Thankful Forest Friends

Thankful Forest Friends

While you might not be actual FOREST friends, I would like to thank you for being my friends.


Some people say that you cannot build relationships over the internet and I have to say it’s NOT true.  I built some of the most cherished friendships over the internet and they will be lifelong friends.  The only regret is not being able to physically give you a hug or sit and have coffee together.


Today’s card is for YOU!

Thankful Forest Friends, Stampin' Up!

Typically I’m not huge into the cutesy type of stamp images but the fox in this set called my name.  The funniest thing is I didn’t use it.  Ha!

This set has beautiful greeting images as well.  I used makers directly onto the stamp and then gave it a little hot air to moisten it up again.

If you look close enough you can tell my “R” didn’t stamp perfectly in the word “For”.  I didn’t notice it until I had taken the picture and had my glasses on.

I think this was a good indication I might need to wear my glasses more often.



Thankful Forest Friends, Stampin' Up!

I did have a little fussy cutting to do, but not much.  I decided to add a few layers of the ribbon and off centered the 3 circle layers to be different.

Thankful Forest Friends, Stampin' Up!

My lazy self decided this bear was not getting a full on mani/pedi and I didn’t fussy cut between the nails and toes.  I’m sure it would have been cuter had I tried that, but seriously… this girl didn’t have that kinda time.  If my nails are a mess… so is Mr. Bear!

Real Forest Friends

Warning, if you follow me on Facebook or Instagram… you may have already seen this.  If not, you are in for a good laugh.  Put your coffee down.

Today when I came home from driving Alexis to the gym I was bone tired.  I’ve been doing a little more late night stamping than normal and my body said- nap time! I love when my body tells me this.  <grin>

Before I laid down I told Brandon that we had a casualty in the pool.  It was a lizard at the bottom of the pool.  He was on his back with all 4’s sticking up.  Poor thing. Brandon wanted to run and rescue it but I told him he had to finish his homework.  PERIOD!

Then I fell asleep….

The rest I will just share in pictures.  When I woke up Brandon was kind enough to tell me he took care of the lizard and took pictures to prove it. WITH MY PHONE!

Dead lizard

He knows I do not like lizards AT ALL.  Nor do I like snakes.  This week alone he has scared me with a rubber snake.  Its a wonder I haven’t had a heart attack.  He does make me laugh, and he does have my cray sense of humor.  This is good, right?

Okay my “forest” friends, have a GREAT day and make something pretty!!



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2 thoughts on “Thankful Forest Friends”

  1. Kimberly – I LOVE Thankful Forest Friends!!! I think it may be my fav in the Holiday catty. Thanks for sharing your darling card. I’ve got to give those layers of ribbons and embellishments a go! I hope you survive your little lizard episode! Hugs to you… Barb

  2. I will say that my boy is lucky. Lucky to be alive. He does crack me up. LOL. I love this set too. It’s fun and happy and the greetings are the bomb. XO

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