To Shock or not…

That is the question my dad is contemplating currently. Or should I say “FRY” as he is putting it. My Dads heartrate is still high and irratic, and the medicine they have him on is not really bringing it down. Tomorrow if it still has not changed they are thinking about doing a cardioversion. What is this you might ask? Basically a zap to the hearts electrical system to make it beat like you and I! You can imagine the anxiety he must be having over the word zap/shock/fry! They are giving him some medicine for anxiety now which I hope will help him relax a bit. I think I need it too.
My brother flew in yesterday. It was so great to see him. I wish under better circumstances. He looks great and he stayed with my dad last night. I came home and for the first night in 8 days, I relaxed. I actually sat down and stamped last night. Nothing I am proud of, but it was a diversion from sitting at that hospital. I am trying to make thank you cards for the hospital staff for my mom to give.
Today I will go pick up Russ from the airport. I don’t believe we will leave tomorrow. I want to make sure my dad is okay before hitting the road. Otherwise my anxiety will be too high to leave.
That is all for now.

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2 thoughts on “To Shock or not…”

  1. Even though you don’t know me, I just wanted to let you know that I’m thinking good thoughts for your Dad. I know a lot of how you’re feeling…. hugs!

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