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TGIF Remix! I know I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus for the past few weeks, but things are getting better… just SLOW.  I wanted to take part in this weeks TGIF Remix challenge and I’m so glad I did.  My stamp room has been begging me to come back, it’s just finding the motivation and mojo to jump back in.  Not easy lately.  I’ll explain more at the end of this post.  

This week’s challenge is F.U.N.  Honestly, I was a bit confused at first which is not surprising.  I wasn’t sure what the remix meant.  It’s pretty easy once you know. LOL.  All you have to do is check out the TGIF Challenge blog and pick two of the challenges from this month and put them together.  It could be a sketch and color challenge, or whatever you choose.  

I decided on the sketch and theme to combine.  I love how it turned out and more fun was using new stamps.  It was good to use some new colors too.  

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I think You're Great stamp set, Bohemian Borders stamp set, Stampin' Up!, TGIF Remix

I started with Mint Macroon cardstock for the base of my card.  Oh is this an awesome awesome color.  It’s a hint of blue/green and really beautiful.  Almost reminds me of the color of our Pensacola Beaches.  

Graduation, I think You're Great stamp set, Bohemian Borders stamp setI also used the new In Color Tip Top Taupe. Love this fine looking beige.  Reminds me of Crumb Cake but a little more deeper in color.  PREETAY!!!  

The Bohemian Borders stamp set was used on the 2 1/2″ circle punch.  Just a little simple design to add a little splash of texture to the card.   

The designer paper I used is called Cherry on Top.  Super cute 6 x 6 paper pack filled with fun designs.  

I think You're Great stamp set, Bohemian Borders stamp set, Stampin' Up!, TGIF RemixI hope you can play along with the challenge.  Each week we have a ton of FANTASTIC entries from designers all over.  Make sure to check out the blog, create and then link your card to your site to enter.  

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My update….

The past couple of weeks seem like a blur now.  It was quite busy as Russ and I were on the Stampin’ Up! incentive trip to Hawaii.  This trip was probably the BEST ever because I did ABSOLUTELY nothing.  No excursions.  Na Na.  I know some people probably think how in the world could I go to Hawaii and not do anything.  Well… I’m normally so busy go go go here at home, I just wanted to CHILL.  I wanted to sit by the pool, work  on a tan, not THINK and enjoy.  So I did.  

Russ was able to go diving with his dear friends while we were there and I think that might have been our highlight.  This was the one day I sat poolside a little worried and thinking of everything that could go wrong.  I was grateful for my friend Dawn Griffith’s husband Rich and Christina Crawford’s husband Jake for taking Russ and of course bringing him back safely.  They had an amazing time and Russ was walking on the clouds the rest of the trip.  

Although my time has been spent taking care of myself over the last month, I get asked a question A LOT that I want to make sure get’s answered right away.  Am I quitting Stampin’ Up!?  


Couldn’t do that, EVER!  This trip to Hawaii kinda sealed that deal although I was not thinking about quitting.  It showed me exactly why I love this job of mine.  Seeing my husband wrap his arms around grown men after not seeing them in two years took my breath away.  I always think about myself and my friends that I’ve made, but the reality is he has GREAT friends through this company as well.  The Stampin’ Up! staff was also SO SO KIND to Russ and I loved that they would seek him to see how he was doing.  Just made my heart BIG.  

So there, I’m not going anywhere just taking time to heal.  I do see light at the end of my dark tunnel.  I’m still on this weight loss journey.  12lbs lost so far.  Still going to physical therapy for my hip pain which is almost gone.  I’m so thankful.  This has been a lot of work (exercise) but it’s paid off tremendously.  I am working out daily and I feel SO MUCH better.  It’s feels so strange to even tell you I”m working out because it’s never been a part of my vocabulary.  I even started running a bit.  Get this… NO ONE was trying to rob me, and there wasn’t a fire and I was running.  If you know me at all, you know that RUNNING is also not a part of my vocabulary.  Crazy as it sounds, I’m kinda digging it.  I do enjoy the walking much more.  <grin>

The counseling is still on going.  Definitely helpful although I fought it BIG TIME.  Dealing with the anxiety of “what if” this happens again (stroke) has been the hardest to come to grips with.  It’s a DAILY struggle.  As with anything, time will heal and in time things will be okay.  I’m just not the most patient girl in the world.  

I want to say thank you for all of the sweet emails you have sent.  I was a bit overwhelmed with so many.  I’m grateful beyond what I can express for your continued support and love.  I just need to care for Kimber and soon I can conquer the world again.  

Love to ALL of you!! 

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14 thoughts on “TGIF Remix Challenge!”

  1. Literally LOL’d when I read the part about your voluntary running…I can definitely relate! I’m so gad that you are continuing to create. Your talent is amazing! Thank you for sticking with it 🙂

  2. Mercedes Weber

    Love you KVD & the paper crafting world would not be the same with out YOUR amazing creations! Take care of yourself Mama! #hugs

  3. Love these colours together, fab card,
    I know your pain, i felt like that when hubby had his stroke in 2002, took a long time to get over the what if, never thought i would get to fly to the US let alone to orlando for leadership since the stroke, but it happened, as life is for living thats all i hold onto

  4. Carol Carriveau

    I have no doubts that you will conquer all that has been happening to you and how fabulous that you just rested in Hawaii, I agree that it is a fabulous place to just relax and enjoy the whole experience…good for you! And how really exciting that your Sweetheart Russ got to do what he wanted with two great friends….you are two very lucky people….in love with each other, your family and a lust for life! Keep up the good work that you are both doing and try not to dwell on the what ifs,…they will only bring you all down, as you now know! Great card, happy to have you pop in and out sharing your creativity! Hugs to you all!

  5. So very glad to hear you are beginning to conquer all those accumulated feelings. Trauma and the aftermath can be a real beast! Sounds like Hawaii was therapeutic for you, Russ and your relationship too. Love your creativity when you are ready to share. Praying for you as God brings you to mind.

  6. You’re an inspiration to everyone! An amazing crafter and a military wife (I know all about that)… Take care of yourself! Stamping will always be there 😉 beautiful card and color combo!

  7. Sara Nell Langland

    I love these two colors together and I love how you can layer so many elements together into such beautiful cards. Prayers and thoughts are with you. . .

  8. Beautiful card Kimberly 🙂 so glad things are going well and you went on the trip and were able to rest. God Bless Russ and that touched my heart reading about him with his friends. I also follow Dawn so by the way she talks about Rich, I know he is a wonderful man also. You take care of yourself and we will be here to listen 🙂

  9. Kimberly, we have never met but I have seen you at Stampin’ Up! events from afar and I follow your lovely blog. Reading about your troubles lately reminds me of where I was at the same age, 5+ years ago. Not the same circumstances but life difficulties none the less. You will experience a lot of changes in your body over the next several years and having other life issues on top of that makes for difficult times. I can say, HANG IN THERE, it does get better and you will make it through this stage of your life and come out the other side a better and stronger woman, wife and mother. You are doing the right thing by seeking professional help and admitting that you are not at your best mentally and physically. Take the time you need for yourself to rest and exercise and to still just have fun. You are right to stick with Stampin’ Up! because it will feed your creative outlet and also keep you moving forward even if you need to scale things back a bit. I thought about quitting too but have found that my Stampin’ Up! friends and the events they kept making me have kept me from fully withdrawing and doing nothing. Thankfully they understood my need to scale back and have stuck by me until I have come through the other side of that ‘difficult’ stage of my life; your true friends will too. I am looking forward to continuing to read about you and your amazing family’s adventures. Keep on rockin’ the Stampin’ Up! and always look for the sunny side of life!! It’s always there, it just slips behind a little cloud now and again.
    Hugs and Happiness to all of you!!

  10. Love the colour combo and all the textures. You’ve completely sold me on the new in colours! 🙂

  11. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous card and your life journey. In this you are helping so many others too, in so many ways!!

  12. Thank you for the update and sharing your journey with us. I’m glad to hear you are working on taking care of yourself! Hawaii sounds like it was a much needed and wonderful trip for you and Russ! Best wishes to you all. And really cute card. Thanks for sharing with us all.

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