking to open a gift.  LOL!  Sue, it doesn't bother me.  Their excited faces are worth it. Each time they open a gift they are occupied for quite awhile. 

Here is a picture of them reading the letter from Sue.  It was the sweetest letter.  *made me cry*

Kimberly Van Diepen stampin up demonstrator



You can see their excited little faces.  You can also tell they are pretty heavy by the way Brandon is holding his.  Just the coolest thing!


Kimberly Van Diepen stampin up demonstrator

Here they are opening their first gift.  Again, excited doesn't begin to explain how they were feeling. 


kimberly van Diepen stampin up demonstrator



I've said for years (8 to be exact) that the reason I'm a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator is for one MAIN reason.  The friendships and the relationships that we build in this community is priceless.  Every year Stampin' Up! gives a Heart of Stampin' Up! award.  This selfless act of kindness towards my kids is truly what the Heart of Stampin' Up! is all about.  Sue, you have brought true sunshine in our house and you are exactly why Stampin' Up! gives an award like this.  You are exactly what are Statement of the Heart states: To LOVE what we do and SHARE what we love, as we help others enjoy CREATIVITY and worthwhile accomplishments… in this we make a DIFFERENCE. Sue made a difference in our lives.


Ironically it came at such a great time.  With the Prince leaving again and Stormy Irene on her way, this was a great distraction for the kids.  I cannot say thank you enough for your amazing kindness. 


I also had another surprise from when we arrived home from vacation! Another new friend, Cheryl Meynig sent me the book Chicken Soup for the Military Wives Soul. Fantastic book with fantastic stories that make you laugh at times you didn't think you could.  All these acts of kindness sure have warmed my heart and soul.  Life is GOOD. 

These are just a few of the great things going on over here.  Truly, we are grateful!

Another good thing… two of my bestie girlie friends are coming to visit this fall. WOOT!

What are you grateful for today?

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6 thoughts on “Sunshine in Our House!”

  1. Girl, I am grateful for your husband, who is doing what he needs to do to keep this country safe.  That is a fabulous gift for your little ones, and I am sure thankful for the smiles that puts on their faces.  Hopefully you have the return address to send Sue the best thank you card EVER!

  2. You are very welcome — it was a pleasure! 🙂
    Seeing their happy, smiling faces now, made my week! Thanks for sharing the pics.

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