This Crafter is DOWN!

This Crafter is DOWN!

This crafter is down…. with the flu. Thought I’d post a quick update and let you know I am alive, but I’m down with the flu flu flu.

Crafter down

I’ll be back soon… I’m feeling a little better.  Tried to do a few things around the house today and landed right back on my couch.

I took Brandon and I to the Dr today to make sure we were going to live.  He also has not felt well for the last few days.  Honestly, I haven’t felt this bad in a long time.  I was sick a about a week ago but that was NOTHING compared to this.


The good news- my dogs think life is grand.  They are happy as clams sitting on my lap as I watch non stop TV until my eyes feel like they are bleeding.  I haven’t watched this much TV is years.  I’m completely caught up on my old soap General Hospital. Ellen has made me laugh.  Steve Harvey is my new favorite person and I might have to continue to watch The Voice. I’m hooked.


Hoping to be fully mobile in a few days.  Truly, my butt hurts from sitting on it the last three days.





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9 thoughts on “This Crafter is DOWN!”

  1. Sorry to read you and your son have the poorlies. Take care and get better soon. You just discovered The Voice? Keep watching – it gets even better. Great show.

  2. So sorry you’re not feeling good! Two words for you. Get Netflix. Make a miserable time more enjoyable. Feel better soon!

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