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Digital Scrapbooking Kits with a TWIST

If you are digital scrapbooker you probably own a ton of digital scrapbooking kits.  Today I want to share a new challenge- Digital Scrapbooking Kits with a TWIST.  


The twist is using a kit for something other than it was intended for.  I have an example of this in my layout below.  I used the new Everyday Birthday Wishes kit to digital scrapbook our latest weekend adventure with Brandon… his first time getting stitches.  

My Digital Studio, One Kit Challenge

This particular kit is perfect for birthdays or other celebrations but I loved the colors, and the word stamp brushes most of all.  All of the words are SVG files so you can use them with an e-Cutter such as a Silhouette Cameo.  I loved how this playful kit worked great for my pictures detailing the ER visit.  


I tried to stick with just the kit but one of my favorite things about My Digital Studio is finding digital art that coordinates with my layout outside of a kit.  Sometimes it’s a challenge but when you use the Global Search tool it makes finding other digital art easy with keywords.  


You may be wondering what my lil’ man did? Once again everything was just fine and in a split second I found myself on my way to the ER with Brandon.  He was so excited when he came home from school on Friday.  He couldn’t wait to get in the woods and work on his fort.  He had just told me it’s the coolest fort ever because it’s two stories.  I didn’t give it a second thought until he came running inside with blood dripping down his arm screaming for a band-aid.  


One look at the laceration and I knew we were in for a new adventure with Brandon.  Let me just say that my Brandon has a big fear of needles.  Once he was told we were going to the ER and “stitches” could be in the plan a major freak out occurred.  Jeez.  


Of course both grandma’s were here and also brought up if he had his Tetanus updated.  That freak out wasn’t better and made getting in the car a little more difficult.  


Thankfully we had a fantastic female physician that worked with Brandon and calmed his nerves. She was amazing. His tetanus was up to date and three stitches made everything better.  Once it was all complete, Brandon was giddy.  It was funny hearing him telling the story of his new battle wound and how he survived.  Oh that boy!  


It’s your turn to give this challenge a try.  The great part of this challenge is creating outside the box with your digital kits.  

Make sure to check out Heather’s layout today and then hop over to our Simply My Digital Studio Facebook Group and see the inspiration that lies ahead.  

See all of the downloads I used below.  Click on the links to shop directly.  

Follow You Into the World Font

Photo Editing using My Digital Studio

Photo editing using My Digital Studio– did you know you could do this directly in the program? 

While the photo editing is not anything like photoshop it does give you a great tool to use for quick photo editing such as cropping, mirroring, and fun effects right at your finger tips.  

Photo Editing, My Digital Studio


This week’s Simply My Digital Studio challenge is One Photo Three Ways.  This challenge is perfect to try photo editing using My Digital studio.  For my layout above I changed one photo to three different effects.  The first photo on the left is the original photo.  The second photo I changed using the Gamma Correction.  You can read THIS article to understand Gamma Correction more.  In my terms it’s an under exposed look of the photo.  The third photo I changed the effect to black and white.  

I encourage you to open your software and see the photo changes you can make using My Digital Studio.  

Photo Editing Using My Digital Studio, MDS

Join our Simply My Digital Studio Challenge Group on Facebook.  Over 1450+ members sharing their digital artwork daily.  See how others interpret the challenges.  If you are new to using My Digital Studio, this is a GREAT place to learn how to digital create  with this brilliant software. 

Make sure to see Heather’s layout today using this weeks challenge HERE.  

Below you can see all the supplies I used to create this layout.  Click on the links to purchase or to visit my Digital Online Store.  

Lying Under a Rock!

I know what you're thinking… "Is this girl ever going to crawl out from the rock she is lying under?" 


The short answer is yes.  The long answer is I'm not sure how long it will take.  


While I'm not literally living under a rock there are some days I feel like crawling under it and just sleeping away.  


First let me say that my life is fine.  I'm just terribly exhausted.  Like in taking naps during the week exhausted.  As long as I've been married I think my Prince can count with one hand the naps I've taken.  It's not my normal at all.  Normally I'm like the energizer bunny running like a mad women at warp speed.  Not so lately. 


I told Russ I thought I was dying on Friday.  Something MUST be wrong to be this tired and my lack of motivation!  I went to the Dr. last week to see what is wrong with me.  They did blood work.  He confirmed I was in the "pre-pause" moment.  *Insert LARGE eyeballs*  Seriously? I guess I'm glad it confirmed my 3 weeks out of the month crabby like attitude.  It also confirmed my own Summer my body has taken on a daily basis.  Russ is freezing in the house while I have beads of sweat running down my face.  Not lying.  True story.  

I guess I need to call Mr. Doc back and find out why am I so dang TIRED??? 


Whatever this *tired* feeling is I want it to go away.  I haven't stamped in forever and each time I go to do it I walk away like I'm scared of it.  With all of my moves I've never felt this way.  I bounce back pretty fast.  Mom said she is coming over this week to help me crack open the ink pads.  I just pray she can jump start my energy.  


All I've done lately is digital work.  It's also been known to put me asleep while I sit in my recliner and digi scrap.  My computer get's nice and warm and the next thing I know I could catch flies with my mouth wide open.  The only thing that wakes me up is myself snoring.  I'm really not kidding.  This is why I told Russ I really think something is wrong with me.  


I'm sure I will be fine.  Maybe this move has just caught up with me.  I'm perplexed as the rest of the family is running around like normal and I'm dragging.  

Today it's my turn to share our Monday Digital Challenge.  I'm excited because I chose a sketch.  I love sketches and especially on days I have NO* none* zilch* motivation.  This makes getting started so much easier.  

Here is the sketch to get you started: 

Remember, this is just a starting point.  Get creative.  

My Digital Studio, Digital Sketch


Here is the layout I created: 


Digital Studio, Digital Sketch


I used a new digital download called Beautiful Today.  Love this kit and the contents.  

Beautiful Today My Digital Studio

Download the supplies and sketch: Weeee!!.  

Join Heather and I on Simply My Digital Studio Facebook Group for more amazing digital inspiration and fun.  

Make sure to check out Heather's page this week and be amazed!!  


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Digital Week & A New Challenge!

My Digital Studio, MDS, Stampin' Up!


It's an exciting week in Digital Land.  It's Digital Scrapbooking week and you do not want to miss the excitement, freebies and tips that are going on at  


Not only is this exciting but it's Monday and that means a new Digital challenge from Heather and I.  


This week we are going back to the basics.  It's always good to return to the basics to keep your feet wet when using the program.  


One of my favorite and most used tool in My Digital Studio is the drop shadow tool.  I love using dimensionals on a paper crafting project so this tool has made all the difference when I wanted to add dimension to my digital pages.  By just a click of the button I can make a stamp brush or element look as if I've placed dimensionals on it.  {love}


You can watch the video below to see a few tips on using the drop shadow tool.  



Join our challenge Facebook group to be uplifted & inspired by digital art from all over the world.  This group is incredible.  Each week we provide a challenge and members post their layouts.  Inspiration is amazing on this group.  Click HERE to join.  

Hop on over to Heather's to see her layout for this week's challenge.  She is always on FIRE with My Digital Studio.

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Show Your Fall Colors-New Challenge

Can you look out your window and see a beautiful view of the Fall colors? Well, I have a funny story and a great challenge for you today.  


 A few weeks ago Heather and I were discussing our upcoming challenges for our Simply My Digital Studio Facebook Group and I thought a Fall photography challenge would be fun and great to see all the Fall colors.  As I was approaching this challenge I noticed that living in Florida you do not see "Fall" colors so  much.  Actually I have NONE!  I look out my windows and I see green plus it's still pretty warm.  Yippie for the warmth, sad no change in color.  


Since I had no current Fall pics I was having a slight cow.  What was I going to do? 


The answer came pretty quickly when I decided to dig through 2 years of photos and found a few that I love.  I guess I will continue to be on the lookout for Fall colors around here.  Surely someone has a tree that changes here?? 


My Digital Studio, MDS, Stampin' Up!


I loved creating this layout because I added a few tricks to the page.  You can see a few of the tricks in this video below: 




This week's challenge is show your Fall Colors.  You can join the fun on our Facebook Group HERE.  Share your creativity with others or be inspired by the amazing work of this incredible group.  


Make sure to check out Heather's layout today too.  I'm sure she has some dynamic Fall photography on her layout.  


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